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93rd INDY500 - A Centennial Ride - Tweet By Tweet

Crazy Fans On CARB Day - No, these are not "Tweets". Tweets are 140 character messages used to communicate information in what are called micro bursts. Gathering tweets to tell a story is the purpose of this posting. Image Credit: Andy Sallee (2009)

93rd INDY500 - A Centennial Ride - Tweet By Tweet

So here we are again, itching to watch a competition performed by 33 cars and drivers on what the announcers at the on-air (an on internet) voice of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway - IMS call "The World's Greatest Race Course". For those of us who are addicted to watching cars, without fenders, compete at the limits of speed ... we'd have to agree.

This year, we have a field that is stronger and even more unified now its second year ... all teams are on an even knowledge basis with the Dallara and how these cars behave on the four-turn, low banked, 100 year old 2 1/2 mile "oval". In the final practice session, two of the top three fastest times ... five of the top ten, and six of the top fifteen ... were posted by Transition Players (drivers from ChampCar, or driving for former CCWS Teams), or drivers without a full season ride.

These are the drivers that have the best chance at making a name for themselves for being able to win the INDY 500 after being merged from the ChampCar World Series, driving for a merged team, or not having a full-time ride listed in order of their fastest final practice rank: 2) Will Power/Penske Racing, 3) Mario Moraes/KV Racing Technology, 8) Graham Rahal/Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing, 9) Townsend Bell/KV Racing Technology, 10) Davey Hamilton/Dreyer & Reinbold Racing, and 12) Paul Tracy/KV Racing Technology.

... And so, let the day begin and we all pray for a competitive and safe 500 miles on "The World's Greatest Race Course" for the 93rd INDY 500 at the 100 year old Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

500coverage10:44 - Cars are starting to arrive on pit lane - a sign that preparations are complete. It's all about pageantry and tradition until 1:12!

Other Transition Players to watch include: Alex Tagliani/Conquest Racing, Oriol Servia/Rahal Letterman Racing, Justin Wilson/Dale Coyne Racing, Bobby D - Robert Doornbos/Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing, EJ Viso/HVM Racing, and honorable mention ... Alex Lloyd/Gannasi Sam Schmidt Racing.

500coverage10:46 - Stuck in traffic? Just be patient and keep your radios on 93.1 WIBC, 97.1 HANK FM or 1070 The Fan for all you need on your way in!

autoracingdailyVision Racing Finishes Final Preparations For #Indy 500
VisionRacingRyan just made a mad dash for the washroom. Will he be back in time for driver intros for the #Indy500 ? Stay tuned

TheEDJE93rd INDY500 - A Centennial Ride - Tweet By Tweet - #indy500

NascarTweeter2009 INDIANAPOLIS 500 BRONZE BADGE/PIN INDY Indianapolis 500 Centennial Era

SpeedJournal(Indy)5/24 :: To infinity and beyond- #autoracing

indy44Omg that new danica boost mobile commercial is hilarious pit crew is in drag

500coverage12:32 - Right on schedule, driver introductions are now underway with PA announcer Dave Calabro. Are you getting excited yet? #indy500
patronhighcroftHanging out with Sebring teammate Dario Franchitti in the green room before #Indy500 driver intros.

CrashGladysHoly cow - Danica got some boos at intros... Indy 500

TwitPic - Posted on May 24, 2009 -by pjchesson

pjchesson - My view from Indy 500
VisionRacingCrews lineup behind car. Anthem coming up. Can we go now? How about now? Okay now? Maybe now? Please? Build up has us all wound up!

500coverage12:47 - Florence Henderson sings "God Bless America." Welcome to the Indy 500!

One final shot with Patrón Highcroft boss Duncan Dayton as Florence Henderson sings at the #Indy500 - Image Credit: Patrón Highcroft

500coverage12:56 - The B-25 bombers fly over to a huge cheer from the crowd. A great way to honor our Military heroes and get ready for a great race!

VisionRacingDrivers to their cars!
the500Last minute predix, 500 followers? Mine: 1) TK, 2) Helio, 3) Dixon ... darkhorse Rahal. --pd

TheEDJELast minute predix, 500 followers? Transition Players Will Power, Mario Moraes, Graham Rahal, Paul Tracy, and Bobby D - #indy500

pressdogAnthem, fly-over, taps, back home again in indiana, let's light this American candle.

500coverage1:03 Now you KNOW it's Indy! Jim Nabors sings Back Home Again in Indiana.
500coverage1:05 - "Ladies and Gentleman...Start Your Engines! Mari Hulman George says the most famous words, and 33 engines are fired!

pressdogRow 1, hot. Row 2, hot. Row 3, hot ...

openpaddockEngines are started and it is time for the greatest spectacle in racing!!!!

They are rolling off and on their first pace lap - Turn one on the fist lap at race speed is probably the most dangerous time in the whole of the race at the INDY 500!
FuriousWedgeAlex Lloyd's wife is feeling contractions, imagine that possible end of race for Lloyd, congrats on the race, here's your son/daughter

VisionRacingIt's overcast + hot. Hardly a breeze felt in the pits. Packy, spotter for Ryan and Dude, spotter for Ed will call the green for the guys.

The Green Flag was waved off because the field of cars lined up three wide were not formed up evenly.

GREEN, GREEN, GREEN - Crash in the short chute between turns one and two. Mario Moraes/KV Racing Technology OUT, just like that
... Marco Andretti out as well.

IndyTalkYellow. Contact between Turns 1 and 2 between Moraes, Andretti. #indy500
Marco26WebMarco out of the car on lap one after a brush with MM.

MyNameIsIRLThe ghost of Troy Ruttman just smacked down two of his three challengers today.

CrashGladysPaul Tracy singing "We will rock you!" - listening in pit now ;) - Indy 500

500coverage1:21 - Cars at the back make early pit stops. EJ Viso, Milka Duno Alex Tagliani run 29th-30th-31st. #indy500
toomuchracing#Indy500 restart

500coverage1:25 - Franchitti beats Castroneves to turn one on the restart. #indy500

Dario Franchitti turns a 218 mph lap at full race trim ... that is pretty quick!

500coverage1:27 - After 10 laps it's Franchitti, Castroneves and Briscoe. Speeds right around 220mph, with 230's on the straightaways.

racingvideosLive Timing and Scoring... FREE!
SSM99Early pit to remove broken rain light. Long race to go still...

the500Hearing Andretti's car is getting work ... his day might not be done, even if his chances at winning are. --pd

TheEDJERyan Hunter-Reay crashes LAP 20 or 21 #indy500

IndyCarNationYELLOW: #21 Hunter-Reay has made contact with the SAFER Barrier in Turn 4. Car comes to rest in pit lane.

IndyTalkAll cars to pits. #indy500 LAP23
RacingNationTop 5: Franchitti, Briscoe, Castroneves, Dixon, Rahal after pits

the500Big jumpers early: Matos 12 to 7, Carpenter 17-12, Wheldon 18-13, Servia 25-16. --pd


IndyCarPRLap 28: GREEN. #10 Franchitti leads the field down the frontstretch. #9 Dixon passes #3 Castroneves for third.

500coverage1:49 - Scott Dixon has gotten around Helio to move into 4th. First time someone else has cracked the top 3.

500coverage1:51 - Townsend Bell moved 24th to 12th on first green-flag run. Dropped to 22nd on pitstop, now back up to 19th. Passing a lot of cars!
Pink Lloyd really could use the lucky dog right about now. Oops, wrong series. --pd

autoracingdaily#Indy500: 1. Franchitti, 2. Briscoe, 3. Dixon, 4. Castroneves, 5. rahal, 6. Matos after lap 36

500coverage1:54 - EJ Viso makes a stop and falls a lap down. He's shown in 30th place. #indy500

Marco26WebAutosport - MA: ""He had nobody inside of him and he is just clueless out there... It's so disappointing."

the500Servia into top 15 after starting 25th. --pd
autoracingdaily#Indy500: 1. Franchitti, 2. Briscoe, 3. Dixon, 4. Castroneves, 5. rahal, 6.Kanaan 7. Matos, 8. Power, 9. Danica Patrick, 10, Tracy lap 44

Marco26WebJalopnik: "Moraes was apparently on his cell phone and not paying attention, pushing Andretti into the wall".

IndyCarNationLap 50: #10 Franchitti leads #6 Briscoe by .8261 of a second. Lots of red cars at the front of the field.

patronhighcroftLap 50: Scott in P20 at the 1/4 way mark. Car a little loose. Adjustments coming at next stop at #Indy500

Bobby D, Robert Doornbos scrapes the wall comes into the pits ... shuts off the engine - Day Over!

500coverage2:04 - Despite Doornbos' contact we stay green. Briscoe now takes the lead from Franchitti!

IndyCarNationNew leader is #6 Briscoe

Graham Rahal Slams the wall - both Newman/Haas/Lanigan teammates out within just a couple of laps!!! YELLOW Flag!

500coverage2:07 - Chris Denari on IMS Network: Rahal got behind slower cars heading into pits and elected to go high. Obviously not the right choice.
VisionRacingRT @IndyCarPR: Lap 56: YELLOW. #02 Graham Rahal makes contact with the Safer Barrier in Turn 4.

Pit Open - LAP60

TheEDJEJustin Wilson slides in pitlane while entering the pits #indy500

Here's the view from the pits when Justin Wilson got spun around. Image Credit: Ernie Mills

VisionRacingGood job by No.20 Menards Crew! Ed just cracked the Top-10 at the #Indy500.

kvracingYellow flag,bell coming into pit, front wing adjustment, fuel and tires and fluid, his drink system is not working. That was a fab change!!

kvracingTownsend just gained 5 spots from his pit crew. He is now 13th!

FastMachines@VisionRacing sorry about Ryan :( #indy500

SarahFisher67Moving up. Now 16th- Klint

TheEDJEFour wide with Dan Weldon ... Briscoe sliding back and causing problems - Penske orders him into the pits! #indy500

VisionRacingEd: "Those are some of the most scr*wed up laps I think I have ever run!" Jeff Britton: "It's okay. We'll get 'em back"

Marco Andretti back into the race - 59 laps down!

FastMachineswhat is point of putting Marco back out there? To help tow Danica or TK??? Me no understand #indy500
autoracingdaily#Indy500: 1.Dixon, 2.Franchitti, 3.Kanaan, 4.Matos, 5.Danica Patrick, 6,Castroneves,7. Power, 8. Wheldon, 9. Townsend Bell after lap 70

FuriousWedge@FastMachines 4-5 cars already out of the race that he can pass to up his points if enough of them go out

RyanRacingI was sending an update when Rys incident happened. He was up 9 spots! I ran to him & got there @ the same time as safety crew!

autoracingdailyIndy 500: Matos watched YouTube videos of Helio's in-car cam to prepare for first #Indy500

Marco26WebSo who is the youngest driver left in contention?

500coverage2:25 - 75 laps: Dixon, Franchitti, Kanaan, Matos, Patrick, Castroneves, Power, Wheldon, Bell, Tracy. #indy500

VisionRacingBaby update: Heather is in pits with two security personnel keeping an eye on her. So far so good for mom, baby and well dad on track too.

toomuchracingMatos is impressing isn't he!

TheEDJE@toomuchracing - WAY! ... saw him at LBGP in press room - Savvy beyond years! He's on a Penske Team, sort of #indy500

YELLOW, YELLOW, YELLOW - Davey Hamilton (oldest driver in the field at 47) way loose into the wall LAP82

500coverage2:32 - Hamilton simply got loose at the exit of Turn 4 and went right into the wall. Tough break for a fan favorite.
Pitstops - LAP84

500coverage2:35 - Everyone in for another pit stop. Ganassi cars quick out, with Dario re-taking the lead from Dixon.

IndyCarPRLap 90: We're back to green flag racing. #9 Dixon makes the move for the lead around his teammate, #10 Franchitti.

IndyTalkBriscoe back on lead lap by staying out during that round of pit stops. #indy500

500coverage2:44 - Dixon gets by Franchitti on the restart to re-claim the lead. TK, Helio and Matos top 5.

kvracingGreen Flag again, Bell still 9th and Tracy 11th after 93 laps

TheEDJEWheel-Base discussion on ABC - One of the problems the Transition Teams encountered last year - NOW set at 22" - was variable #indy500

The discussion was having to do with a set wheel-base and the compound used on the tires - teasing was done at 20" - wheel-base set at 22"

FuriousWedgeNow that we're halfway I can tell you one clear difference from ABC/ESPN and VERSUS, I have not seen a car beyond Top 10 on screen yet

TheEDJETK BIG CRASH!!! Something Broke #indy500

IndyCarNationLap 98: YELLOW. #11 Kanaan, who was running third, made contact with wall on the backstretch. Car appeared to suffer a mechanical failure.

Sorry TK fans, but this is how the 11 car looks now. Image Credit: Ernie Mills
Leaders in the pits Lap 100: Scott Dixon wins the race off of pit lane.

kvracingGEICO - KV Racing Technology crew just did another great stop for Paul Tracy

500coverage2:56 - Reshuffled top 10 after stops: Will Power is now up to 3rd in the Penske 12. Wheldon 6th, Bell 7th, Tracy 8th, Carpenter 9th.

500coverage2:58 - More notables at 102 laps: Tagliani 11th, Mike Conway 13th, John Andretti 14th, Sarah Fisher 15th. All their highest positions today.

Danica Patrick drops four positions - slides past pitlane, has to be pushed back and waste time.

the500Power showing third, Matos fourth as the race becomes official. --pd

MyNameIsIRLServia is off the board. Anyone know what happened? I'm in a roomful of media and I still don't know.

chunter16@MyNameIsIRL They're following the money as usual.

TheEDJE@MyNameIsIRL T&S shows him 7 laps down and in the pits?! #indy500

TheEDJE@MyNameIsIRL Servia out with fuel pressure loss - interview on ABC #indy500

TheEDJEDoornbos back in race 41 laps down - GREEN, GREEN, GREEN - Lap 109: Helio Castroneves takes Raphael Matos into Turn 1 for P4. #indy500

RacingNationTop 5: Dixon Franchitti Power Castroneves Matos
pressdogIt's a Festival of Fuel Saving now, kids.

IndyTalkTop three separated by just 1.53 seconds after 119 laps. #indy500

500coverage3:16 - 120 laps, 300 miles. Dixon, Dario, Power, Helio, Matos, Wheldon, Bell, Carpenter, Tracy, Danica, Tagliani, Meira, John Andretti.

MyNameIsIRLHi, I'm Will Power, and I'm auditioning for a job. Will you please hire me? I'm pretty darn good.

TheEDJE@MyNameIsIRL Hi, I'm The EDJE, and I'm auditioning for a job. Will you please hire me? I'm pretty darn good - OK, OK, OK! #indy500

IndyTalkTop 10 on Lap 126: Dixon, Dario, Power, Helio, Matos, Wheldon, Bell, Carpenter, Tracy, Patrick. #indy500
IndyTalkDixon, Dario lapping at 219.7, 219.8. #indy500

70 Laps to go and Team Target Chip Ganassi drivers have the measure of the field.

Caution as Nelson Philippe brushes the wall at exit of Turn 4. 132 laps down, 68 to go

VisionRacingRT @MyNameIsIRL: Laughter in media center @ Samantha Lloyd, who says she's having contractions but will wait "til after race to have baby.

FastMachinesYou can tell that Cheever and Goodyear hate each can feel the tension #indy500 #indycar

SarahFisher67Everyone is coming in as well as Sarah. Full stop.

Dario Franchitti has major problems with the fuel hose ... Vitor Meira on fire in the ABC Supply Co. pits - Broken fuel probe

the500That was no small fire on the 14. But it was out as quickly as it started. Meira back on track. Wow. --pd

FastMachinesVitor gets burns on his face and goes back out on track...badass #indy500 #indycar
IndyCarNationPit report: #9 Dixon won race off of pit lane. #3 Castroneves is second followed by #12 Power, #15 Tracy. #10 Franchitti lost six spots

Six YELLOW Caution Flag periods so far in the race - Four different leaders with five lead changes - average speed just a tick over 148 MPH!

500coverage3:35 - Reset the lineup after the stops: Dixon, Helio, Power, Tracy, Wheldon, Bell, Carpenter, Franchitti, Danica, and Briscoe back to 10th.

the500Per ABC: Big miscommunication led to Dario's pit stall drop. --pd

FastMachinesPT in 4th...this could get really, really good #indy500 #indycar

VisionRacingGreen green green LAP140. Restart Castroneves takes the lead in turn 1. Carpenter P7

500coverage3:39 - Great battles as first Wheldon, then Bell both get around Paul Tracy.

FastMachinesPTs equipment feels done #indy500 #indycar

RacingNationLap 145: [TOP 10] Helio Dixon Power Wheldon Bell Tracy Carpenter Briscoe Patrick Conway

500coverage3:42 - Ryan Briscoe ordered to fall behind Danica Patrick after something happened between them on the restart. #indy500
pressdogListening to Danica on the scanner. She told her spotter that Briscoe jumped the start. Race control apparently agreed.

FuriousWedgeDanica warned for blocking, how funny would it be if she was forced to give the spot back up to Briscoe he just got forced to give up to her

SpeedJournal50 to go - Castroneves, Dixon, Power top 3 #indy500 #autoracing

500coverage3:45 - 150 laps, three-quarters of the way. Helio, Dixon, Power, Wheldon, Bell, Carpenter, Danica, Tracy, Briscoe, Conway top 10. #indy500

TheEDJE150 LAPS to go and 10 cars are OUT of the race #indy500

FuriousWedgeAnd there we have it folks with Wilson on the wall we will have to wait until 2010 for our first green flag pit-stops at Indy since mid-2007

LAP 161: Yellow for contact in Turn 1 by Justin Wilson

toomuchracing#YELLOW for Wilson in the wall. Marty Reid says we saw it side by side, I didn't because I'm not watching the domestic coverage now..

IndyTalkEverybody is coming in for what should be last stops of race. #indy500

FastMachinesugh...power just got slaughtered on pit road #indy500 #indycar

the500Last pit stop (possibly) going on ... the results: 3, 6, 4, 7, 8, 12, 9, 20, 10, 24. --pd

IndyTalkRace out of the pits: Helio, Briscoe, Wheldon, Patrick. Briscoe gained SIX spots in pits. #indy500

FastMachinesI hate it when my nut comes out of my gun #indy500 #indycar

TheEDJE@FastMachines - So do I - NICE! #indy500

MyNameIsIRLWhat's wrong with this? @DanicaPatrick just tweeted "my crew is awsome!!!!!!! P4 with 37 laps to go."
TheEDJELap 167: Back to green flag racing! #indy500

33 LAPS to go!

SarahFisher67Battling alex tag for 13th place- Klint

IndyCarPR30 to go: #3 Castroneves leads #6 Briscoe by .3059 of a second

VisionRacingSounds like fuel conservation is going to become an issue for many. Including Ed. We'll need another caution probably.

IndyTalkCindric telling Helio on radio he has enough fuel to make the finish. #indy500

Lap 171: Ryan Briscoe is looking good as he catches Helio.

Lap 173: Yellow for heavy impact between Vitor Meira and Raphael Matos in Turn 1.

500coverage4:06 - Contact! Vitor Meira and Rafa Matos, running 19th and 20th at the end of the lead lap, hit hard, especially Meira.
Caution is the eighth of the race - fuel will not make a difference and it looks as though a predictable established team and driver combination will win this race - so much for unification.

CrashGladysCar parts in Turn One stands - my friends just texted that!! Apparently no one hurt tho - Indy 500

FastMachinesvery crunched front end of Vitor's car, betting he's got lower extremety issues #indy500 #indycar

500coverage4:14 - 87 degrees at the Speedway, warmer than anyone predicted. Track temp 105. Only rain in area is now southeast of Indianapolis.

indy44WOW that's the first time I've seen someone drive the wall in reverse at about 150 MPH

Lap 179: Pits are open

IndyCarPRPits are open: =Only #6 Briscoe coming to pit road. Leaders are now: #3 Castroneves, #4 Wheldon, #7 Patrick, #12 Power and #5 Bell.

toomuchracingSince I started using #F1 and #Indy500 hashtags I've gained a small no of racing followers and a ton of spammers

TheEDJE@toomuchracing - Welcome to HashTag City! #indy500


500coverage4:21 - Hideki Mutoh running 10th into the grass but saves it and gets back on the track!

IndyTalkTownsend Bell up to 4th. #indy500

the500Helio up by more than one second as Wheldon battles Danica for 2nd. --pd

Helio Castroneves runs a lap at 220.08 - 1 MPH faster than #2 Dan Weldon!

the500Barring caution, this looks over. Wow. Helio is dominating right now. --pd
RacingNationMeira transferred to Methodist Hosp with lower back pain

P3 Danica Patrick/AGR is now the fastest car on the track

9 LAPS to go -
TB is 4th and PT is 9th

VisionRacingFans are on their feet for final 9 laps. Ed is P8.

RacingNationWill Helio win his third? Will Dan win his second? Will Danica win her first? Who? Who will win??

IndyTalkLap 193: Helio up by 1.64 over Wheldon. #indy500

MyNameIsIRLAfter the Conquest switcheroo, it looks like Alex Tagliani could win Rookie of the Year. He's 11th.

500coverage4:28 - 6 laps to go. Helio still a comfortable lead -nearly 2 seconds - over Wheldon. Then Danica, Bell, Power. #indy500

IndyTalkHelio is five laps away from becoming only the ninth driver to win the Indy 500 three times or more. #indy500

500coverage4:32 - 2 to go, and Helio's lead is now over 2.3 seconds on the field. #indy500

IndyTalkCastroneves wins by 1.98 seconds over Dan Wheldon. Danica Patrick third. #indy500

TheEDJEHelio Castroneves - "Thank You, GOD!" #indy500

IndyTalkHelio stops on yard of bricks, climbs fence in joy. #indy500

FastMachinesmmm....nothing like the sound of Helio crying #indy500 #indycar

CrashGladysHelio Castroneves to the IRS - TAKE THAT BITCHES! Indy 500 #indy500

ISNHaganNumber 3 at Indy for #3. Congrats Helio!!!

500coverage4:39 - Helio drinks the ice cold milk in Victory Circle, and is in tears as the post-race interviews begin.

CrashGladysHelio... again to the IRS... I got ur 1099 right here! Indy baby... Indy 500 #indy500

SpeedJournal(ThatsRacin)Castroneves dances to 3rd Indy 500 win- #autoracing

16:32:45 GMT-0400 Helio Castroneves wins the 2009 Indianapolis 500! This is his third victory.

... notes from The EDJE

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