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Race #5 In The ICS - The Milwaukee Mile With Tweets

Dixon wins in Milwaukee! Image Credit: ISNHagan

Race #5 In The ICS - The Milwaukee Mile With Tweets

While INDY just celebrated it's 100 year anniversary, the venerable "bullring" known as The Milwaukee Mile is celebrating it's 103rd year. The track is way different than the big four-cornered IMS in that it is only one mile around, there is very little banking to speak of and the track is wide enough to pass almost anywhere. It was a very exciting race to watch.

Normally, we, at The EDJE would have tried to chronicle the race using Tweets from Twitter, but this race on this track is way to fast to keep up with this type of activity and do it justice. They will be added from time to time.

AJ Foyt gave the order to have the drivers start their engines and the race went along really smooth until about lap 50 when Mike Conway moved a little to far up out of the racing line and caught the marbles which took his car to the wall bringing out a YELLOW Flag.

For the first 50 laps Tony Kanaan led for about the first 20 laps then Ryan Briscoe took command. Paul Tracy, driving for the race sponsor, AJ Foyt and ABC Supply, started well getting up to P16 then his car went completely away from him slipping back to 20th and last place (Stanton Barrett did not answer the flag) at the time of the caution.

GREEN Flag after pitstops on LAP 67 - 16 cars are on the lead lap.

Ryan Briscoe resting while waiting to qualify on Saturday for the Milwaukee Mile. Image Credit: Andy Sallee (2009)


IndyCarNationLap 67: GREEN. Briscoe leads the field into Turn 1.

kvracingBack to green flag racing here at Milwaukee. Currently P8 after 67 laps and one pit stop

MyNameIsIRLkvracingRace order - Briscoe, dixon, franchitti, rahal, muthoh, patrick, matos, moraes, kanaan, wheldon

PlanetIrl@MyNameIsIRL Jeff, I think Mynameisirl should start drug testing. That was hilarious, but way out of left field.

TheEDJEPlanetIrl@MyNameIsIRL So, we should pass out P-Kits huh?

Paul Tracy feeling comfortable with the AJ Foyt squad. Image Credit: Andy Sallee (2009)

IndyCarPRMike Conway has been checked and released from the Infield Care Center. He is cleared to drive.

kvracingMoraes is still P8 ( fastest time 158.663mph) after 85 laps out of 225. He is doing a great job, driving smart and patiently

DRRIndyCarScheckter is in 12th place at the halfway point through this run.

14 cars on the lead lap with Ryan Hunter-Reay in P14 at lap 91.

MyNameIsIRL[blog update] LiveBlog: Milwaukee 2009

IndyCarNationLap 100: #6 Briscoe leads #9 Dixon by .6125 of a second.

kvracingMoraes is closing in on P7 and Danica Patrick. Tenth faster each lap

Briscoe tries to protect Castroneves when comes up on him at P13. This may hurt Briscoe ultimately what with Dixon coming up fast to take advantage.

PlanetIrlanyone else starting to get bored with this race?

VisionRacing21 car pitting. Taking out front wing.

IndyCarPRLap 110: #6 Briscoe leads #9 Dixon by .5786 of a second. #3 Castroneves has been lapped.

Helio goes a lap down to Briscoe who tried to save him ... Marco in the sights of Briscoe now at P11 - moving through traffic.

Green Flag pitstops coming up.


VisionRacingOther cars will now start coming in for pitstops. Vision guys will get some clean air and will need to get some good laps in.

IndyCarNationLap 130: Pit window is opening for the leaders. #6 Briscoe leads #9 Dixon by .3867 of a second.

Franchitti in and out with a good stop - Boy is that car Green in the TomTom sponsored car.

All of the leaders come in. and it is a tight dice.

IndyCarPRLap 133: Leader #6 Briscoe to pit lane. New leader is #9 Dixon.

Kanaan's car comes in smoking - he hops out and is out of the race - in the pits. Engine Nuke!

VisionRacingNew leader after green flag stops is #10 Franchitti. RHR is P12 running good lap times but has a vibration. Carpenter P15.

chunter16I'm fine, says @tonykanaan as he limps to his trailer. Get better soon, glad it wasn't a crash.

IndyCarPRLap 150: #10 Franchitti leads #6 Briscoe by 1.1894 seconds. #6 Briscoe has secured the bonus points for leading the most laps.

Only 9 Dallaras on the lead lap on LAP 152 - Now Briscoe and Dixon jumpn Franchitti in traffic - drops to third.

pjchessonwatching Indycar Race!! about to fire up the grill for a dry rubbed beef tenderloin..charcoal is the only way to go for flavor....

PlanetIrlWell, thats one way to do it.

IndyCarPRLap 160: YELLOW for Debris in Turn 2.

This will set up a sprint to the end - as if they haven't been sprinting all along - YELLOW Flag stops for the leaders - "The Money Stop"!

VisionRacingBoth 20 and 21 cars will make pit stops on this caution. Ed on radio: "I'm white knuckling it out here." Expletives deleted from his com ...

indy44OMG I got company right when the green flag was thrown,major meltdown mode!

TheEDJE@indy44 - I'm hip - don't people know when a race is on - it's open-wheel crack!

Paul Tracy shares a happy moment at the Milwaukee Mile track with Rick Mears. Image Credit: Andy Sallee (2009)

PlanetIrl@indy44 Don't you love when that happens. Green, Green, green. Then here come the in-laws.

kvracingPit stop did not go our way, hit viso tire on way out and then unfortunately had a mis communication in pits and car stalled, he is now P9

Lap 170: No restart. If this order stays put, Ryan Briscoe will take the ICS points lead by 10 points over Franchitti.

Lap 171: Back to green flag racing!

kvracingBack to Green Flag racing, 54 laps to go, P9

the500FROM THE STAR: A.J. Foyt 225 updates from Curt Cavin on Twitter

IndyCarPRLap 173: GREEN. #6 Briscoe leads the field into Turn 1.

AGRfan26Marco up to 6th !

FuriousWedgeI'm sorry but Marty Reid makes Darrel Waltrip look smart - 48 LAPS to go!

MyNameIsIRLMarco closing in on Graham and Marty says "Let's go back and check in with the race leaders because nothing has changed up front..."

Lap 185: Ryan Briscoe is coming up to lap the back of the field. Castroneves will move from second to fourth in the poins if this remains - Briscoe passes teammate!

EJ Viso slows and comes into pits - GREEN Flag stays out. This make it ZERO for FIVE races that HVM Racing finished a complete race.

PlanetIrlJust found something I like about ABC instead of Versus. No Smilin' Bob.!

AGRfan26Lap 193: #6 Briscoe leads #9 Dixon by .2729 of a second.

Lap 198: Danica Patrick looks to reel in Graham Rahal after taking Marco

Dixon gets around Briscoe in Scheckter traffic for the lead!

Lap 202: Scott Dixon is in clean air and looking to pull away.

MyNameIsIRLDixon has now taken the lead. Meanwhile Danica is in 5th and Marco has fallent to 7th. There's passing today - we're just not seeing it.

AGRfan26@MyNameIsIRL ABC was too busy SHOWING COMMERCIALS. Where was the side-by-side when it counted !

8 Dallaras in the lead lap - Lap 207: Dixon has opened up a large 2 second lead.

IndyCarNationLap 210: #9 Dixon leads #6 Briscoe by 2.8 seconds.

MyNameIsIRLNow it's Marco who is being told to "use your tools". I'm starting to think these pit reporters may have teleprompters.

Nine LAPS to go - Seven Cars on the lead lap!

IndyCarNation10 to go, Dixon leads by 3.08 seconds.

16AndGeorgetownAs of now Danica is 4th in the points...she's having a very solid year

kvracingTires beginning to wear out, @mariomoraesindy has a lot of vibration. Good thing we have just 6 laps to go and no

Lap 220: Scott Dixon leads Ryan Briscoe by 3.1208 seconds.

VisionRacing5 to go and fans are swarming around the podium at Milwaukee waiting to see who the wiener will be. Oops I mean winner. Brats. I'm mean ...

Lap 224: White flag. Scott Dixon leads Ryan Briscoe by 2.1617 seconds

16:27:50 GMT-0500 Scott Dixon wins the ABC Supply Co/AJ Foyt 225!

IndyCarPRLap 225: CHECKERED. #9 Dixon wins the ABC Supply/A.J. Foyt 225 by 2.1257 seconds over #6 Briscoe.

DRRIndyCarTomas brings it home P13. Congrats to Dixon. On to Texas!

indy44YAY! ABC won't be in Texas 3 cheers!!!!!!!!


PlanetIrlAnd with Scott Dixon winning we prepare for the most boring celebration ever. He really has the personality of a doorknob

TheEDJE@PlanetIrl Doorknob??? - You are being kind, you MUST be a fan! :-)

PlanetIrl@TheEDJE Lol, he's like the Kimi Raikonnen of Indycar.

kvracingKV Racing Technology's Mario Moraes finished an IndyCar oval career high 9th today at Milwaukee

indy44Going to commercial when pass for lead is coming up is truly pathetic,not even side by side,TOTAL B.S.

SpeedJournal(Indy)5/31 :: Dixon prevails- #autoracing

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