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Vitor Miera Out For The Rest Of The Season

Vitor Miera and AJ Foyt discuss set-up strategy in the pitbox at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2009)

Vitor Miera Out For The Rest Of The Season

My Name Is IRL reports that the medical diagnosis is in and Vitor Miera has fractured lumbar vertebrae (refer to yellow section in graphic) in his lower back and that it will take several months to heal.

The Vertebral Column - Image Credit: Gray' Anatomy

This excerpted and edited from My Name Is IRL -

Vitor has been defined, his entire career, by his valiant inability to win races. Now, after being lit on fire and crashing hard into the wall in Turn One (in separate incidents, no less) it appears for the remainder of 2009 he won't even be able to enter races, much less [NOT] win them.

The intrepid Curt Cavin has now busted out his twitter and told us "Vitor out 4-6 months, but he and Matos have reconciled things. Anthony is 50-50 as choice at Milwaukee." Fractures in the L-1 and L-2 vertebrae are the culprits for the demise of his season.

I know that Anthony, a.k.a. AJ Foyt IV, is family, but considering how badly the pairing of Foyt and Foyt went a few years ago this might not be good idea. Regardless of who fills the seat, our thoughts and prayers for as speedy a recovery as possible go out to the Vitor during his convalescence.
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Vitor debates set-up strategy with AJ Foyt, Team owner of the ABC Supply Dallara. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2009)

I really thought that with Vitor Miera, ABC Supply, and AJ Foyt (the elder) had a winning combination. I watched the two of them sharing set-up information in the pits at Long Beach and they seemed to have a special rapport.

Odd that AJ would take to the Brazilian after having a history of issues with drivers in the past. It says a lot about Vitor.

Hope Vitor heals and is able to do what any good cowboy does when he gets kicked off of a horse ... he gets right back on!

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