Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DynoValve Passes California's Emissions "Stamp Of Approval"

DynoValve installation on a custom 1956 Ford Park Lane Wagon. Image Credit: SAVI Corporation

DynoValve Passes California's Emissions "Stamp Of Approval"

Last Friday, Savi Corporation received word from the State of California that an Executive Order for their Computerized Pollution Control Valve (PCV), known by the TradeMark name of DynoValve, was issued (see PDF of California's Executive Order HERE).

What this means is that the DynoValve may now be actively sold and installed through businesses such as auto repair shops, emissions testing stations, auto part retailers and Municipal/Business Fleets throughout California to help reduce vehicle emissions.

"Our patience, diligence and perseverance have been rewarded. Obtaining the Executive Order from the State of California represents an extraordinary opportunity and milestone for DynoValve," said Serge Monros, SaviCorp CEO. "With 36 cities with 100,000 or more residents and 217 cities with populations of between 25,000 and 100,000 the potential for sales to business, corporate and municipal fleets is unparalleled. California's coveted 'Stamp of Approval' affirms the State's commitment to leading the national effort to convert to 'Green Technologies' and gives DynoValve the chance to lower emissions on thousands of vehicles in the largest motor vehicle market in the world. We are absolutely ecstatic about receiving the blessing of California."

Securing an Executive Order from the State of California is a long, detailed, thoroughly tested process. California has the most stringent, progressive emissions standards in the Untied States. Its standards model will be duplicated by many states in the future.

DynoValve will be represented at next week's SEMA trade show to be held in Las Vegas from November 2-5, 2010. The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world (PLEASE NOTE: THE SEMA SHOW IS NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC). It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. As part of the AAIW, the SEMA Show attracts more than 100,000 industry leaders from more than 100 countries for unlimited profit opportunities in the automotive, truck and SUV, and RV markets. SEMA Show 2009 drew more than 50,000 domestic and international buyers.

Custom 1956 Ford Park Lane Wagon featured in Green Go. Image Credit: SAVI Corporation

If you are one who is able to attend the show, please drop by the following exhibitors booths and ask them about their reaction to this effective solution for the reduction of emissions and potential improvement to a vehicle's fuel consumption performance.

Two Mustangs in the "Huntington Beach Bodyworks" booth, Designs by Rich Evans / The Trucking Magazine Corral Featuring the "Eightball Dually" Truck / Also featured, a 1956 Ford Park Lane Wagon - Location TBD (will update).

Image Credit: SAVI Corporation

Further, the mileage and performance tests on the 1995 Ford F250 are continuing with the hopes of a positive report. The initial MPG results have not been as positive as hoped for but we, at the EDJE, have been assured that the pre-1996 OEM computer takes a little longer that newer automobile controlling computers to adjust to what they are sensing and adjust the performance of the car it is installed on. The F250 will be traveling from Los Angeles to the SEMA show and this trip will be documented as part of the test.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

33 Indy 500 Winners Line Up At The Brickyard For Their "Close Up"

The display on the Speedway’s front straightaway was part of the ongoing Centennial Celebration; the 2011 Indianapolis 500 will mark the event’s 100th anniversary. Each car present on Tuesday was a former race winner, and each has a story. Image Credit: IMS/Ron McQueeney

33 Indy 500 Winners Line Up At The Brickyard For Their "Close Up"

On Tuesday of this week, 33 winning Indy 500 cars were pushed to the front straight for the photo opportunity of a lifetime. Most of the Indy open-wheel racers came from the Hall of Fame Museum leaving the museum about half full, while other cars were on loan for the shoot from as far away as California. One car was a replica because the original is on view at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. where as all other cars are the actual winning steeds.

Director of the Hall of Fame Museum, Ellen Bireley introduces us to this effort to capture a unique moment in time and the staging of this historic "close-up" beauty shot in celebration of this upcoming centennial season!

This excerpted and edited from AutoWeekRacing.com -

The “pole” car was the Marmon Wasp that won the first 500 in 1911. Next to it on the “front row” were the cars driven by Dario Franchitti (2010) and A.J. Foyt (1961). Foyt’s car represented both his first 500 win and the winner of the 50th-anniversary event.

The rest of the legendary machines were positioned in a way that revealed an interesting evolution of race cars. Every row included front-engine and rear-engine cars in a pattern. Each decade was represented.

The four double winners were included along with the first winner after World War II. Twenty-seven of the cars are owned by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Foundation.

The rows and the years the cars won:

-- Row 1: 1911 (Ray Harroun), 2010 (Dario Franchitti), 1961 (A.J. Foyt)

-- Row 2: 1979 (Rick Mears), 1939-40 (Wilbur Shaw), 1970 (Al Unser)

-- Row 3: 1963 (Parnelli Jones), 1990 (Arie Luyendyk), 1947-48 (Mauri Rose)

-- Row 4: 1980 (Johnny Rutherford), 1953-54 (Bill Vukovich), 1968 (Bobby Unser)

-- Row 5: 1964 (A.J. Foyt), 1965 (Jimmy Clark), 1922 (Jimmy Murphy)

-- Row 6: 1969 (Mario Andretti), 1957-58 (Sam Hanks, Jimmy Bryan), 1983 (Tom Sneva)

-- Row 7: 1912 (Joe Dawson), 1982 (Gordon Johncock), 1952 (Troy Ruttman)

-- Row 8: 1972 (Mark Donohue), 1962 (Rodger Ward), 2000 (Juan Montoya)

-- Row 9: 1928 (Louis Meyer), 1995 (Jacques Villeneuve), 1950 (Johnnie Parsons)

-- Row 10: 1977 (A.J. Foyt), 1951 (Lee Wallard), 1992 (Al Unser Jr.)

-- Row 11: 1946 (George Robson), 1978 (Al Unser), 1932 (Fred Frame)

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Skid Plate Racing ... Irwindale's Toyota Speedway's Latest Motor Culture Craze

Over 20 cars and drivers showed up for a Memorial Day Weekend Saturday night race at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale – the home race track of Skid Plate racing. When the green flag dropped the field charged and slid down the front straight at maximum possible velocity. Perhaps a little too hot. Caption & Image Credit: Clunkbucket.com

Skid Plate Racing ... Irwindale's Toyota Speedway's Latest Motor Culture Craze

When one first hears the words, Skid Plate Racing, one immediately asks "WHAT?" At least that is what this reporter was left with.

There are many forms of automobile competition ... but none are as accessible as a series that is based upon the most available junker car platforms with the most common power-plants. All cars are mandatory STOCK save for one Teensy-Weensy specified modification ... the Skid Plate.

This racing platform and oval racing series is the brainchild of Auto Soccer and Demo Derby Master of Mayhem, Robert Rice. He developed, created, and tested the rear skid plate wheels for use in this unique to Irwindale style of 1/3 mile banked oval motor racing.

Part race car driver, part car owner, and all “mad scientist”, Rice and his intrepid crew of hardworking, hardcore, honest-to-Iaccoca team of car nuts designed, built, tested, and now race the heck out of a division that’s aptly-named “Skid Plate Cars” … because THAT is what they do.

SPARKS - what looks like track destruction is actually not harmful at all to the third-mile racing surface at Toyota Speedway where 30 of 40 of these machine can be seen racing at one time. The beveled lip and the large flat surface allow the plates to glide over the expensive asphalt showering copious sparks, but not damaging the track in the least. Caption & Image Credit: Toyota Speedway/Stokes Communications

The formula is simple: Take one front wheel drive compact or sub-compact car, remove the rear wheels, remove the tires from those wheels, weld a ¾” thick 10” x 20” steel plate to it, weld in some angle iron braces, drill a couple of holes in the inside of the rim and rattle-can the whole thing whatever color you’ve got a can of (oh yes, remember to bevel the front edge of that plate please!).

Take those wheel arrangements and bolt them back on the vehicle (that’s been race-prepped by having all window glass removed and the doors bolted shut on both sides).

Open the trunk and drill a 3/8” hole midway down each wheel arch, do the same thing in the rear seat area. Insert eye-bolts, cinch up and then do the same with both sides (front and rear) of the skid wheel. Attach a suitable length of strong chain on both sides and you are ready (as you’ll ever be) to go Skid Plate Racing.

Driving a Skid Plate Car is like driving on snow or ice with a cafeteria tray under each rear wheel or the park brake on while traversing a patch of glare ice. In other words, control is a sometimes thing, any and all driver inputs: steering, braking, gas pedal down (or up), even swearing at the thing, seem to have a mind of their own as to when something resembling what the driver asked for might actually happen.

A strong sense of pre-deja'vu and very limited imagination are two of the best things to have if one is thinking about any sort of pro career in one of these machines. Think of Skid Plate Racing as go-karting with a roof, a man-sized cockpit, with none of that pesky traction and cornering g-forces to contend with ... you will still spin, really, that's guaranteed!

Any 1980 or newer, four or six-cylinder, front wheel drive car with a 90-inch or longer wheelbase is OK. No secret reinforcements or buttressing is allowed. No added weight. However, hitting the buffet a few times to add weight to the driver before the race is way OK.

A Skid Plate Race car must be stock at its core. If you are going to run a V6, two of its cylinders must be disabled.

The skid plates are available from the House of Irwindale, and cannot be modified.

Big horsepower, a $500 paint job on your GFORCE or BELL brain bucket, neon piping on your fire suit, your race car’s body mounted with50 or 60 thousand out-of-pocket, and/or a $109,000.00 motorhome are all of no help here. On the other hand, a product sponsorship from a supplier Harbor Freight could be a big plus.

Thursday evening, October 7, 2010, fresh from Kansas Speedway, Penske Racing South and Mobil One are going Skid Plate Racing as a fun warm-up to this weekend's fourth NASCAR race for the ten event Sprint Cup Chase at Auto Club Speedway. There are no promises but participants will all be “members of the Penske stock car teams” which have as its drivers Kurt Busch and Ryan Newman. Since all of NASCAR is in town for the Chase ... who really knows just who might show up. This should be a good time for some friendly competition, after-all, it's only Skid Plate Racing!
(ht: Toyota Speedway/Stokes Communications)

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

2010 IndyCar Series Final At Cafes do Brasil Indy 300

Dario Franchitti looks to win the 2010 IndyCar title tonight in Miami. Image Credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images

2010 IndyCar Series Final At Cafes do Brasil Indy 300

So it comes down to this ... ChampCar transition player Will Power is only 12 points ahead of two-time IndyCar Series Champion Dario Franchitti going into this last of 17 races in the 2010 season. If Will Power is able to finish just behind or better Dario at the end of the race, he will be crowned Champion of this 2010 season. However, if Dario wins the race and gets the points for most laps led ... it doesn't matter where Will Power finishes.

All during practice at the Homestead/Miami oval track, Power was able to run the fastest laps but when it came down to qualifying Dario Franchitti was able to put together two laps that placed him at the top of the grid in P1, teammate Scott Dixon in P2, and Will Power tucked in nose-to-tail right behind Franchitti in P3.

Here is how the 27 car field will line up (** denotes CCWS Transition Player Team or Driver):

Pos - Driver - Team - Speed
1. Dario Franchitti Ganassi 213.187mph
2. Scott Dixon Ganassi 212.908mph
3. Will Power** Penske 212.580mph
4. Ryan Briscoe Penske 212.158mph
5. Dan Wheldon Panther 211.933mph
6. Justin Wilson** Dreyer & Reinbold 211.630mph
7. Ed Carpenter Panther/Vision 211.444mph
8. Tony Kanaan Andretti 211.392mph
9. Takuma Sato KV** 211.355mph
10. Helio Castroneves Penske 211.240mph
11. Danica Patrick Andretti 211.013mph
12. EJ Viso** KV** 210.928mph
13. Mario Moraes** KV** 210.741mph
14. Bertrand Baguette Conquest** 210.738mph
15. Ana Beatriz Dreyer & Reinbold 210.715mph
16. Marco Andretti Andretti 210.698mph
17. Sarah Fisher Sarah Fisher 210.671mph
18. Graham Rahal** Newman/Haas** 210.629mph
19. Alex Tagliani** FAZZT 210.520mph
20. Ryan Hunter-Reay Andretti 210.030mph
21. Vitor Meira Foyt 210.017mph
22. Alex Lloyd Dale Coyne** 209.433mph
23. Raphael Matos** De Ferran Dragon 209.311mph
24. Sebastian Saavedra Conquest** 209.308mph
25. Simona de Silvestro** HVM** 208.986mph
26. Hideki Mutoh Newman/Haas** 208.579mph
27. Milka Duno Dale Coyne** 207.961mph
(ht: autosport.com)

The IZOD IndyCar Series will take the green flag one last time at the Homestead-Miami Speedway tonight for the Caf├ęs do Brasil Indy 300. Besides being the final race of the IndyCar season, it will be the final race of the near future at Homestead, after the longtime open-wheel hosts and the sanctioning body could not come to an agreement for a 2011 event.

As such, expect tonight to be a show of great magnitude, with both sides looking to go out with a bang.

Here begins the last play-by-play via Tweet-By-Tweet of an IZOD IndyCar Series race of the season ... so let the TWEETING begin!

FollowAndretti Tom Vossman of #Inland presenting @RacingForCancer the $10k check! http://plixi.com/p/48416770

MyNameIsIRL This intro has been one giant Penske/Ganassi lovefest.

TheEDJE @MyNameIsIRL If it were not for the fact that Will Power is a Transition Player - it would be BOREING! #indyCar #IZOD

RaceDrive Ok tweeps - have a great racing night - we are right there with you - in turn 1 #Indycar

factbytefactbox "We're ten minutes away from the command to start your engines." #izodindycar #irl

IndyCarNation Join us for the IZOD IndyCar Series Season Finale for the Cafes do Brasil Indy 300 from Homestead-Miami Speedway... http://fb.me/L4Sgzh1Q

kvracing National anthem been sung, drivers in their cars, just waiting for the command

VersusIndyCar Hey #IndyCar fans come join the chat with us and @kevingraham1280 while we watch the last race of the season! http://ow.ly/2Nvcr

PCaporali Getting ready for the start of the #IndyCar race. What the hell is my heart doing in my throat?!

Engines Fire Up! - Drivers start your engines!

Fieldof33 @99forever I did too read it. I still argue that Dario's year on twisties has been much stronger than WP's on ovals & there4 a better year.

GREEN!, GREEN!, GREEN! - 2010 IndyCar Series Final At Cafes do Brasil Indy 300 begins!

openpaddock Powder Keg is going off baby GREEN GREEN GREEN!!!

IndyCarNation Marco Andretti #26 started 16th and is already up to 7th place on lap 4

openpaddock wow...look at the sparks!!!

Newman_Haas God Speed to all drivers but especially Hideki and @GrahamRahal. Green!

curtcavin Can't imagine Dixon passing Dario for the lead at all tonight. #indycar

IndyCarNation Green flag with Franchitti and Dixon leading Power and Briscoe around as the sparks fly

99forever Okay, so if Dario leads the most laps but Will wins, Will gets the title on race wins, right?

TheEDJE @99forever EXACTLY - Dario needs to lead with most laps and win to make it that it doesn't matter where Will is!

indy44 RT @JPIndycar: Dario Going to have two wingmen - Dixon AND TK...

IndyCarNation Under green conditions the estimated pit window is 46-50 laps

IndyCarNation Mario Moraes #32 on pit lane from 8th spot, car is reported as way too loose

16AndGeorgetown LAP 25 - The Championship is completely in Dario's hands, if he continues to lead most laps, and win, he'll be your 2010 IZOD IndyCar Series Champ

MyNameIsIRL Geez. Two commercial breaks in the first 24 laps. VERSUS must have some extra bills to pay.

MikeM_PR Lap 30 @justinwilson22 holding P16. Will make adjustments on his first stop

YELLOW Flag - LAP 36, Mario Moraes is stalled on the track

IndyCarNation Mario Moraes #32 team reports they will fix the wishbone issue to get back out as soon as possible

curtcavin When are we going to see the first graphic that says: "If the race ended now ..." Well, let me spoil: Dario wins cuz WP is 8th.

Everyone into the Pits!

GREEN!, GREEN!, GREEN! - 2010 IndyCar Series Final At Cafes do Brasil Indy 300 Restarts LAP 42!

kvracing Back to green flag racing, Franchitti, Briscoe, Dixon

YELLOW Flag - LAP 46, Ana Beatriz hits the wall by herself

IndyCarNation Lap 46/200: Under yellow; Franchitti, Briscoe, Kanaan, Dixon, Castroneves, Power, Andretti, Viso, Wheldon, Patrick are top 10

MyNameIsIRL Arute to Conor Daly: "What's the best advice your dad (Derek) told you?" Conor: "Well, he told me not to talk to you." *rimshot*

CrashGladys Just why r the TV guys talking 2 Conor Daly when we know he doesn't want 2go IndyCar racing? F1 is his future & he's made that very clear.

curtcavin Man, Conor Daly looks more like Derek on TV more than he does in person. Kid is going places. #indycar

DRRIndyCar She was on her way back to the pits after slowing on the course

GREEN!, GREEN!, GREEN! - 2010 IndyCar Series Final At Cafes do Brasil Indy 300 Restarts LAP 52!

Dixon slow off of the first corner!

kvracing Back to green flag racing. Viso (#8car) is 8th, Sato (#5) is 16th

Three Wide - Franchitti, Briscoe, and on top Kanaan!

curtcavin I know Dario wants to lead every lap until lap 100, but he needs to be careful, he's already led 53 laps. #indycar

IndyCarNation Ryan Briscoe takes the lead to attempt to keep Dario Franchitti from leading the most laps tonight

MarcoZone TK needs to tuck in and push Dario.

Briscoe and Kanaan get past Franchitti LAP 60

IndyCarNation Lap 60: Franchitti falls back to 4th after losing momentum

Newman_Haas Graham up to 9th from 13th. Hideki in 22.

IndyCarNation Lap 65/200: Dixon, Kanaan, Briscoe, Franchitti, Castroneves, Viso, Wheldon, Power, Patrick, Hunter-Reay are top 10

shagers Now we see how Dario runs in traffic. #indycar

deferrandragon Dario 4th, Power 6 --- Dario now 2 points behind

kvracing After 65 laps, Viso is 6th and Sato has moved to 12th

IndyCarNation Lap 70: Kanaan, Dixon, Franchitti, Briscoe, Castroneves, Power, Wheldon, Viso, Hunter-Reay, Patrick are top 10

shagers Power getting better as the stint goes on here. Unlike last stint. #indycar

MyNameIsIRL LAP 73 - Oh look Dario's leading again. That giant sucking sound is the drama slowly leaving the building. Come on, anybody else!

shagers Penske has nothing here to stop Dario getting the most laps led. Now Power has to beat Dario.

Dario is out to a 1/2 second lead on LAP 84 - has a 9 point lead on Power

MikeM_PR Lap 84 @justinwilson22 down 1 lap

curtcavin Remember, Power is defenseless if Dario completes this one. #indycar

BeccyGordon Wondering if @TonyKanaan is laying back a bit to let his bestfriend, Dario, lead the most laps.... I think I'm on to something!

VisionRacing 10 Laps til next stop, additional front wing adjustment, tires, and fuel.

indy44 Too bad TK doesn't have an in-car I would have loved to be listening to his throttle for this race.

IndyCarNation Ryan Briscoe #6 on pit lane for a routine stop - TK and Franchitti in and out as well

indy44 @BeccyGordon Sure looks that way doesn't it?

PCaporali I have not seen the @VisionRacing @Pantherracing No.20 car on TV tonight. NOT once. Not good for sponsors...

MyNameIsIRL He's [Carpenter] only in 7th. RT @PCaporali: I have not seen the @VisionRacing @Pantherracing No.20 car on TV tonight. NOT once. Not good for sponsors.

IndyCarNation Lap 100/200: Tagliani (off sequence), Franchitti, Kanaan, Dixon, Power, Mutoh, Briscoe, Castroneves, Patrick, Wheldon

Alex Tagliani leads this race for the first time - Pitstop cycles - LAP 101 - Race is over halfway!

FollowAndretti Lap 102... TK 2nd, Danica 7th, Marco 9th, Ryan 10th

Fieldof33 Dario saved fuel last year and made it 50 laps per fuel stint. I don't think he can finish this race on 1 more stop if it stays green.

MyNameIsIRL @EJViso had the end of the fuel hose stuck in his car. When you weren't looking he leaned back, chewed it off and spit it into the infield.

IndyCarNation Lap 114: Franchitti and Kanaan running 1-2 with Dixon, Power, Briscoe spread out a bit behind them

TheEDJE LAP 117 to 118 - Dario Franchitti passes the Start/Finish line to capture 2 points for leading the most laps

TheEDJE Will Power needs to lead Franchitti over the line at the end

BeccyGordon RHR's sports are consistently around 204.3 leaders are at 206.8. Mika is running faster. Ryan says there's an issue

shagers Dario got told he got most laps led about 5 laps after we did. #indycar

IndyCarNation Lap 125/200: Franchitti, Kanaan, Dixon, Power, Briscoe, Castroneves, Patrick, Wheldon, Andretti, Meira are top 10

MyNameIsIRL I'm sorry I had my head down typing, but was that another Peak hair care product commercial?

TheEDJE YELLOW Flag LAP 135 - Will Power brushes the wall for about 1/4 mile - Turn Out The Lights, Party's Over - maybe

IndyCarNation Possible right rear suspension damage to Will Power #12 car

16AndGeorgetown If the damage drops WP back to 18th or worse, all DF needs to do is finish 9th or better

MyNameIsIRL Looks like some right rear suspension damage for Power. Fat lady clearing her throat.

Newman_Haas RT @IndyCarNation: Will Power #12 car has been shut down on pit road after sliding in to the pit stall. Headed behind the pit wall...

CrashGladys So Power is out?? Ugh!

MarcoZone Look at Will wringing his hands....poor guy!

indy44 Versus saying it's not over, in other word DON'T CHANGE THE CHANNEL!

TheEDJE @MyNameIsIRL LA, LA LA LA, LA, LA, LA (sung in scale notes)

Will Power back out on the track to take the GREEN Flag with the rest of the field.

PCaporali RT @IndyCarNation: Will Power #12 has rejoined the race on lap 143 and is now currently 5 laps down

IndyCarNation Team Penske did a rear wishbone change in 5 minutes 6 seconds to allow Power #12 to rejoin the field

A group of cars pull into the pits for a LAST fuel stop strategy!

PCaporali Teams REALLY need to tweet more then! Good lessons to learn. RT @SueBrudvig: [snip] But it's NOYB. Welcome to our world. :% #IndyCar

IndyCarNation Will Power is out of the #12 car behind the pit wall - left front now giving problems

PCaporali Yellow was long enough that some cars may NOT have to make another stop. Could make for a more interesting finish. Maybe . #IndyCar

GREEN!, GREEN!, GREEN! - 2010 IndyCar Series Final At Cafes do Brasil Indy 300 Restarts LAP 151!

Marco Andretti has a terrific start.

MarcoZone GO @ANDRETTI26 GO!

99forever By my count, that's exactly the second incident this year that's been Will's fault. Not at all the time for it, though.

Will Power can finish no worse than 25th - Franchitti has to finish 10th or better.

IndyRacingNut @MarcoZone Yeah, they can hear the giant sucking sound of fans changing the channel over to Nickelodeon to watch iCarly....LOL

TheEDJE @IndyRacingNut - You must have kids, grandkids, or are ... very creepy!

YELLOW Flag - LAP 187

FollowAndretti RT @IndyCarNation Yellow for debris in turn 2, pits are closed

Newman_Haas Graham said yellow is from Viso and Briscoe making contact

shagers See that NASCAR, when Indycar have yellow for Debris, they actually SHOW you the debris.

TheEDJE Fuel strategy is all over the map - but Dario is still rolling along at 8th position and only 5 points ahead of Will Power

GREEN!, GREEN!, GREEN! - 2010 IndyCar Series Final At Cafes do Brasil Indy 300 Restarts LAP 172!

Castroneves takes the lead - three wide with Dixon ans Kanaan

MyNameIsIRL Who needs more yellows when you can't conduct a simple restart? *facepalm*

TheEDJE YELLOW Flag - Milka Duno looking for sponsorship time - Fuel Strategy back on track

PCaporali Hmm... well didn't see that coming.... Dario saw his race flash before his eyes!

99forever Milka. That's the capper, right there. Hands up, everyone who's glad we're not finishing here next year.

Fieldof33 @99forever You're not enjoying this race?

99forever @Fieldof33 I am, but there's a lot that's bizarre and annoying. A lot isn't the track's fault, but I just think Homestead has a yucky vibe.

GREEN!, GREEN!, GREEN! - 2010 IndyCar Series Final At Cafes do Brasil Indy 300 Restarts LAP 180, 20 to go!

IndyCarNation Lap 180/200: #9, #11, #7, #3, #4, #14, #26, #6, #10, #02, #77, #20, #37, #34, #5, #36, #2, #19, #8, #22 are top 20

SBPopOffValve Security Chief Charles keeps Ashley from heading to infield care center to dance angrily at Milka for nearly taking Dario out. #couldhappen

MyNameIsIRL Umm, Franchitti is in 9th. He needs to finish 10th or better. DRAMA!!!!

kvracing Sato moved to P13 on restart

Newman_Haas RT @FirestoneRacing: #indycar @HomesteadMiami: Franchitti is last car on lead lap in 9th place. He only needs to (cont) http://tl.gd/6abn7n

MarcoZone just me or was Danistar doing a little "wiggle" to keep Helio behind her?

kvracing 10 laps remain, Sato is 14th, Viso 19th. Dixon leads Kanaan then Patrick. Franchitti 8th

MarcoZone WHY OH WHY can't TK & Danica just work together so SOMEONE beats a red car?!?!?

SBPopOffValve Danica: "That's it! I'm going to NASCAR where they don't race you as hard!" #couldhappen

MyNameIsIRL Kanaan is throwing a mondo block party on his, err, teammate Danica. Not feeling the love.

WHITE Flag - Dixon, TK, Patrick, with Franchitti tagging along in 8th

Dario Takes The Checkered Flag - 5 points ahead of Will Power - Marino, Dario's brother won his championship in the ALMS at the Le Petit Grand Prix

indy44 Dario Champion P1 Dixon P2 Danica P3 TK P4 Briscoe P5 Helio P6 Vitor P7 Marco P8 Dario P9 Wheldon P10 Rahal P11 RHR P12 Lloyd P13 Ed

MyNameIsIRL Dixon wins the race and Dario does the donuts

MarcoZone TK looks PISSED!

CrashGladys Uh oh... Helio is yelling at Danica! Eek!! #indycar

MyNameIsIRL Hold the phone - Helio is coming over to do a little finger pointing at Danica. No grabbing of the clothing or throwing of equipment though.

IndyCarNation Dario Franchitti is your 2010 IZOD IndyCar Series Overall and Oval Champion! Congrats to Dario and Target Chip Ganassi Racing!

racintoday Franchitti, Ganassi Win IndyCar Championship http://bit.ly/9rmHTi #indycar

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