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Tony George Ousted, Has One Less Job In Motorsports - UPDATED

Tony George, Vision Racing Team Owner/President of the IRL along pitlane during qualifications for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach last month. Tony George has one less major task in the world of Motorsports to worry about after being ousted from the management of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I wonder if he will retain his golf membership? Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2009)

Tony George Ousted, Has One Less Job In Motorsports - UPDATED (at bottom)

Probably one of the most compelling figures in all of Motorsports ... certainly, in the annuals of North America open-wheel racing, Tony George has been ousted from the management of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Robin Miller writing for SPEED TV cites that a source close to the situation confirmed that the 49-year-old grandson of Tony Hulman would no longer be CEO of the Speedway after a vote of the IMS board of directors which includes mother Mari, sisters Josie, Nancy and Kathy, attorney Jack Snyder and George.

This excerpted and edited from -

INDYCAR: Tony George Ousted From IMS
Written by: Robin Miller - 05/27/2009

The controversial, ground-breaking, tumultuous 20-year reign of Tony George at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is over. has learned George was voted out of power in a Tuesday night board meeting in Indianapolis.
Calls to Snyder and Fred Nation, IMS vice president of communications, were not returned and George did not respond to an email.

George, who started the Indy Racing League in 1996, will continue as CEO of the IndyCar series and is expected to take more of a hands-on role after Tuesday's developments at the Speedway.

It had been rumored for several years that his sisters were concerned with the amount of money George had spent on keeping the IRL afloat and changing the look of the Speedway.

It's estimated that between paying purses, supplying cars, engines and parts for other teams, hiring high powered public relations firms and starting his own IRL team, plus remaking Indy to accomodate Formula One, the IRL founder has spent more than $600 million during the past 13 years.

And his siblings were reportedly concerned about running out of money.
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Many who lived through the split ... then the merger of open-wheel racing in North America were willing to bury the hatchet, but we had no idea this was where we would find the hatchet buried ... in the end.


Both Tony George & Mari Hulman-George Deny Reports
... after earlier reports that Tony George had been ousted by the board of directors of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway -

Tony George denies the reports saying:

"I am still CEO and still president of Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation, Hulman and Company and CEO of the Indy Racing League" -Tony George

Mari Hulman-George denies the reports saying:

"There haven't been any changes. We just discussed things like we usually do and how to make things better." -Mari Hulman-George

Quotes courtesy of WTHR
(ht: 16thAndGeorgetown)

I guess the buried hatchet has been pulled out, wound patched, and the hatchet will be placed in an undisclosed and secure location. As for Tony and his T-Times at the golf course, he will be able to get on anytime he wants! ... stay tuned.

Final UPDATE on the Tony George "Ouster" story first broke by famed and revered Motor Press reporter Robin Miller.

Tony George is still the CEO of Indianapolis Motor Speedway! Further, he still retains ownership of the IRL team, Vision Racing, and he is still the President and CEO of the Indy Racing League (the last two positions were never in doubt).

Most everyone in this community respect Robin Miller but it appears that he was sucked into a family feud over the management of the famed racing venue, Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

I guess we have to say that Tony George's one less job in motorsports is that he never has to take Robin Miller seriously (or grant him special access to any of the properties he controls) ... anymore.

IMS Statement Here>>

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maybe robin miller was having a dream, but i am willing to wait for the official announcement, later this afternoon......but the common theme, he spent more than paris hilton at a buy one get one free sale at cartier, and the family might be trying to pull in the reigns a little bit