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Book Review: Think Fast - The Racer's Why-To Guide to Winning

Book Cover - Think Fast author Neil Roberts offers engineering for racers through ThinkFast Engineering. Image Credit:

Book Review: Think Fast - The Racer's Why-To Guide to Winning

Think Fast - The Racer's Why-To Guide to Winning, was written by one of the forces behind the successes at Swift Engineering, Neil Roberts.  Think Fast was first published by the author in 2010, with the most recent edition published June 5, 2012 which can be purchased directly from the author (ISBN 1451558759; MSRP $30;

Think Fast is a collection of Neil Roberts' insights, as a winning SCCA open wheel racer, professional race team engineer (CART) and aerospace engineer. Roberts explores decision-making and time management issues involved with creating and managing a winning racing effort.

The author addresses four major topical areas in this book -- driving skills, the mental game, automobile tuning, and engineering.  Chapters include helpful illustrations and graphs that communicate very effectively.

Included are tips on autocross & track driving, race car set-ups, engineering dos & don'ts, and race team management; however,  this "why-to" softcover could be an inspirational how-to guide for any process-oriented business effort or an individual exploring promising routes to a directed, successful life.

Sections of Think Fast may appear to target engineering-minded race car developers who expect to drive, but they are finessed to allow the non-technical reader to easily understand the dynamic forces involved with each of the automobile subsystems discussed.

I was enlightened by the author's concepts on becoming a winning thinker, person, team member, and controller of one's own destiny.  Neil Roberts effectively communicated nuggets of information he gleaned over a multi-faceted career in competition combined with humor and personal situational anecdotes.

Some of the more compelling and/or enjoyable concepts covered in Think Fast are:

-- "If you are looking for an employee who will get the job done on time every time, who will take full responsibility and pride in the results that he or she produces, and who considers exceeding your expectations to be standard practice, HIRE A RACER."

-- Under Right Of Way - "The car in front of you owns the entire width of the track , even if you are along side, and even if you are about to lap that car. The car in front of you has the right to use any and all of the track, the curbs, and the grass, so any contact is your fault. The instant that the nose of your car edges ahead of the nose of the other car by one micron, the roles reverse. Now you own the entire width of the track, and you can drive anywhere you want."

-- "If your car starts to feel like a faithful servant, you are not driving it hard enough."

-- "There is an easy way to tell whether or not a race car part is too heavy. I you let go of it and it falls down, it's too heavy."

-- "It is just as easy to calculate laps per pound as it is miles per gallon."

-- "The voice of reason has a very hard time competing with the volume of nonsense in the paddock."

-- "Never carry anything around in your head that you can carry around in your trunk."

-- "Despite the title of this book, "Think Slowly" is much better advise when it comes to making handling changes. It takes some effort to take the time to stop, sit down, close your eyes, and think it [the problem] through carefully before you make any race car development decisions."

--  “It takes some effort to separate your ego from the value that your idea offers. People should be treated with respect. Ideas should be beaten to within an inch of their lives. The good ones survive by demonstrating real added value to the program."

-- "Everyone reports to someone, and the boss reports to the customers. If the boss forgets that, disaster is guaranteed."

-- "Given the colossal effort that is required to finish first, it should be completely obvious that victory is earned, not won. Victory is the goal that we all strive for, but it's only one result of many other things that must be earned on the way there."

Neil Roberts knows how to communicate ideas through the written word. If this were just another book written by an engineer, for engineers, watching paint dry might be a better choice of pursuit than Roberts' Think Fast -The Racer's Why-To Guide To Winning. This book is recommended reading for anyone focused on improving their understanding of making cars fast, and on a much larger level, honing one's process-oriented thinking for other, more important tasks encountered through a life lived well.

… notes from The EDJE

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GoPro INDY Grand Prix Tweet-By-Tweet (LIVE)

Penske Racing’s Helio Castroneves holds a fan Q&A at the Winner’s Circle stage during pre-race activities here at the GoPro INDY Grand Prix of Sonoma. Image Credit: Lauren Bohlander via Twitter @LaurenBohlander

GoPro INDY Grand Prix Tweet-By-Tweet (LIVE)

A lot has changed with the IndyCar Series event at Sonoma raceway: new cars, new engine manufacturers, new track layout, new race sponsor, new race distance … but please do not these facts cloud your impression of familiarity.

Penske Racing and Penske affiliates fill the first two rows of the grid on the track here at Sears Point north of San Francisco. Penske Racing’s Will Power (P1- IICS Season Points) captured pole and he will line up next to teammate Ryan Briscoe followed by Jay Penske’s Dragon Racing’s Sébastien Bourdais, Penske Racing’s Helio Castroneves (P3 – IICS Season Points), and Target Chip Ganassi’s Scott Dixon (P4 – IICS Season Points). Andretti Autosport’s Ryan Hunter-Reay (P2 – IICS Season Points) will start from the seventh position on the grid.

View slideshow: GoPro INDY Grand Prix of Sonoma tweet-by-tweet

The following live entries will be a combination of Tweets from Twitter and comments from the author … welcome to the 13th race of this 15 race IZOD IndyCar Series 2012 season -

Amy @OpenWheelMom
Race Day! Race Day! Race Day! #GoProGP #IndyCar

Bash Beard @SpeedFreakBash
It’s rollout time at @RaceSonoma. The #IndyCar machines and gear are heading to the pits, and the masses are heading to the prerace stage.

Fox Sports 1230 WMML @WMML1230
#IndyCar Racing will air live starting approximately 4:05PM here on FOX Sports Radio 1230.

BRANDed Management @BRANDed
Tune-in for today’s @IndyCar @GoPro race @RaceSonoma. Race at 4pm EDT on @NBCSN #GoProGP #IndyCar

Saturday notebook from #GoProGP – #IndyCar #PirelliWC

Right now we have the Patriots Airshow … a private jet team that emulates what the Thunderbirds or the Blue Angles do. Pretty cool stuff. The crowd seems light with only about an hour before the Green Flag drops

IMS Productions @IMSProductions
Our followers are awesome! Who out there is ready for the #IndyCar #GoProGP @RaceSonoma?? Let’s hear your predictions!!

Will Power, Will Power, Will Power, Will Power, Will Power, Will Power, Will Power, Will Power …

jErEM!@H 15k™ @pistons15
#32 Kendall Hunter in a #49ers #IndyCar

Carl Carson @indyhockey77
@12WillPower is going to put on a clinic at Sonoma! #GoProGP #IndyCar2012

Patrick @TwinCheckers
I pick @tagliani @BHA to win #GoProGP!!! #TeamPositivity

Ryan @mad_mahler
I’ll second that one RT @TOMotorsports: Good-luck to @tagliani and @Hinchtown in today’s @IndyCar #GoProGP

Timothy Weyand @RockChef2
Just saw a T-shirt for sale that said To dumb for opera, to smart for NASCAR. I’m offended and amused! #RaceSonoma #IndyCar

Stacie St. John @Indybrat13
Time to scream my head off. #GoProGP @IndyCar @RaceSonoma

Ash (アシュー) @racingAsh
Yes! It’s almost race time at @RaceSonoma. Broadcast just started on @NBCSN. #GoProGP #IndyCar

IZOD IndyCar Series @IndyCar
Driver intros about to start!! #GoProGP #indycar2012

Megan K Bickel @megankbickel
#GoProGP time!! Love race days! #IndyCar

F1 Fanatic @f1fanatic_co_uk
Just three races left in the #IndyCar season and there’s a very close four-way title fight:

Josh Kelly @bigpapaj2384
I hope @12WillPower blows a motor in the first 10 laps!! Power sucks. #IndyCar

Peter Leung @BaronVonClutch
RT @TylerClary: Thanks for the two-seater ride @ariejr! #IndyCar

Rhett Umphress @rhettumphress
Since 2010, pole sitter Will Power has led 144 of 150 laps with two wins at Sonoma #IndyCar

IndyCar al día @indycaraldiaweb
Resultados de Ryan Hunter-Reay en Sonoma (desde 2007): 18, 18, 19, 8, 10 #IndyCar
In English? … This speaks for itself

IZOD IndyCar Series @IndyCar
Points leader @12WillPower ! #GoProGP #indycar2012

Leonardo Guina @LeoGuina
A IndyCar fez 7 races em Sonoma, Tony Kanaan venceu a primeira (2007), Helinho venceu em 08′ Power venceu 10′ e 11′ e larga da Pole #IndyCar

I agree with Helio – the most prized possession of any racer would certainly be a #DWTS trophy. #IndyCar #GoProGP

Pastor George Luther @PastorG16
Heavenly Father please keep the Drivers, crews & fans safe-We ask this in Christ’s name, Amen #indycar2012 @FollowAndretti @IndyCar #GoProGP

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity … Let’s Go Racin’ … OOPS! wrong series, no fenders

El auto del pole position está listo para la carrera. Caption and Image Credit: Bruno Tarulli via Twitter @BrunoTarulli34

GoPro® @GoPro
And they’re off! Big ups to @XGames Gold Medalist @stevemccann for waving the green flag to get us started. #GoProGP

Indy Racing Review @INDYracereview
Drivers to your cars! #GoProIndy #IndyCar

Diana Pol @DianaPol1
#indycar Sonoma live straks op RTL 7 :-)

Courtney Boggs @CourtneyBoggs_
Wouldn’t be race day without a fly over… #GoProGP @JMIteam

The command – Mayor Kevin Johnson – Ladies and Gentlemen … START YOUR ENGINES

Michael Duning @MikeDuning
Looking forward to this @IndyCar race at Sonoma #GoProGP — My race winner pick: @scottdixon9

GREEN, GREEN, GREEN … The GoPro INDY Grand Prix of Sonoma race begins

F1 Fanatic Live @f1fanaticlive
Tagliani picks off Pagenaud and Hunter-Reay but Dixon is tipped into a spin at the first hairpin. #IndyCar

Kev @ElusiveKev
Nice and racy early on. Nice dirt kicking up from Tags. #IndyCar #GoProGP

Helio Castroneves is issued a drive through penalty for avoidable contact

LAP3 of 85 – TAKU is off track in the dirt – local YELLOW

T.S. Clayton @TSClayton9919
Sato’s off course? You don’t say. #GoProGP #indycar #indycar2012

SeaBass is still in P3 – All the cars in the field are tracking single file

LAP 6 of 85 – Will Power currently has a near 2 second lead on the field – Dixon P14, Castroneves P21
TAGS up to P5 from P8 … TK is the biggest mover … up to P10 from P16

LAP 10 of 85 – Rubens Barrichello up from P11 to P7

Mr. Lehr @SLehr81
Power leads by 3.5 secs #Indycar

KV Racing Technology @kvracing
11 laps completed, Barrichello P7, Kanaan P10 and Viso P13 #GoProGP #indycar2012

Andrew J. Dixon @thereal_NOX
Looked more like blocking by @scottdixon9 than unavoidable contact by @h3lio. #goprogp

Mandy Valentine @Indy_Mode
Agreed! #IndyCar #GoProGP RT @rkid84: “@kylelewis1: I can’t wait until Simona doesn’t have a lotus.” hear hear

LAP 15 of 85 – TAKU is out of the race – Scott Dixon comes in to pit road … sticker REDS – spins a little on cold tires

Helio in the pits with the same strategy as Dixon

Curt Cavin @curtcavin
Should there be a caution soon, Dixon and Helio would be 1-2. #IndyCar

Shane Rogers @upshifted
If you’re mid pack and further back with pace, now is the time to pit. And hope for a pits closed yellow. #indycar #GoProGP

木代 峰雄 @kishiro26
#INDYCAR 佐藤琢磨 コースアウトしたら エンジントラブルで リタイア 残念です。 早起きして観てたのにねぇ……φ(..) #gaora #indyjp #takumasato

Steve Wittich @stevewittich
Is affecting your enjoyment of watching? NOT MINE!!!!!!! @pressdog: @andhesonit crowd numbers are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. #IndyCar #GoProGP

IZOD IndyCar Series @IndyCar
Cars are starting to take their first pits. Saavedra, Kimball and Hinchcliffe among them. #GoProGP #indycar2012

Ash (アシュー) @racingAsh
Oh boy. Lap traffic for Power. #GoProGP #IndyCar

This is lapped traffic with cold tires … very tricky – PITS

Power in and Power out on scuffed REDS – comes out with RHR giving him blending problems

Simon Pagenaud inherits the lead on the pit stop cycles

LAP 20 of 85 - WOW Bourdais and Andretti are dicing strong before and after turn #7

RHR is in the lead now with the pit stop cycles – gets ready to pit – cycle complete for first pit stops of the race

Indy Racing Review @INDYracereview
22 laps completed top 3: @12WillPower @Ryan_Briscoe @BourdaisOnTrack #GoProGP #indycar

Top 10 in the order – Power, Briscoe, Bourdais, Franchitti (closing), TAGS, RHR, Dixon (up from P14), Barrichello, Kanaan, and Pagenaud

BradyWestdyke @BWESTDYKE
63 laps to go at @RaceSonoma #indycar #indycar2012 #GoProGP

Race with Insulin @racewithinsulin
Moving up the field nicely… Currently 18th on lap 23 of 85. #IndyCar #GoProGP -PLR

Albert MacKrell @AMacKrell
Brilliant move by Scott Dixon to stop early and then drive the wheels off the car. #GoProGP #indycar2012

Announcers are talking “NO CAUTIONS” and and saying that this may bring one except that they have been talking this way for the last three races

LAP 25 of 85 – Power has a 4.5 second lead on Briscoe
Great dicing going on between Franchitti and Bourdais for SeaBass’ P3 in Carosel and up to turn #7

Anne Proffit @AnneProffit
@12WillPower taking 26 Indy cars to class #goprogp #indycar2012

Ash (アシュー) @racingAsh
Nice. @RyanHunterReay @FollowAndretti into the 1:19s on Lap 24, joining Dixon, Power & Briscoe w/ best laps under 1:20. #GoProGP #IndyCar

LAP 30 of 85 – This is Will Power’s 100th race in IndyCar and it shows … looking for Pole, Most laps and, of course, the win

Indy Racing Review @INDYracereview
Through the field 1-5: @12WillPower @Ryan_Briscoe @BourdaisOnTrack @dariofranchitti @tagliani #GoProGP #IndyCar

Giu Canbera @Giu_Canbera
BORING RACE at @RaceSonoma @IndyCar #GoProGP . Laguna Seca >> Infineon ..blehhh

Mr. Lehr @SLehr81
32 laps. 0 cautions. Yawn! #IndyCar

Gregory D. Howe @wood_brothers21
I wouldn’t think there would be any shops within the paddock, not that there would be anyone in there now. #IndyCar

E.M.H @elmondohummus
So close to a blog shoutout: Marco with #MoreFrontWing… alas, they said something else. :( #indycar

LAP 35 of 85 – This “Through The Field” segment is about the only thing the announcers can do to keep interest in another NON-YELLOW race

5.5 seconds is the lead that Will Power has over P2 Ryan Briscoe

Michael Williamson @michaelw2000
No penalty for Servia. Hinchcliffe on pit road. #IndyCar #GoProGP

IZOD IndyCar Series @IndyCar
Car No. 27 of Hinchcliffe sitting in the pits. #GoProGP #indycar2012
Hinchtown is out of the car – his day is over – oil line knocked off when Servia spun Hinch around on turn 11

Woodsie @WoodsiesGarage
Hinchcliffe now officially out of the race as we’re a few laps from halfway. Helio makes a stop in the meantime. Lead now 6.93s #IndyCar

David Williams @DaveWilliamsVMM
Drive Through for Sebastián Saavedra #GoProGP #IndyCar

Speeding in pit lane for Sebastián Saavedra

BradyWestdyke @BWESTDYKE
45 laps to go. #IndyCar2012 #GoProGP #IndyCar

Pit stops are beginning with Will Power 5.8 seconds over Ryan Briscoe

Long pit stop for Marco – Briscoe in for pits – RHR has lead – RHR out in the middle of race between Dixon and Bourdais

Ash (アシュー) @racingAsh
WOW! Dixon & RHR! #GoProGP #IndyCar

Michael Williamson @michaelw2000
Dixon is all over the track and damaged his wing hitting Hunter-Reay! #GoProGP #IndyCar

Wing initially damaged with mix up with Graham Rahal … fails with mix up on RHR

LAP 45 of 85 – Top 10 are Power, Briscoe, Bourdais, RHR, Franchitti, Dixon, TAGS, Barichello, Pagenaud, and Rahal

The folks that complain they are bored with this race are NOT watching the action through out the field … or listening to a feed without announcers with passion

209 consecutive GREEN Flag laps t\from Toronto ’till now – Marco Andretti’s car gives up the chase

Dan Brown @19danbrown
I still maintain that the 360-degree on board cameras used in #IndyCar should be used for all open-wheel racing on tv #F1

LAP 50 of 85 – Ruling on Marco – will not get a penalty for engine change by pulling in early … otherwise he would have stayed out until it blew up spreading oil all over their track – Dixon is all out of Push-To-Pass

T.S. Clayton @TSClayton9919
Damn, this @NBCSports crew is so much better than that horrible ABC garbage. #GoProGP #AlwaysBadCoverage

Cooper W @Cynon44
Marco Andretti intentionally blowing the engine so he doesn’t have to take a penalty for the next race. Sneaky. #LoopholeInTheRules #IndyCar

17 cars on the lead lap with Will Power ahead of Ryan Briscoe by 7.45 seconds – Power is walking away with this bad boy

Matt Henderson @MHenderson17
Carcass is a funny word… RT @johncobb40: Is #IndyCar ever going to throw a caution for that tire carcass?

LAP 55 of 85 – Dixon is dropping down the field … now P8

Lap 57/85 @dariofranchitti p5 @scottdixon9 p8 and scheduled to pit in three laps @RaceSonoma #indycar2012

Dixon pit in – Will Power gets 2 points for leading the most laps of this race … CHECK, two down and one to go

Drive through penalty on Car #9 – runs over a hose and ends up having one of his worst days

Race with Insulin @racewithinsulin
Moved up another spot, to P11. Mitch: “Good job, you can catch Kanaan, or we’ll get him in the pits.” #IndyCar #GoProGP -PLR

Kev @ElusiveKev
You would have thought Dixon had encountered a black cat instead of a air hose with his race today. #IndyCar #GoProGP

Tyler Clary interviewed by Robin Miller and messes up the type of stroke the Olympic Gold medal is for

Tony DiZinno @tonydizinno
Robin and breast stroke… make your own joke from there. Gotta love him. #GoProGP

dominetta vitali @dominovitali
#IndyCar commentator: “race car drivers don’t work hard, and chase women.” really? :P #IndyCar2012 #GoProGP

Ross Bynum @therossbynum
Someone throw one of Ashley Judd’s ugly, floppy, gigantic hats on the track. I guarantee it’ll bring out a caution. #IndyCar #GoProGP

Christopher Estrada @estradawriting
RHR hits the pits on Lap 62. Was running 4th. #IndyCar #GoProGP

Big accident while Will Power happened to be in the pits – benefits from Newgarden and Sebastien Bourdais colliding between turns 8 and 9 – Bourdais loses control after dice after turn 7

LAP 65 of 85 – Will Power was held up on pit road giving the lead to Ryan Briscoe on lap traffic

YELLOW Flag – on LAP 66 – Top 5 Briscoe, Power, RHR, Franchitti, and TAGS – This may be a long YELLOW Flag due to tire barrier getting wiped out – Smart driving by Briscoe – Helio Castroneves has moved up to P9 after being dropped by penalty back to P25

LAP70 of 85 – 220 consecutive laps under GREEN Flag before this full course caution – Everyone to the refrigerators – P2P has been instrumental and Ryan Briscoe has a bunch more P2P left than Will Power

Will Power on the radio: you guys in the pits need a push-to-hurry-the-hell-up button. #IndyCar #GoProGP

TJ @Tjamily
The older & wiser I get & the more indycar the more I realize that sadly indycar officials just don’t get how to run a good series. #indycar

Mark Johnson @MarkJ19960
Big crash @RaceSonoma with 19 laps to go. @RyanHunterReay is now P3. #IndyCar…

LAP 72 of 85 – Field reset with the drive through order go out with cars one lap down – RHR in P3 … Dario and TAGS are going to be pushing RHR very hard – Penske being interviewed and he says he will not entertain any team orders … Will Power ought to make a deal

LAP 74 – GREEN Flag Restart – RHR was push/touching the rear of Briscoe’s car – get through turn 2 fine

YELLOW Flag – TAGS goes in too deep and taps RHR, spins him and his car stalls – RHR stalls car dumping the clutch

TAGS will receive a drive through penalty for avoidable contact/aggressive driving into the corner

Feaux Barfield @FeauxBarfield
Whoever is in charge of packing Tagliani’s chutes needs to go visit one of the #NHRA neighbors in Brownsville #GoProGP #IndyCar @RaceSonoma

LAP 76 – GREEN Flag Restart – pretty clean – EJ Viso spins around on Turn 7 – RHR touches and spins
Viso – Drive Through penalyr for RHR

IndyCar al día @indycaraldiaweb
#IndyCar Briscoe sigue adelante… Power quiere el primer lugar.

Ru Barrichello 2012 @Barrichello2012
“@kvracing: Back to green, 8 laps remain, Barrichello P4, Kanaan P9 and Viso P15 #GoProGP”

j.bear @jbananafish
Bringing an #IndyCar virgin to #GoProGP. One of my best moves to date. #PoppedThatCherry

LAP 80 of 85 – Top ten are Briscoe, Power, Franchitti, Barrichello, Rahal, Castroneves, Pagenaud, Hildebrand, Kanaan, and Wilson

Steph@MoreFrontWing @99forever
Feels a bit now like avoidable contact has just become the default for a soon in that corner… #goprogp

Eric Smith @Ericsportsguru… article about @Ryan_Briscoe on Friday. Correct prediction. @RaceSonoma #GoProGP

Indy Racing Review @INDYracereview
2 laps to go! #IndyCar #GoProGP

Mac McCormick III @KF4LMT
Yes RT @tonydizinno Anyone else want to see @rubarrichello on the podium if Will/Dario channel some 2011 moments? #GoProGP #IndyCar

Adrià Keselowski ;D @aridxon
White flag for Briscoe! #IndyCar

Team Chevy @TeamChevy
Congrats @Ryan_Briscoe & @penskeracing taking the #GoProGP win at @RaceSonoma! #TeamChevyProud #indycar2012

NOTE: Chevrolet clinched the Manufacturers’ Championship as Ryan Briscoe won the GoPro Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma. Chevrolet supplied 15 of 27 engines to the starters in the 85-lap race on the 2.385-mile, 12-turn road course. It has won nine of the 13 IZOD IndyCar Series races.

“We congratulate Chevrolet on clinching the 2012 Manufacturers’ Championship,” said Randy Bernard, CEO, INDYCAR. “In a year that saw the debut of a new car, the return of engine competition and some of the fiercest racing this sport has seen in decades, our hats are off to Chevrolet, its teams and drivers on a job well done.”
[Reference Here]

Panther Racing @PantherRacing
Checkered flag!! @JRHildebrand finishes 8th!! #indycar2012 #goprogp

Chris D @chrisd1974
great #indycar race #sonoma @gahdengremlins

Checkered flag @dariofranchitti p3 @scottdixon9 p13 @RaceSonoma #indycar2012

Ross Bynum @therossbynum
Yay! Briscoe wins! @RB_Mrs is a good luck charm! #IndyCar #GoProGP

Tom Bradley @brndout35
Checkered flag! @Ryan_Briscoe wins the #GoProGP of Sonoma! #indycar2012 -- IZOD IndyCar Series (@IndyCar)

Melissa McDonald @MelissaM88
WINNER: Ryan Briscoe! @RaceSonoma #IndyCar #GoProGP

Lewis Dalgarno @lewisdalgarno
I'm guessing Ryan Briscoe will tell us all his radio broke #indycar

IMS Productions @IMSProductions
Congratulations to @Ryan_Briscoe on his win at the #IndyCar #GoProGP of @RaceSonoma!!!

Bobbi S @Sportschickca
@Ryan_Briscoe will win a penalty riddled #Sonoma ....@12WillPower and Franchitti will complete podium. Congrats guys!! #IndyCar

Ricardo Cardoso @ricardo_engsoft
E Ryan Briscoe vence a #IndyCar2012 #GoProGP #SonomaGP

Indy Racing Review @INDYracereview
Congrats to @Ryan_Briscoe on his win #IndyCar #GoProGP

Peter Leung @BaronVonClutch
It's a @penskeracing 1-2! @Ryan_Briscoe Wins the 2012 #GoProGP at @RaceSonoma! #IndyCar

Michael Williamson @michaelw2000
Ryan Briscoe wins the #IndyCar #GoProGP @RaceSonoma @GoPro @IndyCar Power comes in 2nd and Franchitti in 3rd!

Karl Barth @KarlBarthJr
Yeah!!! Congrats @Ryan_Briscoe & @RB_Mrs on the win!!!! #indycar

nascarcasm @nascarcasm
@RB_Mrs And NOW you can relax! Congratulations! #IndyCar

SSR IndyCar Team @SandSRacing
Congratulations @Ryan_Briscoe, @penskeracing & @TeamChevy on Winning the #GoProGP @RaceSonoma!! #TeamChevyProud #IndyCar2012

Wendy @wendyphil413
Great race by @Ryan_Briscoe!!! Winner at Sonoma! #IndyCar

anthony rock @trock48j
@RB_Mrs Your man did a great job avoiding things today, not much different from Bristol at the end! #IndyCar

View slideshow: GoPro INDY Grand Prix of Sonoma tweet-by-tweet

Official Results - GoPro Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma

Official - Results Pos. - Driver - Laps - Running / Reason Out

1     Ryan Briscoe     85     Running
2     Will Power     85     Running
3     Dario Franchitti     85     Running
4     Rubens Barrichello     85     Running
5     Graham Rahal     85     Running
6     Helio Castroneves     85     Running
7     Simon Pagenaud     85     Running
8     JR Hildebrand     85     Running
9     Alex Tagliani     85     Running
10     Tony Kanaan     84     Running
11     Justin Wilson     84     Running
12     James Jakes     84     Running
13     Scott Dixon     84     Running
14     Mike Conway     84     Running
15     Sebastian Saavedra     84     Running
16     EJ Viso     84     Running
17     Simona de Silvestro     84     Running
18     Ryan Hunter-Reay     84     Running
19     Oriol Servia     84     Running
20     Ed Carpenter     84     Running
21     Charlie Kimball     82     Running
22     Sebastien Bourdais     63     Contact
23     Josef Newgarden     62     Contact
24     Katherine Legge     48     Mechanical
25     Marco Andretti     45     Mechanical
26     James Hinchcliffe     34     Mechanical
27     Takuma Sato     2     Mechanical

… notes from The EDJE

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Auto Club Speedway Hosted Q And A With Dario Franchitti Of Target Chip Ganassi Racing

Target Chip Ganassi Racing drivers Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti unveiled culinary creations that will be available for purchase at the Drivers Cuisine Cantina during the MAVTV 500 INDYCAR World Championships at Auto Club Speedway. Image Credit: IZOD IndyCar Series  

Auto Club Speedway Hosted Q And A With Dario Franchitti Of Target Chip Ganassi Racing

We are joined by four-time IZOD IndyCar Series Champion Dario Franchitti, who drives for Target Chip Ganassi Racing. After winning the IZOD IndyCar Series Championship three years in a row, posting a season leading five pole positions in 12 races of a 15 race season (second is Will Power with three), winning the Indy500, and needing one more win to become the exclusive seventh all-time winningest driver in American open-wheel racing history here during the first season of the DW12 formula chassis. Let me intorduce myself, I'm Edmund Jenks (please call me Ed), and welcome to Motorsports Unplugged.

Hello, Ed.

There have been a few changes this season in American open-wheel racing, probably more changes than most seasons, what with the chassis, additional engine suppliers, a new director at Race Control and the rules that govern on-track relationships between drivers, technology nuances like push-to-pass and its many applications ... and finally, rules that govern the supply and performance of the new turbo-charged engines.

Question #1a - How has the change in attitude and management styles at Race Control - this includes Beaux Barfield and the entire staff - affected your approach and preparation to races this year? What one thing or area of race management stands out in your mind?

I don't think anything has really changed with the race management, it's just not any different, really. Ummm, definitely, the last group under Brian Barnhart did a good job and Beaux's continued that, Ummm so I haven't looked like a difference there ... as you have mentioned, Ed, everything is different though, with the new cars, the DW12, the engine suppliers, the engine war between Honda and Chevy going on its really been a whole fresh start for the IndyCar Series and, its not that there have not been teething problems but has brought some great racing.

Question #1b
- Yeah, it really been amazing the way, I guess, the cars have been able to mix it up over the old formula, although you did kinda' clip the wing in this last race (at Mid Ohio). In general the chassis seems very strong.

I hope that the chassis is strong, definately with the side-to-side contact and the design of the car now with the body work its eliminated some issues, Ummm trust me, the car is far from perfect, there's some issues with the suspension that when we put on the brakes that we definitely like to sort out but that cut in the wing at Mid Ohio was totally my fault and nothing to do with it (the suspension), the new design, just me makin' a mistake in judgement. 

So, otherwise though, I think its performed quite well, obviously love some more horsepower from the engines if the series would allow us run more with something ... but the Honda has done a great job at gettin' some good horsepower that was fixed this year.

Question #2 - In this late season section of races, we have seen the implementation of Push-to-Pass - we have also seen its implementation take on a few technology wrinkles like 100 seconds to be used whenever as opposed to 10 second spurts - and a delay added to the reaction time when the button is pushed. Most people I talk with are confused, do you have an understanding of this tool and what would be your recommendation on how it might be used ... if at all.

I think there's a bit of a plus on that - I think the push-to-pass is a good thing, but at the same point that if both cars are on the push-to-pass, or on the overtaking, if you want to call it that, then it negates the whole thing, so we have to do something to change that, but we have to be careful not to be too gimmicky I would say. With the five second delay that is attached to it? - that when you press it you have to wait five seconds to activate, you ... it will only activates when you go full throttle ... we get some teething problems with that. Ummm, we can't make it too complicated otherwise the fans will ahh won't understand, I would say, they won't understand the intricacies with it ... the casual fan, anyway, not the hardcore fan will.

They are tryin' stuff and I like the fact they are mixing up trying to improve the racein' for the fans, and umm it probably needs a little bit of work but we'll get there.

Question #3 - Your brother, Marino Franchitti, is a talented and winning driver in his own right. His latest project has him developing a new concept in a racing platform known as the DeltaWing. A little less than a week ago, word was released that the Panoz developed, Nissan-powered and supported DeltaWing joined the competition of constructors vying for the contract to supply the new 2014 Indy Lights car. What do you think of the DeltaWing? Being that it was originally developed and considered in the competition that was eventually was won by the new DW12 here in the IndyCar Series, would you have preferred driving the DeltaWing as opposed to the DW12?

It was an interesting position to be in because my boss, and Scott Dixon's boss, the boss of the Target team, Chip Ganassi ... he was the guy who put up the money to develop the DeltaWing - and ummm - when I first saw it, it was totally unbelievable, I thought this thing is not going to work. I'm really not sure about it. So when it became a project for Le Mans and Marino found out that it worked in the turns and he said it drove pretty much just like a normal car but the performance was far exceeded and umm if they really get a chance to work on that with differentials and stuff, the performance of that car with only 300 horsepower it would be really significant.

I know it was a shame that they got taken out at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, it was a real shame the way it ended there.

As far as Indy Lights, I think it would be a very interesting thing to have that as the car. The future ... would that train the future IndyCar drivers in the best possible way? I don't know.

Question #4 - How has the issues surrounding engine hours, engine changes, and the 10-spot penalty in qualifications effected your season and will it be a factor in closing out your season?

Ahh we've had a couple of engine issues. You know, the guys at Honda continue to absolutely improve the envelope - to get the most power, the best fuel consumption, and the possible improvement on a couple of issues since Iowa (the rest of the answer became inaudible).

I think I'm on my 5th engine, I have one engine to go (more break up).

Question #5 - You are tied with Sebastien Bourdais (the only other active four-time IndyCar open wheel champion) and Paul Tracy for seventh all-time winning-est drivers - besides wanting to hold this seventh position exclusively, what other goals do you have in IndyCar and are there other racing goals outside of open wheel racing that you would like to pursue?

Obviously I have great pride in all of those wins, and the three Indianapolis 500s and the four championships, I'd like to have more wins, absolutely, especially at Indianapolis. But eventually I would love to race the 24 Hours of Le Mans I really think that is a race I'd like to do.

Dario, thank you for your reflections on this 2012 season and we wish you great success in your Honda-powered DW12 at the GoPro Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma, Grand Prix of Baltimore, and the season ending MAV TV 500 mile race at Auto Club Speedway there in Fontana  - thanks for joining us here at Motorsports Unplugged.

... notes from The EDJE

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The Tale Of Two Mid Ohio's - How Will Power Secures Championship Chances

Target Chip Ganassi Racing's Scott Dixon saved fuel when he needed, kept the No. 9 Target Chip Ganassi Racing car out of harm's way and took advantage of every opportunity. And his pit crew performed admirably, too. All told, it led to Dixon winning the Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio for the fourth time in the past six years. His 29th victory tied Rick Mears for 10th all time. Image Credit: IICS (2012)  

The Tale Of Two Mid Ohio's - How Will Power Secures Championship Chances

Last Sunday showed how one's fortunes on the track can translate into championship winning drives. Every race at the end of a season carries greater significance in competitive season championship races for the simple fact that EVERY POINT COUNTS.

Last year at Mid Ohio, Will Power was on his way to try and secure his first championship after having a couple of good races on which he was able to tighen up the points differential between him and his chief rival, Dario Franchitti. But last year, one would argue, was the one race on which he lost the championship for a second time to the driver from Target Chip Ganassi Racing.

This excerpted and edited from "... notes from The EDJE" -

No Magic For Power In Round 11 Of 17 At Mid-Ohio
By Edmund Jenks - Monday, August 8, 2011

The Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio, Round 11 of 17 delivered a fatal blow to Will Power's chances at getting his first IndyCar Series (ICS) season championship. The Verizon Penske Racing Dallara driver, who was on track to get the ICS championship last year up until the final race of the season when Dario Franchitti was able to eclipse Power's season points total, was looking to climb back into the challenge at 38 points behind and a perfect track for his talents, was caught out twice in pit stop strategy by full course cautions.

"We were making great fuel mileage and we were going to go a lap or two longer than the leaders on the second stop, which would have put us in great position to challenge for the race lead in the last stint," said Power of the Lap 58 incident involving contact between the cars of Graham Rahal and Danica Patrick. "Basically, today we suffered for doing a great job of driving a smart race. We just got caught out by that last yellow flag.”

This dropped Power to P16 and allowed Target Chip Ganassi team-mates to duke it out for the win with Scott Dixon passing Dario Franchitti on a restart to eventually take the win.

It may have been doubtful if Will Power had anything for the Scott Dixon Dallara because of how well the driver and car had been hooked up all weekend long (fastest Lap - 1:09.1271 / 76), but to finish so far down in the order with a competitive car (set 2nd fastest lap late in the race - 1:09.2376 / 85), placed a stake through the heart (a loss of 24 points against Franchitti - at 62 points behind) of Will Power's chances for a ICS season championship. In fact, with the points Scott Dixon gained with his win (he is now just 29 points behind Power with six races left), Will Power may not even become a repeat "bridesmaid" (runner-up) at season's end in 2011.

[Reference Here]

This brings us to Mid Ohio 2012, Round 12 of 15, where Will Power is in contest for the championship for a third year in a row and he enters this late season road course race much as he did last year. Power was displaced by Andretti Autosport's Ryan Hunter-Reay and Penske Racing team mate Helio Castroneves by 26 points and 3 points respectively.

As Power put it just after the first practice on Friday as the weekend began, "This new DW12 Indy car feels great here - lot's more power and more downforce - you can really get after a lap. We're bloody determined to get the pole here tomorrow. I think the entire Verizon 12 Chevy Team is very happy with today and the results. The weather is going to change a lot over the next day or so. It was good to get a fast clean lap and get confidence going into tomorrow. For the rest of the year we need to win poles and win races if we are going to win the Championship, it's pretty simple. We need to run well and fast to make up ground in the points race."

The Penske team delivered the best of all results providing that Will Power did not win the race. By securing the pole position in the Firestone Fast Six on Saturday, running the most laps during the race, and finishing P2 behind last year's race winning driver, Target Chip Ganassi's Scott Dixon (who, by winning, became the 10th most successful driver in IndyCar history), Will was able to come away with the IZOD IndyCar Series Championship points lead by 5 points.

Though Power was a little unhappy settling for second, he ultimately was pleased with the result, which put him back in the points lead. “These are such tight pit boxes here and (Dixon) had a clean in. We had a tight in so some of that was me getting in,” he said the pit road exchange. “It’s hard for the fuel to get in clean because he has to step back from my front wing to swing in. Still it’s a very good points day. We’re happy to get the Verizon car on the podium. We’ll keep chasing after it, we’ll get a win here soon and keep going after that championship.” Image Credit: IICS (2012)

This excerpted and edited from Pressdog -

Welcome to Mid-Ohio. Holy confusion! We got the NBC Sports Network team calling the race but it's on ABC. Here's the deal: ABC had the time slot, but not the people to do the race what with NASCAR Nationwide in Iowa and NASCAR Cup in Pocono. NBC Sports Network had the team to do the race but not the air time since the Olympics is taking up every second of their air. So .. BANG, the two worked together.
Pursuant to Rule 15.6.1, Cars 3 and 98 penalized 10 grid spots. Pursuant to Rule, Car 3 will start on Primary Tires. (Rule says: "Within 30 minutes of the completion of final practice, an Entrant must declare via instant message system to INDYCAR which compound it intends to use at the start of the Race. Failure to comply will result in the Entrant being allocated the compound by INDYCAR.")

Chassis: D=Dallara | Engine: C=Chevy, H=Honda, L=Lotus | Tire: F=Firestone

Bob Jenkins, Jon Beekhuis and Wally Dallenbach Jr. in the booth. Pit pees are Kevin Lee, Townsend Bell and Marty Snider. Let's light this candle. 

We're ... GREEN.

Festival of Three Wide into the first few turns. Nobody get bashed! We're through cleanly. The Circus Clowns are visibly upset that they didn't get to make an appearance.

Wilson has slight contact with Barichello and goes off, but keeps it fired and whips it around and back under way. Lot of dirt-tracky sliding out there. Simona De Silvestro and her pigged out Lotus even get some love for navigating the slick-ish track well.

Lap 3 -- Servia may be toast. He's being worked on. Replay of Wilson popping into Rubens and then going ass around. One of them racing deals. JoeNew is up four positions and Conway also up four positions in the first three laps.

Kevin tells us JoeNew has never raced here before, ever, but liked the track after the first practices.

Lap 5 -- Bourdais goes to the power to pass and inhales RHR. Jon gives a viewing-enhancing explanation. The deal is, IndyCar put a five second delay on Power to Pass for this race. When a driver hits the button, the other teams won't know he's on the Power to Pass until it actually activates, at which time it will be too late for the car in front to use P2P to defend. That's the thinking, anyway. Worked like a charm for Bourdais on RHR.

Lot of overtaking in the early going, especially for Mid-Ohio. Extreme amounts of overtaking for Mid-Ohio.

Marty says RHR says something is wrong with his car and he's being inhaled. Marty says he's also in fuel saving mode. Jon said the drivers can't go full rich here because of ... wait for it ... fuel strategy. YAY!

Lap 6 -- Bourdais is on the button (Power to Pass) again and round the outside of JoeNew. CLEAR. More televised overtaking.

Lap 7 -- Wilson overtakes Viso. Wilson has driven from P24 to P18 in about five laps after his spin.

Lap 7 -- Pitting starting. Cars that are going on a three pit-stop strategy will start pitting now. Those on a two pit stop strategy will pit around lap 28. This race is going to be about comparing and contrasting the one-stoppers versus the two-stoppers.

Lap 9 -- Helio pits to ditch primary tires and go to alternates. Alternates are allegedly more grippy but don't last as long as primary tires. Replays of a pit guy almost getting his foot run over by another car coming in due to the tiny pit stalls.

Lap 10 -- Power, Dario, Pagenaud, Dixon, Bourdais, Newgarden, RHR, Marco, Briscoe, Rubens.

Lap 11 -- Kevin says Graham Rahal wants to get a deal done for 2013 in the next couple weeks. Rahal has sponsor cash and is shopping it around to teams, I guess. Not real fond of being one of the Ganassi Death Star Satellite teams, allegedly.

Lap 13 -- Viso got a drive-through penalty for speeding on pit lane. Bob says Sato got one two but the race summary says NO. No penalty listed for Sato.

Lap 15 -- Festival of lock step sets in here. Pagenaud working on Dario for P2. Marty says Dario says his front tires are shit (paraphrasing).

Justin Wilson in. Right rear tire changer has issues! Major long stop. JWill not happy. The right rear must be beeeeyotch to get on this car because we've had about five right rear tire change issues so far this year alone.

I see a Ferris Wheel in the background. Crowd driver!* (*Denotes sarcasm and/or chagrin)

Lap 18 -- Ed Carpenter is up six spots ... (all due to pit stops in front of him).

Replay of Rubens under Marco ... CLEAR. Jon says Dario is on the button! Has used 25 seconds of his 100 allotment. Bog hits us with the points-as-they-run info for the first time today. WITH ONLY THREE RACES LEF.

Lap 20 -- Power, Dario, Pagenaud, Dixon, Bourdais, Newgarden, RHR, Briscoe, Rubens, Marco.

Lap 21 -- Simona pits. Sticker blacks. Wally says a three-stopper is good strategy to keep fresher tires on the car as well, something I had not thought about. Viewing enhanced.

Power is 3.1 seconds ahead. Driving with his feet while eating a Vegemite sandwich.

More lock stepping here.

Lap 26 -- JoeNew is P6. Pits and gets primaries. Was as high as P5. The two-stoppers will start to pit now.

Power may have dialed it back because he's lost two seconds Dario.

Lap 27 -- Dario pits with Pagenaud and others. Power, Dixon and Bourdais stay out.

Lap 28 -- Power, Dixon and Bourdais pit. Power and Dixon come back out P1 and P2. Bourdais back out in P4 behind Hinch who is a three-stopper. Dario slouches to P6.

Festival of three wide as cars overtake struggling Briscoe.

Lap 32 -- TK overtakes Bourdais. Bourdais stayed out until the leaders pit and TK is a three-stopper, so TK will have to pit soon.

Three Stop vs. Two Stop has evolved into The Big Story. If it stays green the whole way, the three-stoppers are screwed.

Lap 34 -- Dixon is pressing Power. Eyebrows raised. Is power "saving fuel?" Hmmm. Both may be saving fuel. Jon said both are "racing to a fuel number." Go about your business; nothing to see her except exhibition fuel saving driving.

Lap 35 -- Power, Dixon, Bourdais, Dario, Pagenaud, Tagliani, RHR, Briscoe, JR, Newgarden.

Lap 38 -- Bourdais hanging around in third. Dario moved up to P4 when cars in front of him made pit stops.

Rahal overtakes Sato ... for P18. Briscoe and Newgarden fight for P8.

Lap 41 -- Wilson has another crap pit stop. Loses SEVEN spots in the pits.

Still no yellows. Back-to-back yellowless IndyCar races? Last happened in 1987.

Lap 44 -- Panther claims -- via Twitter -- that Briscoe is throwing a block party for JR. They have reported same to the authorities.

Lap 51 -- John raises the possibility that people lie on their radio and to the media about if they have enough fuel to make it. Nooooo. I'm SHOCKED* (*I am actually not shocked.)

Marty says RHR has no power. RHR is slowing down. Misfiring. Engine is a festival of shit. RHR is getting inhaled by everyone.

Lap 57 -- Power, Dixon, Bourdais and Dario (P1-4) all pit together. This could be the race ... Dixon out first. Dixon bests Power out. P1. P1. Second race in a row the ultimate pass for what should be the win happened on pitting. This time it was actually in the pits. Bourdais back out in P3. Replays. Dixon Fueler had a fraction of a second harder time getting in there.

Lap 57 -- Jon calls it "definitely a defining moment" of the race. True.

Lap 59 -- Dario bashes into the back of JR as he was trying to overtake. Dario swung out and hit is wing on the rear wheel guards. Will have to pit for a new nose.

Lap 60 --Dixon, Power, Bourdais, Bagenaud, Dixon, Hinch, JR, Newgarden, TK, Tag.

Lap 61 -- RHR into the gravel, gives it the dirt track slide and keeps it going. Back onto the rack. No yellow. Impressive job there.

Bourdais also did some off-roading. Actually cooked a corner and let Pagenaud under him on Lap 61.

Bell says it's easy when you are used to judging passes based on how close you are to the rear gear box to forget the wheel guard things which stick back another foot until you pull out to pass and clip them.

Replay of RHR. Tapped by Sato and went into the dirt track mode.

Lap 64 -- Marty says RHR's engine's fuel injectors are injecting too much fuel, making it misfire, etc.

Dario gets a new wing and is back out. Jay Penske gets air. JAY PENSKE. When Jay gets air you know we got some time on our hands. Next they will talk to Sarah Fisher, right before the sun freezes and drops from the sky.

Lap 73 -- Dixon is three seconds up. Will win barring air strike or horrid fuel calculations.

Kevin says Pagenaud's people are not sure if he can make it on fuel.

Lap 75 -- Dixon, Power, Pag, Bourdais, Hinch, JR, TK, Jakes, Marco, Briscoe.

Lap 76 -- RHR pits. Pull the engine cover. Can't fix it easily. Send him back out. He limps around until there's no more positions to lose then comes in and calls it a race. Jon makes a good observation that by doing that he can claim the engine issue cost him a DNF and won't have to pay a 10-grid-spot penalty to replace it because it technically blew during the race.

Lock step. Dixon told to conserve just in case.

Lap 81 -- Dixon, Power, Pag, Bourdais, Hinch, TK, Maco, Briscoe, JR, Tag.

White flag. Dixon wins. Dixon, Power, Pagenaud, Bourdais, Hinch.

Wow. Last half of that race, not stirring. Just gotta be up front with you. Wasn't putrid, by any means. There was some overtaking well back in the pack and Bourdais choked away P3, but other than that ... The race was caution free, first time IndyCar had back-to-back zero-yellow races since 1987 per IndyCar PR.

Again, pretty classic road course stuff. Fuel saving, some overtaking in the pack (amazing for Mid-Ohio), strategy (two-stop vs. three-stop). A lot of people would hold this race up as "proper road racing." Whether or not you dig that is a matter of personal choice and preference, for sure.

IZOD IndyCar Series - Honda Indy 200 - LEXINGTON, Ohio

Results Sunday of the Honda Indy 200 IZOD IndyCar Series event on the 2.258 mile Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, with order of finish, starting position in parentheses, driver, chassis-engine, laps completed and reason out (if any):

1. (4) Scott Dixon, Dallara-Honda, 85, Running
2. (1) Will Power, Dallara-Chevy, 85, Running
3. (3) Simon Pagenaud, Dallara-Honda, 85, Running
4. (6) Sebastien Bourdais, Dallara-Chevy, 85, Running
5. (15) James Hinchcliffe, Dallara-Chevy, 85, Running

6. (18) Tony Kanaan, Dallara-Chevy, 85, Running
7. (5) Ryan Briscoe, Dallara-Chevy, 85, Running
8. (8) Marco Andretti, Dallara-Chevy, 85, Running
9. (12) JR Hildebrand, Dallara-Chevy, 85, Running
10. (14) Alex Tagliani, Dallara-Honda, 85, Running

11. (21) Graham Rahal, Dallara-Honda, 85, Running
12. (9) Josef Newgarden, Dallara-Honda, 85, Running
13. (17) Takuma Sato, Dallara-Honda, 85, Running
14. (24) Giorgio Pantano, Dallara-Honda, 85, Running
15. (13) Rubens Barrichello, Dallara-Chevy, 85, Running

16. (23) Helio Castroneves, Dallara-Chevy, 85, Running
17. (2) Dario Franchitti, Dallara-Honda, 85, Running
18. (11) Justin Wilson, Dallara-Honda, 85, Running
19. (20) James Jakes, Dallara-Honda, 85, Running
20. (19) EJ Viso, Dallara-Chevy, 85, Running

21. (16) Mike Conway, Dallara-Honda, 85, Running
22. (25) Ed Carpenter, Dallara-Chevy, 84, Running
23. (22) Simona de Silvestro, Dallara-Lotus, 83, Running
24. (7) Ryan Hunter-Reay, Dallara-Chevy, 79, Mechanical
25. (10) Oriol Servia, Dallara-Chevy, 78, Running

Race Statistics

Winners average speed: 115.379

Time of Race: 01:39:48.5083

Margin of victory: 3.4619

Cautions: 0

Lead changes: 2

Lap Leaders:

Power 1 - 57

Hinchcliffe 58 - 59

Dixon 60 - 85

Point Standings: Power 379, Hunter-Reay 374 (-5), Castroneves 353 (-21), Dixon 351 (-23), Hinchcliffe 316 (-58), Pagenaud 311 (-63), Kanaan 307, Franchitti 271, Briscoe 267, Rahal 256.

Results and lap chart courtesy of IndyCar PR.

That's it for Mid-Ohio. Tune in again in three weeks for the race at Sonoma. Aug. 26 at 4:30 p.m. on NBC Sports Network.

[Reference Here]

With only three races left, two road/street courses (Sonoma and Baltimore) and one super speedway oval (Fontana) will this be Will Power's year? As Will said himself at Mid Ohio, "For the rest of the year we need to win poles and win races if we are going to win the Championship, it's pretty simple."

Going into Mid Ohio 26 points behind and coming out of Mid Ohio with a 5 point lead, the magic is back in the hopes for Power's first championship after being the bridesmaid for two consecutive years.

... notes from The EDJE