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The first ever Mojave Mile Shootout experience

On a chilly spring day near where the 58 and 14 highways intersect, the participants line up to take their runs in the first ever Mojave Mile Shootout [CTRL-CLICK image to see video]. Image Credit: Rhode Island Red

The first ever Mojave Mile Shootout experience

This post is a compilation of personal reactions file Shootout held on Saturday, March 6, 2010 at the famed Mojave Air and Space Port, a private airfield (featuring a 12,000 foot runway) in Mojave, CA.

A man and his motorcycle setting up for a run. The bike is a 1936 Indian ... a definite show piece. Image Credit: Rhode Island Red

Mile Shootout format racing is already a popular speed event held in Texas, the Midwest, and the East Coast. Basically, a Mile Shootout allows participants to take an approved vehicle (motorcycle or car) from a standing-start, flat out speed, as fast as you can go in ONE MILE! Unlike a drag race, there is only one car on the track at a time. The measurement is not based on an elapsed time, only top speed. Because there is no E.T., burnouts and hot starts are not necessary or needed - just traction and a steady drive.

Anybody 18 years or older, with a current valid driver’s license and insurance and a safe machine with good tires is eligible. Please note, however, that you must have permission of the vehicle’s owner to actually race it with one caveat ... NO RENTAL CARS are allowed.

2002 Firehawk #35 - All Known and hidden options... 382rwhp/366rwtq |!CAGS | SLP bolt-on SFC's | STB | TB Bypass | Ported Throttle Body | SLP Aftermarket Dual/Dual | 160 T-stat | Airborn coated K***s **'s | Custom Cam | UD pulley | !Air | LS7 Clutch Image Credit: Rhode Island Red

This excerpted and edited from LS1TECH -
Mojave Mile results. I ran a top speed of...

By Rhode Island Red, TECH Fanatic - 03-06-2010, 09:54 PM

145.0 then


and finally a 143.9 having trouble finding 5th (took me a couple seconds).
The DA was 3000 feet at an actual 2700 feet (cloudy cool damp with a sprinkle a couple times).

My initial goal was to do between 130-140 and shoot for 140, thus upgrading me from the 150 class to the 165 class. I exceeded my goal.

Big Red Camero ... the day's fastest run with a 200.7mph trap speed [CTRL-CLICK image to see video]. Image Credit: Rhode Island Red

Big Red Camaro's best was 196.6 and finally a 200.7mph when I took off for home.

J.R. Enjoying his 200.7 mph pass in hiss 1100 hp Big red Camaro before being swarmed by magazine reporters [CTRL-CLICK image to see video]. Image Credit: Rhode Island Red

The ZR1 corvette was running a 165.6. Many corvette ran 150's and a couple ran 170's.

Many of the Ford GT's ran 160's and a couple ran in the mid 180's.
A stock Dodge magnum SRT8 ran a 152.8.
Need 400+ hp to break the 150's. Besides Big Red, I was THE ONLY f-body there. Seemed like a Corvette vs Ford GT top speed shootout ... GT's won with a 186 mph to speed pass.

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Great License Plate - Comment from car owner - Now my time to brag... 189.4 on my last run, just edging out Black Ice for the best Ford GT time of the day.. and I think is the second best car time of the day! Image Credit: Apollo

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First Annual Mojave Mile Event

By Fast Freddy, gps'd 212 mph - 03-07-2010, 01:18 PM

The fastest of my 3 runs was 182.3 mph. i have a 2.87" pulley and 100 octane heffner tune with an MMP X-pipe. i was on stock tires.

My weather station was reporting a corrected DA of 4000' above sea level and a 10 mph crosswind on my run.
It was nice meeting everybody and i had a great time.

I think with the whipple and some nitrous i can go 200+ mph at the mojave mile.
I have done 4 different 1 mile top speed shootouts in America now. I have done the "HIGH noon" shootout twice at the Silver State Classic, the Texas Mile once, the "HIGH Roller" mile shootout once and the Mojave Mile once. By far the best location, track and event is the "Mojave Mile"

One of a plethora of Ford GT350's ... this one with a classic bright blue and orange GULF Oil livery. Image Credit Rhode Island Red

And this ...

A newbie's perspective

GTED, GT Owner - 03-07-2010, 05:45 PM

What a fun and addictive game.....especially for a 1st timer.

I have a pulley/tune and x-pipe mod on Bridgestone.
As a 1st timer, i had to do a qualify run to demonstrate the ability to reach 140-150 without "incedents".

I reached 169.7; 172.1;and 177.8. I was thorough happy as my goal for the day was to reach 170.

Terry's got it figured out. Veronica looks GREAT in the red suit! And she has the balls (er..ahh..whatever girls have) to drive 177 MPH!!! THAT ROCKS. Image Credit: SYCO GT

Then, FastFreddy and Skyrex told me the "secret sauce" to get to 180! They told me to stay in 4th, since shifting to 5th would lose too much rpm and a few mph on the acceleration.

So armed with this tip, I was all pumped for the next run. Unfortunately, in 3rd, I held it a little too long and when it touched the rev limiter I lost a second or 2, I ended with 176.8!

Backward, lost 1mph not acceptable! One more run... In the final run of the day, I was the 15th car in the 20 cars run group sitting at the staging spot.
Still pumped and all I could think of was 180, 180..... the wait in the cue drove me nuts.... Finally, I was waved to the starting box. The green flag dropped, I went for it!! Come on, baby!! I wanted that 180 badly!!! Too eager, I spun the wheels again in 1st at 3k rpm.... stayed in 4th gear and vrrrroooooommmmm..... 178.8!

Oh well, didn't get 180, sorry Skyrex and FastFreddy.... Man, only if I could do one or two more runs to get better the take off in 1st gear, I know I'd get there. Still, thoroughly satisfied!!

Also worth mentioning, I was too glad to meet all the nice GT folks, The Apollo's (Terry and Veronica- you go girl! 177, wow!); Love CHP- Richard and Sue; FastFreddy, and Skyrex and a few others whose name escaped me at the moment.

Clinton had a great showing, thundering down the track; his acceleration is visually evidenced!! He had the fastest non-race car speed at 188 and change. I don't count the 200.7 reached be the Camero as it is a race car.

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The Mojave Mile Shootout was open to anyone with a car or motorcycle, and, as this event grows in popularity, it is hoped that it will be held multiple times per year.

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