Thursday, March 4, 2010

What is the Mojave Mile Shootout? One fast and crazy run.

Mojave Mile Shootout - That’s right – standing-start, flat out speed, as fast as you can go in ONE MILE! In conjunction with the Mojave Air and Space Port, a private airfield in Mojave, CA, we will host the first ever Mojave Mile Shootout event on March 6, 2010. This facility features a 12,000’ runway which will allow for very fast speeds (250+ mph) and a comfortable braking margin [CTRL-CLICK image for video preview]. Image Credit:

What is the Mojave Mile Shootout? One fast and crazy run.

Come one and come all who feel they have a really fast vehicle that would be able to go from a standing start and finish a one mile run on an internationally famous and private concrete airstrip with the fastest time and speed.

A competition format that has been run on the East Coast and Midwest comes to the crucible of automobile culture here in Southern California this weekend. The event will be conducted on the 12,000-foot runway at Mojave Air and Space Port near where the 14 and 58 highways meet. The Mojave Air and Space Port has become a beacon of aero-technical development where Burt Ruttan built the Voyager (the aircraft that made Ruttan's 1986 around-the-world trip) and the location of Scaled Composites, the Virgin Atlantic sponsored company building a spaceship for commercial purposes.

The first ever Mojave Mile Shootout event is scheduled to start at 8:00am on March 6, 2010 and will feature two-wheeled motorcycles and 4-wheeled vehicles eligible to compete in the various classes, provided they meet stringent safety regulations. As a result of the rules, no rental cars will be allowed to compete.

Only one vehicle will be run at any one time, with laser beams triggering the electronic timing. The "speed trap" used to measure speed will consist of the last 132 feet of the one-mile track. Each car will use a semi-standing start (20-foot prestart box) and no elapsed time will be kept.

While the premiere of the Mojave Mile is scheduled to be a one-day event, future events will be 2-3 days long and will attract up to 300 participants! It is not known at the time of this posting how long registration will remain open, but at the very least if one wishes to be a spectator ... contact:

Administration and Registration

MKM Racing Promotions, LLC
9850 S Maryland Parkway, Suite A5-143
Las Vegas, NV 89183-7146
Phone 702-614-6108
Fax: 702-614-6109

The Mojave Mile Shootout will be held at (map here>>):

Mojave Air and Space Port
1434 Flightline St.
Mojave, California 93501
Phone: (661) 824 2433
Fax: (661) 824 2914 or 2620

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