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Detroit GP Tweet-By-Tweet: The Tale Of Two INDY500's

The podium of the 2012 Detroit Grand Prix at Belle Isle, MI. L to R - P2 Franchitti, P1 Scott Dixon, & P3 Simon Pagenaud. Image Credit: IICS

Detroit GP Tweet-By-Tweet: The Tale Of Two INDY500's

The truly dedicated can find joy in an event they follow, even if it devolves into a disaster. The American open wheel race in Belle Isle was just one of those races.

As the title of this posting suggests, the Detroit Grand Prix held on an island park named Belle Isle (beautiful island) was a race that lasted about as long (about four hours) as the race held just the week before in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Detroit Grand Prix was just like the INDY500 but without all of those other pesky cars (33 as opposed to just 25), laps, miles, pitstops, non-stop action, lead changes, passing, and competitiveness … at least until the last 15 laps when the race was restarted with a threat of rain in the sky.

As the race was to play out, it basically became a three act event with the first 38 laps being a spirited, YELLOW Flag free, uncontested romp led by pole-sitter, Scott Dixon. This act featured the comic relief of EJ Viso piloting his P4 holding circus-colored CITGO liveried KV Racing Technology Chevy-powered DW12 just slightly slower than anyone behind him wanted to drive but just fast enough to not be passed.

The second act a RED Flag session for about two hours long where ABC Sports tried to make the best of an impending broadcast disaster … a race without a conclusion. This act had all of the suspense of wondering if the cement road patch material used to fix the track would set-up and dry enough to finish the race. Leaf blowers and pavement torches became implements of wonder and interest.


The third act being the last 15 laps of very hotly contested action with YELLOW Flags, passing, and cat and mouse strategy through to a shortened 60 lap conclusion to a scheduled 90 lap event.

The race was carried on national network, general broadcast television by ABC Sports. This was welcomed by most who follow the sport of automobile racing due to the fact, that more often than not, races are broadcast on the special sports channels that have become part of the exclusive inclusion of a premium cable/satellite delivery package. Not everyone has access, or choose to afford the additional luxury of more than 80 channels provided with a standard package.

Sadly, as this race played out, a broadcast on a special channel would have been the only uninterrupted live delivery of the event besides streaming on the internet. The race never had its proper broadcast conclusion because depending upon one’s timezone, ABC was forced to cut away and pass off to the ESPN News channel … not carried by most standard cable packages.

The Detroit GP track at Belle Isle. Image Credit: #DetroitGP
The following entries come from “Tweet Deck” tweet-by-tweet with added comments from the author:

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
Do not forget to use the official IZOD #IndyCar Series HASHTAG for today’s race #DetroitGP #DetroitGP #DetroitGP – #iics #indycar2012 #dw12

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
RT @kiki85: They seriously don’t have a camera onboard the last winner here? @justin_wilson #IndyCar #detroitgp

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
RT @aRacingfan: IndyCar should have standing starts. #IndyCar #detroitgp @detroitgp

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
RT @CrazyDog984: GREEN GREEN GREEN!! #Indycar #Detroitgp #skyport2

Cars begin race in a Doublefile and jostle for position.Image Credit: IIC
Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
TAGS is out of the race #indycar #detroitgp

Peter Leung @BaronVonClutch
.@scottdixon9 builds a lead over @12WillPower. @justin_wilson says it’s a right rear puncture. Damaged upper wishbone. #IndyCar

Steve @dannycatsteve
That was the first bad start this year #IndyCar

Tony DiZinno @tonydizinno
Wow, fugly start. #IndyCar #DetroitGP

Eva Chan @echan50
Justin Wilson out with damaged wish bone. There goes my 1st fantasy pick :( #detroitgp #Indycar

Andy @Gabbahey122475
Awful look start. Not one of @BeauxBarfield best. We know u can do better. #IndyCar

Emma Bracegirdle @EmTheEmu
Dario Franchitti on David Letterman? I NEED to watch that! #IndyCar

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
Pagenaud up to P3 #indycar #detroitgp

Mandy Valentine @Indy_Mode
I wonder if Justin Wilson is the first causality of the bumpy circuit? #IndyCar #DetroitGP

Tyler Johnson @tylerjohnsonosu
@LouisSuddaby23 Glad to here there are people watching across the pond! #IndyCar

TJ @Tjamily
Dixon running away from Power very impressive. #indycar

Ron Frankl @ronfrankl
Watching the #IndyCar race from Belle Isle near Detroit. Would love to see #NASCAR racing on this beautiful lakeside track.

Eric Hamme @NegativeVORP
Goodyear started talking about fuel on lap 1, and on lap 6 Marty mentioned lockstop. This is going to be a looooong day. #indycar #detroitgp

Rodrigo Vicente @_RoVicente
P1 Dixon P2 Power P3 Pagenaud P4 Viso P5 Hunter-Reay #indycar

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
RT @tonydizinno: Only lap 7 and the #snark is out in full force on Twitter this race. Might be more entertaining I fear. #IndyCar #DetroitGP

Peter Leung @BaronVonClutch
Wilson: ‘with all the melee I got really sideways. I tapped the wall but really light hit… bent the suspension.’ #IndyCar #DetroitGP

Heather B. @nonnalita
I love summer! Watching the #IndyCar #DetroitGP. Go @scottdixon9!

Chris Munn @Funntastic
I had no idea Jamie Little was pregnant! She looks pretty funny in a fire suit #IndyCar

Colin Z. @WxTurtle
Ryan Hunter Reay just threw a huge block party. #indycar #gpdetroit

Don Mitchell @DonMedia
Whoa there EJ, these ain’t dirt cars. #IndyCar #DetroitGP

EJ Viso scrapes wall in order to keep his P4 position on the track. Image Credit: Mattzel89 @Mattzel89 via Twitter
Matt Porter @ontheeastmke26
road courses are stupid… – #indycar live on

Filip Cleeren @FilipCleeren
Wish they would revert to the old layout next time. Straight after S/F has overtaking potential.… #detroitgp #indycar

E.M.H @elmondohummus
RHR was blocking so hard that Suh bull-rushed him to sack the QB. #indycar #detroitgp

Jenna @jmcc09
@martinpinnau I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Viso. The guy is such a liability. #IndyCar

Lisa @lmkenny
“Play the fuel game” and no passing?Sounds like a nap coming on soon. #IndyCar

Filip Cleeren @FilipCleeren
Hunter-Reay officially warned for his block party on Briscoe. #detroitgp #indycar

Ross Nunamaker @RossNunamaker
Dixon in front, fuel strategy race, going to be tough to beat. @detroitgp #indycar

Eric Hamme @NegativeVORP
We’ve seen the DW12 race well at tracks like Barber and Long Beach, but Belle Isle is just a different animal. #indycar #detroitgp

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
RT @Mattzel89: Rubens having engine problems? I thought his F1 career was over… #IndyCar #detroitgp

AJFoytRacing @AJFoytRacing
@Mikeconwayindy radioes in ‘I’m he’s starting to lose a lil rear grip’ @detroitgp #indycar2012 #indycar

Chris Burk @burk992
Race Control: “Oi Ryan quit dropping it like it’s hot on the track. We told you to leave that in the garage” #IndyCar

DZ @HalfShaftBlues
“SQUIRRELY” That counts as a squirrel encounter: drink. #IndyCar

brant james @brantjames
No truth to the rumor that Ndamukong Suh cheap-shotted the #indycar safety truck under yellow. @detroitgp

IndyCar Insider @IndyCarInsider
F.Y.I. Even this race is more exciting than ANY OVAL RACE #IndyCar #DetroitGP

Dannie Lyz Asphall @DannieAsphall
Rahal is p14. #Indycar #DetroitGP

Dave Furst @DaveFurst
I’m not saying there’s a lot of cars backed up behind Viso, but pretty sure he’s in the left lane w his blinker on. #detroitgp #IndyCar

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
RT @f1fanaticlive: James Jakes is in the run-off at turn eight on lap 16. #IndyCar

Peter Leung @BaronVonClutch
.@JamesJakes in the run-off area at Turn 8. #IndyCar #DetroitGP

Curt Cavin @curtcavin
Most of the field is stuck behind Viso in fourth. #indycar #detroitgp

AJFoytRacing @AJFoytRacing
Alternate fuel strategies starting w Andretti & Kansan pitting early. @Mikeconwayindy saving fuel #indycar2012 #detroitgp #indycar

James Jakes @JamesJakes
JJ off the runoff in turn 8. By radio communication he told us he has braking issues. Headed to pits now. PR. #IndyCar

Domingo Riego @filipinosince75
.@Ryan_Briscoe and @RyanHunterReay mixing it up again… Is RHR always trying a collect a bounty on Briscoe? @RB_Mrs #INDYCAR #DetroitGP

Kev @NonElusiveKev
Watching the Viso train makes me think Indycar should put horns on the cars. #detroitgp #indycar

Taylor Peyton @imtaylorpeyton
Jakes lost his brakes. Hey! That rhymes! #Indycar

Heather Rule @hlrule
Scott Goodyear, I love ya, but you gotta stop with “EXcape” and “EXspecially.” Thanks. #indycar

Marius Berghuijs @srcompetition
Standings top 6 after 20 laps. 1-Dixon,2-Power,3-Pagenaud,4-Viso,5-Hunter-Ray,6-Castroneves! #Izod #indycar #Izodindycar

Eric Hamme @NegativeVORP
Helio and Bourdais get by Briscoe…during a commercial of course. #indycar #detroitgp

Jason Larson @larsoni27
Update, the plain white t-shirts are holding off the socks during the spin cycle much like Viso and just about everyone behind him #indycar

TJ @Tjamily
I LOVE street course but this one needs some more passing zones, Viso is ruining the race for all but the top 3. #indycar

Martin Pinnau @martinpinnau
If Belle Isle is on the #indycar schedule next year, they really need to look at reconfiguring the track. Sucky race so far.

Kris Kleinbub @Bub1515
“@Fieldof33: It’s a good thing Michigan Speedway is sitting empty 40 miles away from this barn-burner at Belle Isle today.” #indycar

JuanPablo Muñoz @juanpa_mv
Que le paso a Rubinho Barrichello? #IndyCar

Heather Rule @hlrule
Folks complaining about lack of passing at #detroitgp. You know where there *is* passing? @roadamerica. #bringbackRA #indycar

Emma Bracegirdle @EmTheEmu
Awwww, Rubinho’s out :( #IndyCar #DetroitGP

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
LAP22 TAKU pulls out of line for a pitstop #indycar #detroitgp

Randy Bernard @RBINDYCAR
@IndyCar #INDYCAR it’s official Belle isle grand prix sold out today. Congrats Roger Penske and Bud Denker

Sal Granillo @DustballerSal
@EJVISO your pullin a Danica! Holding up traffic! #muevete #IndyCar

Brian Karczewski @LVI56
Dario gets wing damage trying to make a pass #Indycar

Dannie Lyz Asphall @DannieAsphall
That was an excellent move from Bourdais and then Briscoe let him have it. #Indycar #DetroitGP

Mandy Valentine @Indy_Mode
Viso needs to GTFO of the way #IndyCar #DetroitGP

AJ @ajslideways
No doubt Dario will blame that on Bourdais, Chevy, the track, the Pope, and everyone and everything other than himself. #IndyCar

Ross Lancaster @rosslancaster
Ironic that a Dragon Racing car has an engine problem after the switch to Chevy. #IndyCar

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
RT @chickenpilot: ahh the fun of listening to #IndyCar on the internet and watching the tweets but missing #pippamann comments

Peter Leung @BaronVonClutch
Good news. @justin_wilson’s car is mended. He’s back out on track. #IndyCar #DetroitGP

The field from P4 on trailing EJ Viso as he is just slow enough to hold the field up but just fast enough to keep the field behind him. Image Credit: Mattzel89 @Mattzel89 via Twitter

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
With VISO holding up so many cars … where’s Push-To-Pass when we need it? #indycar #detroitgp

And its not like Viso is going slow, he's pushing hard! #IndyCar. Image Credit: Mattzel89

Heather Rule @hlrule
I can’t see that citgo car without thinking milka duno is behind the wheel. Anyone else? #indycar #baddrivers

Shane Rogers @shagers
Sato has committed to the three stop strategy, but he doesn’t have to be 3 seconds a faster a lap for long to come out in front. #indycar

F1 Fanatic Live @f1fanaticlive
Viso pits and uncorks the bottle. #IndyCar

James Jakes @JamesJakes
1.89 sec currently stand between P1 @scottdixon9 and P2 @12WillPower PR. #IndyCar

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE

LAP 30 of 90 – Dixon, Power, Helio, Kanaan, RHR, Pagenaud, Marco, TAGS, and Briscoe #indycar #detroitgp

E.M.H @elmondohummus
Squirrels reported trying to “Occupy” Bourdais’s pit stall, but scattered when they saw him coming. ;) #indycar #detroitgp

Andretti Autosport @FollowAndretti
.@RyanHunterReay comes in for a pit stop at @detroitgp! 58 laps to go. #detroitgp #indycar2012

F1 Fanatic Live @f1fanaticlive
LAP33 Leader Dixon pits, Power takes over first. #IndyCar

Dannie Lyz Asphall @DannieAsphall
I don’t think people realise how amazing Graham Rahal is. He is a good driver, I must admit. #Indycar #DetroitGP

Dave Furst @DaveFurst
Hearing the #detroitgp will go back to 2.3 mile layout (ran in late 90′s) next year…incl more passing zones. #good #IndyCar

Jason Larson @larsoni27
Everyone has completed one pit stop, I’ve completed a load of laundry, right on schedule #indycar

Ronald Lanjouw @rlanjouw
@RobertDoornboss #indycar is great and would like @RTLGP to trade their F1 license with Indycar and MotoGP :-)

Filip Cleeren @FilipCleeren
Power not matching Dixon so far. The Kiwi makes it look easy. #indycar #detroitgp

Colin Warnock @justin_wilsonPR
@justin_wilson no longer a contender @detroitgp but just set fastest lap – on primary tyres – after @DaleCoyneRacing make repairs #indycar

Ian Lewis Moore @IanLewisMoore
Looks like everybody & their mama is going to need a new front wing at some point today. #IndyCar #DetroitGP

Peter Leung @BaronVonClutch
Bourdais cannot catch a break. His day is done. #Desolee #IndyCar #DetroitGP

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
No YELLOW Flag laps so far – LAP 37 of 90 #indycar #detroitgp

Jon Easter @johnnystir
E.J. Viso=Moving chicane #detroitgp #IndyCar

Brian Lewis @LewisUnderscore
Who are these idiots who don’t likd the #Dallara DW12? I think it makes for an absolutely stunning machine. #indycar

Curt Cavin @curtcavin
This race needs some squirrels or some rain. #indycar #detroitgp

F1 Fanatic Live @f1fanaticlive
Wilson has rejoined the track in his repaired car but his day just gets worse – he gets a penalty for speeding in the pits. #IndyCar

Rodrigo Vicente @_RoVicente
Kanaan chegando no Power, mas foi pro box… #IndyCar

Gina Navarra @fastlifeofgina
Nooooo Hinch :( #DetroitGP #IndyCar

Peter Leung @BaronVonClutch
.@Hinchtown into the Tire Wall at Turn 6. #IndyCar #DetroitGP

Gina Navarra @fastlifeofgina
And nooooooo Taku :( #DetroitGP #IndyCar

Lewis Franck @LewisFranck
Sato wasn’t trying to pass Dario when he went off. #IndyCAR they are both okay.

A Racing Fan @aRacingfan
Big hit for Hinch, in the tyres at turn 6, and Sat in the wall elsewhere on track. #IndyCar

Maraschino Events @MaraschinoEvent
Sad for two #IndyCar faves @Hinchtown & @TakumaSatoRacer who are now out of the #DetriotGP after both hitting the wall.


Thomas Kruytzer @ThomasKruytzer
Full course yellow door die spleetoog en goDaddy #rtlgp #indycar

Chris Daly @TheChrisD
Wow, Belle Isle is seriously coming apart :O #indycar

A Racing Fan @aRacingfan
A huge chunk of the track came up and that’s what took out Hinch! #IndyCar

Safety crew pulls poorly patched road material out of large cracks in the road surface after James Hinchcliffe get derailed and crashes into the tires lining the track. Image Credit: IICS

Joe Ortiz @LeoJTravis10
Looks like Detroit is having a Daytona moment there. #Indycar #detroitgp

Jason Larson @larsoni27
Song of the race… #indycar – Dog’s Eye View – Everything Falls Apart

Jacob Black @JacobBlackSPEED
Wow, @Hinchtown going all “@MarcoAndretti” on the radio, and rightly so. Track is busted up. #IndyCar

Safety crew pulls poorly patched road material out of large cracks in the road surface probably originally prepared by public union road crew labor at great expense. Image Credit: IICS

E.M.H @elmondohummus
Holy crap… and I thought *my* city’s roads were bad. #indycar #detroitgp

Riemberg Barros @riemberg
Kanaan P4 #IndyCar

Mac Morrison @Mac_Morrison
The #DetroitGP track surface is coming up in some places and flying into chalets. Caught this piece! #IndyCar

_chrisUK @_chrisUK
Watching #indycar on @SkyIndyCar – cars crashing and bits of the track falling apart! @Hinchtown isn’t going to be happy!

Lindsey Chavers @LAChavers
signs of the economic times: Not even racing sports can afford to keep equipment up! #indycar #daytonahole

Crash Gladys @CrashGladys
@SpeedFreaks I think a red flag is necessary considering how deep those divets are now. #Ouch #indycar #detroitgp

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
We need to stick a 2×4 in it! RT @CrashGladys: Red flag is necessary considering how deep those divets are now. #Ouch #indycar #detroitgp

Safety crew pulls poorly patched road material out of large cracks in the road surface after James Hinchcliffe get derailed and crashes into the tires lining the track. Image Credit: IICS

Mattzel89 @Mattzel89
This is going to be a problem #IndyCar

John Wertz @jwertz77
This is extremely embarrassing for the @detroitgp promoters/RP. Not good. #IndyCar

Curt Cavin @curtcavin
Red flag apparently coming. #indycar #detroitgp

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
Political Question: Public Union workers responsible for road patches at Belle Isle? Jus’ askin’ #indycar #detroitgp

Safety crew pulls poorly patched road material out of large cracks in the road surface after James Hinchcliffe get derailed and crashes into the tires lining the track. Image Credit: IICS

Remi Bernard @RemiBernard
They’re gonna run under yellow til halfway, then call it a race and go home. Next year, go to Milwaukee. This is embarrassing. #Indycar

Fake Charlie Whiting @charlie_whiting
Maybe they should just put @TheOrangeCone on the massive canyon in the track. #IndyCar

RED Flag

Chris Daly @TheChrisD
@Mattzel89 Thought it was 50% + 1 lap? They’ve stopped after only 45 laps, they need 46 laps? #indycar

Mattzel89 @Mattzel89
From another turn #Indycar

Matt White @MattW1986
Daytona pothole anyone #IndyCar

Jenna Fryer @JennaFryer
RT @AP: #IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard: `I felt like dead man walking’: @RBINDYCAR

Sini Salminen @SiniF1
I guess the race won’t be restarted? #IndyCar

SPEED Channel, Inc. @SPEED
And in @IndyCar land, the track is literally coming apart. Race currently red flagged. #IndyCar

Curt Cavin @curtcavin
Red flag. #indycar

Alex Coates @AlexCoatesy
Bob the builder, can he fix it? #IndyCar @SkyIndyCar

Ash (アシュー) @racingAsh
Tough situation. Can’t repatch it. IndyCar ground effect would just pull it up. Like Goodyear said, it’s like a vacuum. #DetroitGP #IndyCar

Steve Dreiseszun @SteveDreiseszun
Photo: Wow. #DetroitGP track at Belle Isle is causing unexpected problems. #IndyCar

LAP45 of 90 – RED Flag in play

Beaux Barfield hopeful to restart the race – going to inspect on-site #indycar #detroitgp

Curt Cavin @curtcavin
Says @Hinchtown “(The track) is a mess.” giant pieces of track sealant coming up. #indycar #detroitgp

Mattzel89 @Mattzel89
Video of the #IndyCar incidents caused by the track breaking up…

Ross Bynum @therossbynum
Isn’t Detroit a wonderful place! Just as lovely as I always heard. No infrastructure issues at all! #IndyCar

Fake Charlie Whiting @charlie_whiting
I feel for @BeauxBarfield. Perhaps running twice in Toronto makes sense. #HintHint #IndyCar

Dustin Long @dustinlong
#IndyCar fans suffering through issues with track coming apart & stopping event _ #NASCAR fans can relate to that from a couple of years ago

chris adkisson @CAcoach53
im going to school because i want to do this for a living! #IndyCar @FollowAndretti @MarcoAndretti

Autoweek Racing @AutoweekRacing
Just in: Officials at @detroitgp say the #IndyCar race will be ready to start again in 30 minutes.

Dan Brunell @Dan_Brunell
The potholes and crumbling asphault for the #Indycar #DetriotGP was planned to give the drivers an authentic Detroit driving experience.

nascarcasm @nascarcasm
All #IndyCar has to do is put some blacktop in the grooves and have Ndamukong Suh stomp it firmly into place. #DetroitGP

Dannie Lyz Asphall @DannieAsphall
If we didn’t have this red flag, would we have seen all these mini documentaries? #Indycar #DetroitGP

Curt Cavin @curtcavin
People reporting chunks of sealant landing in (and flying over) the chalets along the track. #detroitgp #indycar #dangerous

Ann-Marie Smihal, 43, of Grosse Pointe displays the piece of the track that launched over the fence and smacked her in the thigh on Sunday. She wasn't hurt. "It was just shocking, and I'm just glad it didn't hit my children," she said. Image Credit: Eric Seals - Detroit Free Press

Mattzel89 @Mattzel89
#IndyCar patching progress, errr…

Allen Wedge @AllenWedge
even during a stoppage ABC can’t be bothered to interview/show non-top drivers/teams or give us any kind of relevant information #IndyCar

Jenna Fryer @JennaFryer
Actually, surprised no #IndyCar drivers are pulling a @keselowski right now. They could totally be tweeting their thumbs off.

E.M.H @elmondohummus
This last 30 minutes is the only time all year Lotus has kept pace, right? ;) #redflagjokes #indycar #detroitgp

matkeeling @keelingover
Come on they’re concreting the race track and then expecting to run again? Ridiculous, cowboy builders! #Indycar @SkyIndyCar

TB @Brewtdb
“@paultracy3: There isn’t a road in the whole state without a pothole … Lol” #INDYCAR #DetrioitGP

Dave Ellis @daveellis0808
Some guys with a wheel barrow are going to fix an entire race track. #indycar

Leaf blowers and butane gas flame throwers used to dry the patch compound before the race could be restarted. Image Credit: IICS

wendy kroon @blokkypirate
Er wordt op zn Amerikaans geasfalteerd. Awesome!! Bell Isle #indycar #Detroit

Gord Smith  @elgordo99
What’s gonna happen with TV? #IndyCar #DetroitGP RT @hinchontrack Race to resume @ 6:30
Concrete Patching Continues

A Racing Fan @aRacingfan
Raindrops detected … not raining yet but this is now causing additional concern

nascarcasm @nascarcasm
Now would be ideal time for Kid Rock to grab his guitar and entertain the crowd with a rendition of “Beauxwitdaba.” @BeauxBarfield #IndyCar

Dave Furst @DaveFurst
Roger Penske update from #detroitgp: Repairs are going well…looks like we’ll re-start. Going full distance is a question tho… #IndyCar

JMV1070 @JMV1070
Anybody else believe there is no way this stuff will stay sealed? #indycar

Autoweek Racing @AutoweekRacing
Well, so much for 30 minutes. They’re shooting now for 6:30p ET. Rainclouds threaten. #IndyCar #DetroitGP

Filip Cleeren @FilipCleeren
Track officials not ready to commit to a restart time yet. We are watching paint (quick fix) dry. #indycar #detroitgp

Torches and leaf blowers are used to "speed up" repairs - HERE

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
RT @brian_wiggins: To ESPNEWS we go! #IndyCar

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
RT @rosslancaster: Figured they’d move the race to ESPNEWS. ESPN2 has NHRA and ESPN has SportsCenter and NBA pre-game. #IndyCar

Dustin Long @dustinlong
#IndyCar … ABC announces that those watching on East Coast will have to switch to ESPN News at 6 pm EASTERN for continued coverage of event

Time: 6:48 local time – Cars are getting ready to take to the track and must do so with the color code tires they came in on.

The idea is to restart the race and have it run for 15 more laps to LAP 60

Shaun Pechin @Shaunpaddock
now everyone was trying to cheat…guess if your not trying to cheat…your not trying. #IndyCar

Ken and Lydda @AbuelosDeTrece
“@indycaradvocate: Cross your fingers, all. Let’s see if we can keep this sucker together by sheer will for 15 laps. #INDYCAR” You said Will

1hr. 59min. into the RED Flag condition – Engines fire and warm-up

Ash (アシュー) @racingAsh
Great to hear motors running. Oh boy. Please hold patch work, hold. Kudos to the fans in Detroit! Godspeed drivers. #DetroitGP #IndyCar

TheMiniChad @TheMiniChad
Watching #IndyCar – thinking we might see a return of Will Power’s famous fingers if these patches don’t hold up.
Graham Rahal will not move – he believes the clutch has failed – Electronics

SpeedFreaks @SpeedFreaks
WHAT?? Now rain is an issue before the green restart?? Holy crap… come in for rain tires and it’s anyone’s race! #DetroitGP #IndyCar


Brian Karczewski @LVI56
Wait, they are gonna go green and it;s RAINING??? #Indycar

Mr. Wise Guy @DoctorGooFee
#indycar kudos for ABC for keeping this on TV…
Power gets jumped by Dixon and this allowed Pagenaud to pass Power placing him at P3

Michael Henson @ChasingBristol
New favorite #Indycar chat quote: “Bad, meet Worse.”

TV coverage jumps to ESPN NEWS …

F1 Fanatic Live @f1fanaticlive
Castroneves spins into the wall, Carpenter also spins at turn seven. #IndyCar

YELLOW Flag – Debris quickly cleaned up


Peter Leung @BaronVonClutch
.@dariofranchitti jumps 2 P’s @simonpagenaud and moves up to 2nd, Power 3rd @scottdixon9 still leads. #IndyCar #DetroitGP

Peter Leung @BaronVonClutch
.@EJVISO stals and spins at Turn 5. #IndyCar #DetroitGP


Franchitti is able from P4 pass Power, then Pagenaud to have TCGR in place for a repeat one two finish as was the case the week before at the INDY500.

Funny thing – the red-colored DW12 of Dixon’s was riding on Black code tires and was pulling away from the black-colored DW12 of Franchitti’s that was riding on Red code, softer compound tires
Target Chip Ganassi now sitting P1 and P2 with only six laps to go


Zachary Houghton @indycaradvocate
Founded in 1867, the DetroitGP is the longest-running continuous single race in history… #INDYCAR

F1 Fanatic Live @f1fanaticlive
No change in the top four at the latest restart, Servia now up to fifth, six laps to go. #IndyCar
Dixon has almost a full second led on teammate Franchitti

Peter Leung @BaronVonClutch
Dixon,Franchitti, Pagenaud, Power, Servia. #IndyCar #DetroitGP

Mr. Wise Guy @DoctorGooFee
#indycar I think the black tires are made out of the same stuff they patched the track with before the race.

F1 Fanatic Live @f1fanaticlive
Tagliani takes Andretti who has front wing damage, Newgarden follows him a few corners later. #IndyCar

Peter Leung @BaronVonClutch
Lap 57 Now. Dixon still leads with Franchitti following. Pagenaud P3, Power P4. Servia P5. #IndyCar #DetroitGP

Mandy Valentine @Indy_Mode
We’ve actually got some good racing going on here! With 2 laps left. #Indycar #DetroitGP

Rodrigo Vicente @_RoVicente
2 LAPS TO GO! #IndyCar
Final Lap … everyone is behaving themselves!


Scott Dixon wins. Franchitti 2nd, Pagenaud 3rd, Power 4th, Servia 5th, Kanaan 6th, Hunter-Reay 7th, Kimball 8th, Conway 9th, and Tagliani at 10th #IndyCar – Full field finish HERE

Larry Lage @LarryLage
#IndyCar didn’t keep the feel-good buzz from the Indy 500 in part because the track in Detroit was awful. Check out pix

This final event opinion excerpted and edited from More Front Wing

It’s hard to imagine a much bigger letdown after a thrilling Indianapolis 500 than the show witnessed today. If INDYCAR must return to Belle Isle — and I don’t think anyone would really be sad if they didn’t except Roger Penske and Scott Dixon — then please don’t make it happen immediately after Indianapolis. Perhaps this would be a good race to put in the fall when competing against opening weekend of the NFL season but not immediately following the event with more eyeballs than the rest of the season combined.

… notes from The EDJE

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