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A Lamborghini Tale Of Woe In Laurel Canyon

Lamborghini nameplate script displayed on the back of a Gray 680hp Murcielago. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2009)

A Lamborghini Tale Of Woe In Laurel Canyon

Today, January 10, 2010, was a day one Lamborghini Gallardo owner/driver (assumed) went a little off on one of the very tight and winding streets just off of Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills North and West of Los Angeles ... a couple of miles North of the Sunset Strip. The exact street location was not stated in the report posted at Jalopnic, but judging from the photos, the street was similar to Willow Glen (or Mount Olympus) ... way too tight and winding. Not a street to be cruzin' at about 560hp strength and speed.

Upended SAAB with the classic Lamborghini wedge doing the deed. View of the mishap looking toward the Southwest. Image Credit: Aaron/Jolopnic

The driver managed to upend a SAAB 9.5 (judging roofline and back door separator bodywork), throwing it into a Toyota Corolla which then was pushed into a Toyota extended cab pick-up truck with shell.

Upended SAAB with the classic Lamborghini wedge doing the deed. Toyota Corolla was pushed around with the front end off to the side of someone's driveway. View of the mishap looking toward the Southeast. Credit: Aaron/Jolopnic

Most people only dream of being able to ride in ... let alone drive a Lamborghini. At the recent Motor Press Guild's Press Day (actually held over a two day period) two Lamborghini cars were delivered for the gathered members of the Press to drive (the Gallardo) and ride (a Murcielago driven by IRL race car driver, Richard Antinucci). The driving was restricted to about seven to ten miles of street type of driving around Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, whereas the ride in the Gray 680hp Murcielago was three laps at IRL speed on the 1.5 mile infield road track - WOW!

MPG Track Day 2009 Lamborghini contingent nose to tail. The one on the left is the Blue Gallardo and on the right, the Gray Murcielago. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2009)

Video and still photo of the 560hp Gallardo "street drive" machine. In the street drive, all road rules applied. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2009)

Interior door jam of the Gallardo Lamborghini. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2009)

The Lamborghini contingent was only available for the first of the two days, so if one was not early on the list to drive or ride ... one was out of luck.

The last three laps of the day with Richard Antinucci, according to Richard ... were the most exhilarating laps he took all day. He was able to reach about 160mph at the end of the short front straight-away each time through, before breaking for the tight right then left-hand turns to begin each lap on the tight infield course.

The Lamborghini tale of woe will end up costing a bit of money and time, but maybe next time the Gallardo pictured in the accident photos will be able to be driven by its owner at full speed on a closed course like Willow Springs International Motorsports Park or up north at the 3.0 mile, 15 turn workout of a road course at Thunderhill Raceway Park.

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