Sunday, November 20, 2022

The Hyperion XF-7 HyperFuel Power Station Pod Has Its Global Debut In LA

Just minutes before the global debut of a most interesting power transfer infrastructure solution - the Hyperion XF-7 hides under shrouds behind the revolutionary aerospace technology inspired Hyperion Hydrogen Hybrid HP-1 HyperCar at the Los a\Angeles Convention Center. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2022)

The Hyperion XF-7 HyperFuel Power Station Pod Has Its Global Debut In LA

At AutoMobility LA, Press Day before the opening of the Los Angeles Auto Show, Hyperion, Inc. introduced a unique solution to the approach of providing Hydrogen refueling stations. Not a hardscape approach, but one based on transportable mobility. The XF-7 HyperFuel power station pod.

Each XF-7 will provide a choice of EV charging functions. A Plug-In charge for straight Electric Vehicles. A recharge fuel port for Hydrogen Hybrid charging vehicles. Charging options are provided on either side of the XF-7 station pod. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2022)

Each "Pod" would have a station on each side with the ability to refuel/recharge on each side given the type of EV one may be driving. Pure EV charge at about 15 minutes, or so, or Hydrogen at about 3-5 minutes. This Pod would have the ability to create hydrogen which would be used to create both the recharge and refuel provided by the Pod. 

The XF-7 EV refueling station. This station is transportable making it and easy add-on to any service providing environment along the way. Consider it an EV energy pod infrastructure solution. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2022)

The process plant inside the Hyperion XF-7 takes the Hydrogen recharge and processes it into electricity for the EV charging side of the station while, at the same time, dispenses hydrogen for the hydrogen hybrid refill side of the EV power equation. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2022)

The Pod features on-board solar panels dedicated to support the operation on the Pod as a service station but not the function of producing the recharge/refuel of the EV platforms that pull up to the Pod.

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