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Facebook Blessings For Porsche, Busby, and Knoop

Porsche #67 (top) and #68 as they race at full speed near the Start/Finish line early in the 1985 24hrs. of Daytona. Image Credit: Fan Photo via Jim Busby Facebook 

Facebook Blessings For Porsche, Busby, and Knoop

The image above was posted by a fan on Facebook and it caught the attention of its single signatour, car builder and racecar driver, Jim Busby.

This episode of a shared motorsports FB story reminds one of the syndicated Paul Harvey radio broadcast "The Rest Of The Story" ... a national radio program that ran from 1976 until Paul Harvey's passing in 2009.

You'll remember hearing - "'Hello, Americans,' he would say at opening the program. 'This is Paul Harvey! Stand byyy for Newwws!'"

This from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -

The Rest of the Story was a Monday-through-Friday radio program originally hosted by Paul Harvey. Beginning as a part of his newscasts during the Second World War and then premiering as its own series on the ABC Radio Networks on May 10, 1976, The Rest of the Story consisted of stories presented as little-known or forgotten facts on a variety of subjects with some key element of the story (usually the name of some well-known person) held back until the end. The broadcasts always concluded with a variation on the tag line "And now you know the rest of the story."
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Jim Busby's cover photo from his Facebook page. Jim (center) is sitting before a race with one of the comments of the photo stating "Looks likes Bob is ready to get on with the task at hand." Image Credit: Jim Busby via Facebook

This from Jim Busby on his Facebook page - 

How cool is Facebook! Someone just posted this. I don't remember signing it as a promo picture for BFGoodrich, so it must have been a fan's picture that they brought by for an autograph.

The best part of this picture is that it was snapped at the 1985 Daytona 24 hour race and the shot appears to be taken at the Start finish line with both of our cars in the frame. Both of these 962 Porsches were brand new for this race. Only minutes later the 68 car would be completely demolished at this same spot on the track. Pete Halsmer was lapping a slower car at 200 MPH. They came together and It sent Pete into the concrete wall. Pete was ok, but it was the end for the 68 car. The 67 car went on to lead much of the race and finish 3rd with me, Jochen Mass and Rick Knoop.

Thanks to Facebook I've seen many photos of our cars over the years that I may never have seen otherwise.
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So, as Paul Harvey would be keen to say at the closing of his regular syndicated national broadcast daily noontime news program - 'This is Paul Harvey, ... Good day!' - which was delivered with a down note on Harvey, then an up-tone note on the word, day.

... notes from The EDJE

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