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2nd Annual Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show

The invitation only Founders Reception unveiled the plans for the museum. It included some of Mr. Shelby’s collection followed by a presentation about the museum. Image Credit: Brandon O'Brien - Motor Driven Images (2014)

2nd Annual Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show
Entry Written and Photography by: Brandon O’Brien / Motor Driven Images

The weekend of May 17, 2014 was a big one for Carroll Shelby fans in the greater Los Angeles area. 

The single day event took place at the new home of the Carroll Shelby Automotive Museum at 19021 S. Figueora  Street, Gardena, California.  It featured at least one original example of the cars produced during the life of Carroll Shelby.   

The only models that appeared to be absent were the Toyota 2000 GT, and the Dodge powered Shelby’s. Did you realize that Shelby had a hand in these?

Mr. Shelby’s children, Pat and Mike Shelby, were in attendance, along with their spouses and children. They shared personal stories of their father. Image Credit: Brandon O'Brien - Motor Driven Images (2014)

Featured speakers included the legendary Bob Bondurant who was a factory team driver and co-drove with Dan Gurney  the 1964 Le Mans winning  GT class Daytona Coupe; A.J. Baine a journalist and author of “Go Like Hell”; Lucas Foster a film producer; Lynn Park an avid Cobra collector and a close friend of the late Carroll Shelby; and finally Aaron Shelby, Carroll Shelby’s grandson.  The fans loved hearing the many stories from these individuals.

The car show featured over 75 Ford and Shelby offerings including authentic early and current Shelby American cars as well as some very historic Cobras.  The building which also houses the Shelby American engine shop was full of the authentic Cobras while the outside area contained all the old and current Shelby American offerings as well as “replica” cars including, Cobras, Daytona Cobras, and a GT-40.  

Shelby AC Cobra badge. Image Credit: Brandon O'Brien - Motor Driven Images (2014)

Those historic Cobras included the prototype 260 Cobra CSX2000 that was assembled during one long day and night in 1962 at Dean Moon’s shop in Santa Fe Springs; CSX2005 another 260 Cobra was used exclusively by the Shelby School of High Performance Driving located at Riverside Raceway; CSX2589 the final 289 Cobra built, personally owned by Carroll Shelby until the time of his death; and CSX2299 the 1964 Le Mans winning Daytona Cobra. For Cobra fans these can be considered “holy” (images below).

This was a fun filled event and we can now look forward to the 3rd Annual Tribute and car show next spring.

NOTE: The Carroll Hall Shelby Trust unveiled plans for the new Carroll Shelby Automotive Museum (CSAM) at a founder’s reception on May 16, 2014, in Gardena, California. The museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to educate the public about the high performance automotive industry. The CSAM is being formed by the Trust around the private collection of Mr. Shelby to celebrate his legacy and to inspire future generations.

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