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Four Questions With KV Racing Technology-Lotus Driver, E.J. Viso

KV Racing Technology-Lotus #59 Dallara driven by ChampCar alumni EJ Viso as he takes turn #9 during qualifications at the 37th Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2011)

Four Questions With KV Racing Technology-Lotus Driver, E.J. Viso

E.J. Viso Interview, July 21, 2011

Ernesto José Viso Lossada (born March 19, 1985) is a Venezuelan race car driver. He is commonly referred to as Ernesto Viso or, since his move to American racing, E.J. Viso.

Viso was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He has raced in the 2005 and 2006 GP2 Series seasons, and has also driven the third car for Spyker MF1 Racing. In 2007 he competed in the GP2 Series for Racing Engineering. Starting in 2008, he raced in the United States for HVM Racing which had just merged into the IndyCar Series (ICS) from the ChampCar World Series (CCWS). He raced through the next year until joining another CCWS merged team of KV Racing Technology-Lotus in 2010.

We catch up with E.J. before the second race of a 2 race swing through Canada, the 11th race in a 18 race season at Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

You are now in your second season with KVRT-Lotus, do you have opportunities to learn by sharing information, technical feedback or experiences with teammates and their engineers?

Yes, it’s always good being part of a team. A lot of what we’re doing now is a continuation of work we started last year with Takuma and the guys, and Tony brings new information. We really don’t change very much, its more like evolving the program and it just keeps growing.

You had some tough luck in Toronto [Race 10 of 18 in 2011] but still finished pretty well. Is that kind of representative of your year so far?

Well, I did have some bad luck with punctures in Toronto. I think really every race this year except maybe Iowa, where we had a major problem with the car, we’ve always been very competitive, running a lot in 5th or 6th, but unfortunately we haven’t finished as many races as we’d like. Sometimes my fault, sometimes the team’s and sometimes other circumstances, but we know we’re good, we know we have the speed , we’re getting better all the time and just need to stay strong and do it.

E.J. as he gets instructions from the team manager in the pits at the Honda Indy Toronto. Image Credit: LAT/Webb via Motor Sports Unplugged (2011)

Nobody is familiar with this new Edmonton track, but with the long straightaways and hairpins many drivers say there are passing opportunities but it could be a demolition derby. What are your thoughts?

That’s probably true. The first corner is way slower than it looks and is very tight in the exit. It’s almost like a dragster, you’ve got to stop and go, so car setup is very important and you need good braking and good traction. I’m sure a lot of people are going to be driving very soft cars to try to accommodate the needs of the track. With 3 very slow corners you’ll need to get power early.

This race, I think, is going to be similar to Toronto. It’s funny, because my mentality there was only to finish. I never, ever, took any kind of risk during the race and kind of let the race come to me and that’s the same mentality to bring to this place. It will be a very physically demanding race here, it’s easy to make mistakes and there are going to be some accidents. Just by keeping calm, having good pit stops and trying to save a little fuel so the last stop is as fast as possible is important.

On the business side of things how has the relationship with a name like Lotus affected your ability to expand your personal brand or create marketing opportunities?

The program we put together, that is, Lotus and KV, is very important. At the end of the day KV is a team, but Lotus is a car company, is bigger and very appealing to sponsors and the media. It’s positive for me, the team, for everybody and I hope it’s the first of many years.

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FOOTNOTE: E.J. Viso, in "Knockout" qualifying made it into the "Firestone Fast Six" and registered a P5. KV Racing Technology-Lotus teammate, Takuma Sato took his second pole position of the season, and his first road course pole position in the IndyCar Series.

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