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Will Power's Trophy Run At Mid-Ohio ... Tweet By Tweet

IZOD Indy Car Honda 200 pre-race ceremonies under way on pit lane. Image Credit: 99forever

Will Power's Trophy Run At Mid-Ohio ... Tweet By Tweet

VersusIndyCar Job description has momentarily changed for part of the race, I am in charge of the "dump button" - wish me luck

IndyCarNation While they run through the starting line up, who do you think has the coolest driver name?

IZOD Indy Car Honda 200 is off and running!

IndyCarPR Lap 1: Pro Football Hall of Famer Lynn Swann waves the GREEN. #12 Power leads the field into Turn 4 to start the race.

Tony Kanaan off the course!

Takuma Sato passes Frnachitti for second place

IndyCarNation Franchitti is all over Sato right now.

openpaddock Dario overtakes Sato for P2 using an overtake assist...#IZODIndyCar

IndyCarNation de Silvestro is holding her own in 8th. Franchitti takes Sato for P2.

indy44 I'm willing to bet TK still finishes top ten after that bad start.

99forever Lap 4, Milka's just entering the carousel as Howard is exiting it.

sidepodcast sato drops back a place, now 3rd. watch and comment on today's izod indycar here: #indycar

RHR passes Castroneves for P5

IndyCarNation Power and Franchitti have pulled away from Sato. Dixon is considering a move for 3rd.

PantherRacing Looks like we're hanging tight in P13, our man @packdady says we're clear by 4 behind. #indycar

FollowMidOhio IZOD Indy Car Honda 200 Lap 6: Power, Franchitti, Sato, Dixon, Hunter-Reay

toomuchracing Apologies for the delay, I was detained at Mum's... now watching IndyCar

luvindycar Pre-Race News and Notes From Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio: Just a few quick bits of information before the IZOD Indy...

99forever So we have the field (including TK), a gap, Dracone and Howard, a gap... a gap... a gap... then Milka.

openpaddock Howard looking up the inside of Dracone

lookingspiffy How vague sounding is "Mid-Ohio"? It's like saying "Texas-ish." Or "Top Left of Wyoming". #IndyCar

openpaddock give Milka maybe 10 more laps

AllenWedge @toomuchracing having gone to track last year its perfectly appropriate; between cleveland and columbus in the middle of cornfields

IndyCarGarage @IndyCarNation @simdesilvestro looks good maybe a top five for her today ?

VersusIndyCar Top five right now are Power, Franchitti, Sato, dixon, and Hunter-Reay #IZODIndyCar #IndyCar

indy44 Pretty much all spread out now. Next position change will probably take place during pit stops.

99forever Milka leaving pits.

openpaddock Milka in and out...may have pulled her in to let the leaders go by

IndyCarGarage @openpaddock that's pretty generous. I would say she is lucky to make the twenty lap mark

toomuchracing RT @formula1blog: I'm confused. Why is the Versus guy talking about the "high side" of a corner? This is a road course #IZODIndycar

LAP 19 - Tony Kanaan comes into the pits - second one after Milka Duno

99forever Credit to Race Control for letting us know when people are being notified/warned. That's huge.

AllenWedge @toomuchracing you don't see track until the moment you arrive, its literally next to an Amish city/settlement

pressdog Milka doing 73 second laps compared to leader's 69. Somebody do the math.

IndyCarGarage @IndyCarNation agreed would love to see @RyanHunterReay win today. He was 4th last year driving for @AJFoytRacing

IndyCarNation Viso, Wilson and Andretti are in a good battle right now.

99forever The only one who hasn't lapped Milka twice is Dracone. Power's gaining on both of them. Tag into pits.

23 of 85 laps complete

indy44 Wilson into the dirt, killed the engine. EJ off course. Here comes the yellow time for pit stops.

IndyCarNation Now look for a ton of activity in pit lane. Teams are ready.

openpaddock That is the second time Viso has been involved in an iccident there this weekend

toomuchracing Replay: Wilson on the inside of Viso, EJ turns in without seeing him

IndyCarNation Pits are open. This is a big opportunity to gain positions.

FollowMidOhio L25, pits are open as the #8 car goes on the hook

RHR contacts Castroneves in the pits pushing Helio into Briscoe - ugly pit action!

IndyCarNation Hunter-Reay is limping back to the pits after contact with Castroneves on pit exit.

indy44 THREE WIDE! In the pits :(

99forever Not so much at the top end, apparently! RHR showing wing damage after contact with Helio on exit

indy44 RT @FirstTurnSpin: RHR radioed in "F*cking Helio.... we are done"

FAZZT77 @Tagliani pitted early & did not pit under yellow. He is the current leader #IndyCar @FollowMidOhio.

pressdog Welcome to your drinking phrase RT @KelsMinUSA: "The pits are tight" teehee

toomuchracing Sato lost out big time in the stops


After 3 corners, Takuma Sato overshoots corner and is out of the race - FULL COURSE CAUTION!


indy44 P1 Tagliani P2 TK P3 Dario P4 Power P5 Helio P6 Briscoe P7 Simona P8 Marco P9 Wheldon P10 Dixon

YELLOW Flag - third time in 10 laps

pressdog Vintage highlights were better than the present race

IndyCarNation Running Order: #77, #11, #10, #12, #3, #6, #78, #26, #4, #9, #32, #2, #36, #27, #02, #19, #06, #14, #7, #66, #24, #37, #34, #18, #5, #8, #22

adamcooperf1 ChampCar Champion Juan Pablo Montoya has finally scored his second career Sprint Cup win at Watkins Glen, 113 races after the first....

IndyCarNation Jay Howard #66 in the sand in turn 2, full course caution

99forever Alex getting some good air time. As silly as these yellows could get, he and TK are happy campers right now.


FollowMidOhio Tags, TK, Dario, Power, Helio are the top five thru 38/85 laps

99forever Really? Did I miss the replay? He had been in twice before then.. RT @shagers JR hit Howard. Definitely.

toomuchracing Tags leads at the restart with TK on older tyres trying to hold off Dario and Power with new tyres..

prismsinc #JuanPabloMontoya #Montoya #JuanPabloMontoya #Montoya #JuanPabloMontoya #Montoya #JuanPabloMontoya #Montoya #JuanPabloMontoya #Montoya

openpaddock Dracone (SP) aka the new guy is throwing nasty hand gestures at Milka down the front straight #IZODIndyCar

IndyCarGarage @GrahamRahal up 11 spots from his starting spot. A top ten within reach

IndyCarNation Jay Howard #66 car is being pushed down pit lane by his crew

IndyCarNation Flags are crossed. We are halfway to the finish. LAP 43 of 85.

AllenWedge RT: @whatimthinking: AFS car is confusing the hell out of me Keep thinking "what the hell is a FIL car doing in the middle of the pack?"

99forever TK into the pits.

racintoday Montoya wins at The Glen. #nascar

toomuchracing @IndyCarNation Not many would've predicted the current 1-2, let's see how the strategies play out

IndyCarNation Order after Kanaan pits: Tagliani #77, Franchitti #10, Power #12, Castroneves #3, Briscoe #6, de Silvestro #78, Andretti #26

toomuchracing For the record, Duno is only 2 laps down and 4sec/lap off the pace.

openpaddock well it is time for a Twitter commercial...aka smoke and restroom break

indy44 LAP 50 - P1 Tagliani P2 Dario P3 Power P4 Helio P5 Briscoe P6 Simona P7 Marco P8 Dixon P9 Baguette P10 Wheldon

IndyCarNation Can Tagliani pull out a surprise win? Pit in three laps with 10 car lengths on Franchitti.

FAZZT77 Nice job by Team Manager Rob Edwards on @VERSUSIndyCar interview... #77 car will have to lap 55 or 56. #indycar

IndyCarGarage Chip just said. "Nextel cup race"

openpaddock ok...back...Jay Howard is getting the helmet back on...should be out soon

IndyCarNation FAAZT tweeting the Tagliani #77 car will have to pit on lap 55 or 56

openpaddock Milka in and out...but at this point who cares?

toomuchracing Green flag pitstops are under way

openpaddock Moraes in and out clean.....huge burnout...damn

TAGS IN, LAP 56 - Clean and fazzzt pitstop!

openpaddock green flag stops happening fast and furious

Will Power clips Milka Duno - Castroneves pits in and out ... almost in front of TAGS!

indy44 Holy sheep shit. Power almost crashed into Milka. Helio bails into the pits.

Frnachitti and Power in the pits - Franchitti in front of Power and both are in front of Helio and TAGS!

openpaddock Rahal in the tires - backs out and continues.

IndyCarGarage looks like this will come down to Dario and Power....back luck for @grahamrahal

LAP 63 of 85

toomuchracing Yellow - Dracone is off course

FollowMidOhio lap 63, #FCY as Franchitti, Power, Castroneves lead

pressdog Oh shit. Reatart late with power P2 ring any bells?

99forever Graham just came in and put on a set of blacks.

IndyCarNation Lap 64 of 85: #10, #12, #3, #77, #6, #78, #9, #26, #36, #2, #32, #4, #37, #19, #27, #14, #24, #11, #7, #06, #02, #34, #18, #66, #5, #8, #22

IndyCarGarage Agreed best race of the season for @simdesilvestro ..RT @PippaMann: Someone please talk about @simdesilvestro! 6th place and ahead of Dixon!

GREEN, GREEN, GREEN - Milka Duno spins and continues - LAP 66

@simdesilvestro looses a position on restart to Dixon.

YELLOW Flag - Dracone #34 spins and stalls on front straightaway.

openpaddock Drivers coming through the pits due to obstruction on track

PippaMann RT @MitchDoner: Let's go @TAGLIANI, @simdesilvestro, and @berbaguette!! #IZODIndyCar

IndyCarNation Dracone #34 restarted by the safety team and underway, pits are open

pressdog Power is an animal on restarts. HE WILL NOT BE GAPPED coming to the start.


Power trails Franchitti by only .75 seconds

IndyCarNation Simona de Silvestro looking to better her best finish of 9th in Toronto by running in 6th place

openpaddock Helio sitting in third with the mission

IndyCarNation Top Ten after 71 of 85 laps: Franchitti, Power, Castroneves, Tagliani, Dixon, Briscoe, de Silvestro, Andretti, Matos, Baguette

pressdog I will be completely shocked if Power doesn't make a run at Dario before we're done.

IndyCarNation Matos past Marco.

openpaddock Dario starting to gap power a little...just a little

99forever Rafa just got Simona during commercial for P7.

IndyCarNation 10 laps to go. What are your predictions?

indy44 P1 Dario P2 Power P3 Helio P4 Tagliani P5 Dixon P6 Briscoe P7 Matos P8 Simona P9 Marco P10 Baguette

toomuchracing Matos is flying - He's passed 2 cars and halfway up to the next already

RHR back into the top 10 after having problems earlier in the race.

openpaddock RHR past Baguette...great drive for Baguette todaay...real low key solid run

pressdog RHR is a big fan of the no defending rule right now.

FollowMidOhio Franchitti leads Power by 1.25 with 7 laps to go

PippaMann Liking that @VersusIndyCar is explaining how the rule everyone hated in Edmonton is helping promote better racing here at Mid Ohio.

IndyCarNation 80 of 85 laps: #10, #12, #3, #77, #9, #6, #2, #78, #26, #37, #36, #32, #19, #4, #14, #24, #27, #11, #7, #06, #02, #18, #34, #66, #5, #8, #22

FAZZT77 5 laps to go in #IndyCar race at Mid-Ohio. @Tagliani is holding his own in P4.

Power pulls up on Dario Franchitti and may challenge for the lead over the last three laps

IndyCarNation RHR into the Top-10. Impressive considering they replaced a steering arm and stayed on the lead lap.

pressdog This is why I like Power. He wants to WIN. Settle for points is for the weak.


Dario Franchitti leads Will Power by .5234 to the finish line!!!


Dario gets his second race of the season ... Target Chip Ganassi Racing is on a roll by winning its NASCAR Race with Juan Pablo Montoya at Watkins Glen and the IndyCar race here by Dario Franchitti!

The race could have been cleaner but it was an interesting race to listen to and see through the words of Twitter!

pressdog T&S looks like @danicapatrick ran out of gas or went off course and got inhaled by 5 people on the last lap.

Dario is now 12th on the all time IRL win list and passes Gordon Johncock!

toomuchracing That means Ganassi wins 3 races this weekend: IndyCar, NASCAR Cup and GrandAm

VersusIndyCar P1-10 Dario, Power, Helio, Tagliani, Dixon, Briscoe, Matos, de Silvestro, Andretti, and Hunter-Reay #IZODIndyCar

VersusIndyCar P11-20 Baguette, Moraes, lloyd, Wheldon, Meira, Hildebrand, Kanaan, Mutoh, Carroll, and Rahal #IZODIndyCar

VersusIndyCar P21-27 Patrick, Dracone, Duno, Howard, Sato, Viso, and Wilson #IZODIndyCar #IndyCar

IndyCarNation Simona de Silvestro finished eighth, a career best IZOD IndyCar Series finish. Her previous best finish was ninth at Toronto.

IndyCarNation Danica Patrick has tied Scott Dixon’s record of 28 consecutive races running at the finishes.

toomuchracing Credit where due. RT @99forever: Also worth pointing out: Milka ran the entire race. She finished four laps down, but running at the end.

FAZZT77 Nice job @Tagliani ! Team started #Indycar race in 14th spot and takes the checkered in 4th! Awesome team work. #IZODIndyCar

IndyCarNation Congrats to Will Power for clinching the Mario Andretti Road/Street Course Trophy for the points championship today!

IndyCarNation Congratulations to Dario Franchitti winner of today's race at Mid Ohio.

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