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Tweeting The Glen 2010 - IZOD IndyCar Series Race #9

Last year's winner for Dale Coyne Racing at The Glen, Dreyer Reinbold Racing's Justin Wilson. Image Credit: IZOD IndyCar Series

Tweeting The Glen 2010 - IZOD IndyCar Series Race #9

Team Penske drivers Helio Castroneves and Ryan Briscoe had combined to win the first five poles since the IndyCar Series began racing at the storied road course in upstate New York's Finger Lakes region, but neither had delivered a victory.

This year, the stage is set for either a Penske win in a big way or a colossal failure in that Team Penske has placed all three drivers in the top three spots on the grid. ChampCar transition driver Will Power, in his first full season ride with Penske racing, who has won two of the eight races run this year, captured the pole for this year's running of the Camping World Grand Prix at Watkin's Glen.

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Will Power, the Mario Andretti Road Course Championship points leader, won the PEAK Performance Pole Award for the fifth time this season with a lap of 1 minute, 29.3164 seconds on the 3.4-mile, 11-turn circuit during the Firestone Fast Six shootout.

Teammate Helio Castroneves (1:29.4609) was second – the first time this season a team has swept the front row – while Ryan Briscoe (1:29.9346) and reigning series champion Dario Franchitti will share Row 2. Team Penske started 1-2-3 at Edmonton in '09.

Takuma Sato made his third Firestone Fast Six appearance in the No. 5 Lotus KV Racing Technology car and will be on the third row with defending race winner Justin Wilson in the No. 22 Z-Line Designs car for Dreyer & Reinbold Racing.

The top six were separated by less than a second. Six different teams are represented on the first three rows.
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Will Power takes the PEAK Performance Pole Award for the 60-lap Camping World Grand Prix at The Glen ... a 3.4-mile, 11-turn road course. Image Credit: IZOD IndyCar Series

The following are comments made via "tweets" on Twitter during the running of the Camping World Grand Prix at The Glen ... the ninth race of this 2010 17 race season and the second round of twisty street/road courses that were the bread and butter on the former ChampCar World Series.

TheEDJE This 4th of July has special meaning - It's all about our personal freedoms - Happy Independence Day To All! #IZOD #irl #indycar #power #ccws

While your waiting for the green flag, check out some pics from the entire weekend.

Marco26Web Let's roll! RT @garytrib: @Andretti26 car ready to go!

indy44 The fire is lit. Let's see a clean start drivers!

pressdog Beer of the race ..... engaged.

MikeM_PR Start will be 2nd time by

AllenWedge Some people are annoyed when they show NASCAR clips during #IZODIndyCar races, I enjoy it because stock cars are (and look) soooo slow

FastMachines The command to start engine by the Camping World exec was kind of limp. Get that guy a Monavie or a Venom energy drink! #IndyCar

DRRIndyCar Almost time for the green flag...

GREEN, GREEN, GREEN - Camping World Grand Prix at The Glen gets started

IndyCarNation Green Flag! Lap one complete @wgi

indy44 Wow Sato almost took out Dixon at the start.

sidepodcast watching indycar at watkins glen, and live commenting here: #izodindycar

IndyCarNation Top 5 after 3 laps: Power, Briscoe, Castroneves, Franchitti, Dixon.

DRRIndyCar Dixon just passed JW...

IndyCarNation Top pick Paul Tracy on the poll for surprise drive at The Glen is in 9th. Up 3 spots.

AllenWedge For those who don't realize Adam Carroll has been out of competition for almost a year, and A1GP didn't have flying starts, yet he's 10th

indy44 P1 Power P2 Briscoe -1.11286 P3 Dario -1.3630 P4 Wilson -4.88897 P5 Sato -5.4521

IndyCarNation Dixon with front wing damage. Helio with left rear damage. Look for pit action.

MikeM_PR Dixon and helio get together @justinwilson22 P4 as a result of that

SpeedJournal (SI) Hunter-Reay secures sponsorship for rest of year #autoracing

AllenWedge last night TNT had their own version of side-by-side, have to say I liked it better, kept race full screen with box for commercials

indy44 Huge mistake by Dixon runs into the back of Helio.

deferrandragon Made up 2 positions in 2 laps! Rafa's on a hot streak!

IndyCarNation Top 5 after pit activity. Power, Briscoe, Franchitti, Wilson, Sato.

BeccyGordon @RyanHunterReay is P9... Only comment so far is, understeer.

kvracing 10 laps out of 60. Sato in #5 car is P5, Moraes in #32car is P8 and Viso in #8 car has moved to P22. Power leadsa briscoe, then franchitti

Image Credit: IZOD IndyCar Series

YELLOW Flag - Full course caution - Dan Weldon gets tapped by Alex Lloyd and spins to a stall.

indy44 Somewhere a National Guardsman is punching a Boy Scout.

DRRIndyCar Wilson is battling for position with Sato...

AllenWedge Sato got around Wilson for 4th... trying not to jinx Takuma, so just mentioning pass is as close as I'll get

bobbydracing watching IZOD Indy Car @ Watkins Glenn! I wanna be back there next year! Love the series and the track!

IndyCarNation Wheldon got it started. Still in the field.

Pits Open -

DRRIndyCar Both JW and PT are pitting now...Both will get fuel, switch to the black tires, and get a turn of front wing...

RHR Stalls - looses valuable positions

MikeM_PR @justuinwilson22 first stop 4 tires,fuel, and front wing adj. P15 some cars did not pit

IndyCarNation Lloyd issued penalty for avoidable contact. Green flag!

AllenWedge Interesting mix at front of the field for the restart, and of course ABC is still at commercial... has Comcast merged with NBC yet?

GREEN, GREEN, GREEN - Camping World Grand Prix at The Glen - Restarts

kvracing Green Flag. After most of field pitted and Viso stayed out, he is now P2. Moraes P9, Sato P10. Lap 19 of 60

Top three cars stayed out ...

IndyCarNation Top 5 after 19 laps. Dixon, Viso, Tagliani, Castroneves, Power.

IndyCarNation Found in the S's...Dixon's wing when he and & Helio made contact.

curtcavin Alex Lloyd charged with hitting Wheldon. Sent to the back. #indycar

pressdog This is NOYB according to ABC but. ...RT @IndyCarNation: Lloyd issued penalty for avoidable contact. Green flag!

AllenWedge Since ABC doesn't care to notice I'll keep the Matos updates coming, he just got Dario for 7th (3rd of cars who pitted under yellow)

IndyCarNation Romancini has a little spin in front of Patrick and keeps going.

Mario Romancini works a little magic at The Glen. Image Credit: IZOD IndyCar

indy44 Mario romancing the wheel saves it.

curtcavin BTW: D&R says it's "mix and match" with drivers the rest of the season. I gathered it will be Graham at Toronto, but they wouldn't commit.

indy44 There's been black flags for less. RT @pressdog: @LPXmusic total chop by tracy. If danica does that? But for tracy it is ok for some reason.

PantherRacing Somebody need to share with Alex Lloyd where the passing zones are and maybe do an eye exam. #indycar

IndyCarNation Random driver updates after 23 laps. Viso in 2nd, Matos in 7th, Mutoh in 15th, Tracy in 19th.

DRRIndyCar Lap 23....JW P13 and PT P19..

indy44 Top 5 Dixon Viso Helio Tagliani Power

IndyCarNation If you're not in front of a TV, you can follow live video and timing & scoring online, here:

kvracing Viso will b pitting from 2nd place next lap. Alternate tires and fuel.

AllenWedge I love Marty Reid, he's so surprised Dixon is still out there, yet Helio (who pitted on same lap) is not all that surprising in the least

kvracing Dixon and Castroneves in to pits, moving Moraes to P5 and Sato to P10.

AllenWedge hahaha even coming out of the pits Milka is too slow so Helio has to make it 3 wide between turns 1-2

curtcavin This might bite me, but early returns on Adam Carroll are very good. #indycar

TheEDJE Alex Lloyd retires from the race - mechanical (I think the Boy Scout couldn't handle being in the back of the pack) #IZOD #irl #ics #TheGlen

IndyCarNation Lloyd has retired. It's lap 29 and Power is back in P1.

AllenWedge Marco has been trying to pass TK for about 10 laps now, curious if he'd be more aggressive if it were someone else

Dale_Nixon Uh Marco, exactly why would you expect @TonyKanaan to "let" you by? #IndyCar

deferrandragon Top 3 are Power, Briscoe and Rafa

TheEDJE @deferrandragon You Goooooo CCWS!

deferrandragon Rafa has lost telemetry and can now only communicate via radio with crew

pressdog Is Will Power driving with his knees?

Push-To-Pass - Of the top three, Matos has only 5 of his 20 pushes left.

kvracing Lap 35, Moraes P5, Sato P10 & Viso P18. Window for pitting is next few laps. Sato pitting lap 37, Moraes lap 38

curtcavin Everyone in unison: That Power kid ain't bad. #indycar

momn3boys It's beautiful up there in Upstate NY, Watkins Glen gorge is amazing. Fun weekend, great place to watch racing! Def comng back #Indycar @wgi

Power leads by 1.57 seconds and a couple of more P2P's and coming into the pits on LAP 37. Power and Briscoe take REDS

AllenWedge Briscoe beats Power out of the pits, don't think Power is going to settle for that even if they are teammates #IZODIndyCar

YELLOW Flag - Full course caution - DeSilvestra collects the ARAMCO barrier

TheEDJE The leaders who pitted before the Yellow, should be good to go 'till the end #IZOD #irl #ics #indycar

AllenWedge boo every time we're about to get a crazy set of strategies against each other we always manage to get a yellow to negate it all

kvracing Yellow Flag lap 39 for de silvestro. Moraes and Sato have already pitted. Viso will pit once the pits are opened.

IndyCarNation Yellow flag. Grab another drink and enjoy the rest of the race.

Dixon looses ground with the YELLOW Flag - will pit and end up at the end of pack ... Viso - REDS and Castroneves - Blacks also come in

curtcavin New goal of Dixon and Helio: Get what they can. #indycar

pressdog Hope it's a war, that is.

Dale_Nixon @tomasscheckter Ill take Dario then...

TheEDJE @pressdog - You like a race like I like a race ... UGLY - War's on between Briscoe and Power

MikeM_PR @justinwilson22 came in for a slash of fuel to be able to run hard to the end

SpeedFreaks @Dale_Nixon I've never been fan of holding races on holiday wknds as people want to travel 2b w/ friends and family, not necessarily sports

Dale_Nixon @SpeedFreaks yeah agreed. The late local time of this race makes it a tough travel too. I didn't get home until 2 am in 2007

GREEN, GREEN, GREEN - Camping World Grand Prix at The Glen - Restarts

TheEDJE Power takes Briscoe in the Bus Stop - Way to go!

pressdog Power is a goddamn road animal.

openpaddock Thinking after today, and @IndyCarNation may be the only way to watch the race when I am not there!

tomasscheckter Mad respect for will power he does not mess around.

gassracing That's what happens when you have a quality driver RT @PantherRacing: Gotta admit when the @NationalGuard car (cont)

kvracing Lap 45 of 60. Moraes #32car is P6, Viso #8car is P15 & Sato #5car is P18

TheEDJE Franchitti gets around Briscoe for P2 ... drops Briscoe to P3 - Power may actually get some competition

AllenWedge A pass for 2nd = ABC at commercial #IZODIndyCar we've got at least 7 more commercials in this race right?

IndyCarNation Let's see what Dario has for Will. Lots of racing left.

curtcavin Just heard someone say Dario keeps fuel in a vile in his pocket. LOL! #indycar

Dale_Nixon I think we've all got marty rattled now - oh wait he's always like that

IndyCarNation Some more random driver updates. Moraes in 6th, Wilson in 12th, Tag in 18th, Meria in P22.

indy44 Good showing by P4 Matos P5 Wheldon P6 Moraes P7 RHR

Dale_Nixon @curtcavin Chris Simmons - best fuel calc engineer on pit lane. My pick remains Dar-i-o on the farm-i-o

Ten LAPS to go!

kvracing 10 laps remain. Moraes remains P6, Viso moving up to P14 and Sato P19.

IndyCarNation Ten laps to go. Is Dario waiting for the right moment, or is Power too strong?

curtcavin It seems to me: The title comes down to Power or Dario. #indycar

IndyCarNation Drivers aren't afraid to kick up some dust. Looks like everyone's fighting for positions.

IndyCarNation [Photos] Go Daddy helmets - IZOD IndyCar Series posted a photo: Ready for the race.

curtcavin Dixon and HCN in a duel mid-pack! #indycar

indy44 Power leading by .8620

openpaddock Come on Dario!!!! #IZODIndyCar

IndyCarNation Looks like Andretti, Dixon, Helio and Wilson are having some fun. Dario just picked up the pace.

Dale_Nixon What happened to @paultracy3 and carroll? They are a ways back now... #indycar

IndyCarNation Matos is having an impressive 4th place drive. But he's got company.

openpaddock Told Power he would be ok and the gap grows a little...that guy is awesome! Sooo fast!

AllenWedge Mario Moraes got around Wheldon, don't worry about that ABC viewers, it was only for 5th place

Franchitti is 1.3 seconds behind Power.

pressdog Hard to judge attendance by TV. I'd keep WG ahead of Mid O and Infineon based on qual of racing.

indy44 Dario's mirrors all full of Briscoe

kart58 Wow - looks like KV racing's drivers will both finish.... finally.

IndyCarNation Power's lead increases. P5-P8 looks like it could get exciting.

pressdog Power will win barring air strike.

indy44 2 laps left, time to make a move if possible.

Last Lap - Franchitti baubles and Briscoe takes over P2 on turn 1

indy44 Kanaan has to fuel then kills engine that sucks.

openpaddock announcer just called Dario veggiemite (sp)...slightly disturbing!

The only multiple winner in the ICS this year, breaks the Penske jinx of not winning from pole at Watkins Glen ... Will Power takes a win at the Glen!!!!

deferrandragon Rafa matches career best with 4th place finish. Nice bounce back by him and the team.

SpeedFreaks Good job, Sunshine??? Will Power's new nickname?? Guess those Verizon commercials with he and Justin Allgaier haven't really worked. LOL!

IndyCarNation Congrats to Will Power. Some great drives. Matos, Moraes & Wheldon come to mind. Thoughts?

indy44 Will Power is insane on the road and street courses. Made it look easy.

Camping World Grand Prix at The Glen Podium: Power beat Briscoe by 1.2 seconds and Dario Franchitti finished third, ahead of Raphael Matos and Mario Moraes. Briscoe passed Franchitti entering the first turn of the final lap. Image Credit: IZOD IndyCar

How they fared (** denotes CCWS driver or team transition affliation):

Pos  Driver               Team                    Time/Gap
1. Will Power** Penske 1h40m27.4391s
2. Ryan Briscoe Penske + 1.2181s
3. Dario Franchitti Ganassi + 1.4573s
4. Raphael Matos** De Ferran Dragon + 5.3454s
5. Mario Moraes** KV** + 9.3229s
6. Dan Wheldon Panther + 9.7523s
7. Ryan Hunter-Reay Andretti + 10.5003s
8. Scott Dixon Ganassi + 12.0546s
9. Helio Castroneves Penske + 12.9834s
10. Justin Wilson** Dreyer & Reinbold + 13.5635s
11. EJ Viso** KV** + 18.7591s
12. Hideki Mutoh Newman/Haas + 20.2279s
13. Marco Andretti Andretti + 26.6965s
14. Paul Tracy** Dreyer & Reinbold + 27.7310s
15. Takuma Sato KV** + 28.8774s
16. Adam Caroll AFS/Andretti + 29.3624s
17. Alex Tagliani** Fazzt + 35.3753s
18. Bertrand Baguette Conquest** + 36.5350s
19. Vitor Meira Foyt + 36.9869s
20. Danica Patrick Andretti + 38.2675s
21. Tony Kanaan Andretti + 38.6700s
22. Mario Romancini Conquest** + 1 lap
23. Milka Duno Dale Coyne** + 3 laps


Simona de Silvestro HVM** 38 laps
Alex Lloyd Dale Coyne** 22 laps

... notes from The EDJE

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