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Tokyo 2009: The Greening Of Zoom-Zoom With MAZDA Sky Engines, Transmission

The Kiyora (which translates to clean and pure) might just be the showstopper when it is revealed to the press on October 21. Mazda has just released new photos and details of the Kiyora to a crowd of mixed reactions. The Japanese Anime styling seems to provoke love-hate emotions from the Mazda community. Is it a hatchback? Why is it smiling at me? It looks very leafy. These are just a few of the comments that the Kiyora photos have gained so far. Caption & Image Credit: All Small Cars

Tokyo 2009: The Greening Of Zoom-Zoom With MAZDA Sky Engines, Transmission

Way back in March 2007, Mazda set forth a program known as "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom upon which a long-term course was charted. Mazda and its design, engineering, and marketing departments would create automobile technology that would excite, look inviting to drive, fun to drive enough to want to drive them again, and all of this with the overlay of being improved in terms of a sustainable future for cars, people, and the Earth.

The SKY-G is the Mazda company's take on a thrifty gasoline engine. Although the company hasn't yet released any specifications on the motor other than displacement (1.3 litre), it does claim the all-new direct-injection engine delivers a 15 percent increase in fuel economy and torque over the company's present 2.0-liter I-4. If installed in a Mazda3, the engine could purportedly return fuel economy similar to a Mazda2. Caption & Image Credit: Automobile Magazine

The Sky-Drive transmission: A six-speed automatic with a revolutionary lockup clutch that will be faster than any automatic gearbox to date. Caption & Image Credit: All Small Cars

At the 41st Tokyo Motor Show which starts today, Saturday, October 24, 2009, Mazda will debut its Mazda SKY concept, and Mazda SKYTECH to the masses that will walk the floor to see what is new. Mazda SKYTECH is defined as "Innovative technology for driving pleasure and excellent environmental performance", and what will be premiered to the world at the Tokyo show will be two engines and one transmission wraped up in a Kiyora Concept set of wheels.

This excerpted and edited from the Mazda Website -

Concept Car "Mazda Kiyora"

“Mazda Kiyora” is a near-future, compact concept car engineered to simultaneously achieve next-generation environmental performance alongside Mazda's trademark driving fun. It is powered by the next-generation “Mazda SKY-G* 1.3L” direct injection gasoline engine coupled with the next-generation six-speed “Mazda SKY-Drive”* automatic transmission. We also added Mazda's unique idling stop system “i-stop” and a regenerative braking system. Combined with the 100kg weight reduction and improved aerodynamics, these technologies enable the “Mazda Kiyora” to achieve ultra-low fuel consumption of 32km/L under Japan's 10-15 mode fuel consumption.
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The SKY-D diesel engine: Offers a 20 percent jump in fuel efficiency over the current 2.2 liter. This improvement is achieved by a changed combustion chamber shape and further optimized fuel delivery. A two-stage turbocharger and piezo injectors also help to improve fuel economy. According to Mazda, this engine installed in a Mazda6 could return fuel economy figures comparable to a Mazda2. Caption & Image Credit: Automobile Magazine

The 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, which opened to the press on Oct. 21, was once the premier auto show in Asia. The 41st edition of this Tokyo based event has been dramatically reduced in size. Many of the major American and European automakers are skipping it due to world economic woes and issues with wholesale Governmental takeovers and major changes in management philosophy. Japanese automakers are continuing to support the show, however, with important introductions of new models, green manufacturing, and design concepts.

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