Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fans, Anarchy, VERSUS TV ... FANARCHY! 'Nuff Said!

Fanarcy on VERSUS is a place where fans take over the message ... the message that's in THEIR head, and share it with you (Ctrl-Click photo to launch video). Image Credit: VERSUS TV

Fans, Anarchy, VERSUS TV ... FANARCHY! 'Nuff Said!

Ever wish, when you were watching a program of sports (any sports competition) on television, that when you started shouting at the screen when the action in the program was going dreadfully wrong, it could be shared with other like minded, opinionated nuts just like yourself?

It would have been great this last weekend, for example, to vent when EJ Viso bumped with Robert Doornbos and Ryan Hunter-Reay and all three cars had to retire to the pits (Doornbos was able to return and gain a point in his rookie of the year quest) from the Iowa Corn Indy 250 presented by Pioneer, and ask - Hey, EJ, why can't YOU finish a race?, and - Why did you have to damage the chances of the field of five (that's right, only five in Iowa) Transition Players entered in this race (so much for the merger - Viso, Doornbos, Moraes, Wilson, and Rahal - only Rahal was running at the end, five laps off of the pace at 11th position)? - See?

Well there is a program of sports psychosis on VERSUS TV (check cable or satellite for listing and will air regularly on Tuesday nights at 10:30 p.m. ET, beginning June 16) headed up by Zach Selwyn named FANARCHY. Selwyn is uniquely qualified to host this program because he beat out a potential crowd of over 20,000 in his effort to appear on the first season of the ESPN's reality show Dream Job. Selwyn debuted on the show in its second episode back on February 29, 2004. He went on to finish third - Tony Kornheiser later apologized for not picking Selwyn to actually be on his popular show "Pardon the Interruption" and admitted he had made a mistake leaving him at third place.

Charles Barkley says that high school basketball players should have to spend two years in college before being drafted. Do the fans agree? Find out on FANARCY, Tuesdays at 10:30ET on VERSUS.

FANARCHY is a show by the fans for the fans, bringing the robust online world of sports banter to life on television. Each FANARCHY episode will feature seven very opinionated sports fans appearing on-air via their personal webcams (in a kind of a Brady Bunch face-box grid layout). From on-the-field and off-the-field athlete/star antics and bogus referee calls to what they, the fans, would’ve done if they were the athlete, coach or owner. FANARCHY guests will be giving their unvarnished take on anything and everything from the outrageous and controversial to what might be currently happening in sports in a frenzied back-and-forth style.

Think of it as kind'a a Best Damn Sports Show ... without all the basketball, comedy, and professional announcer drive-by stars and guest hosting ... after all, FANARCHY features you, the fan, and that can't be all bad, can it? OK, OK, OK, we will at least have Zach Selwyn to bail us all out ... with a song, maybe. Did you know he was also an accomplished band leader and musician?

Now is the time for Zach to bump us out with a tune! Queue the band ... fade to black.

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