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Kansas INDY - Play By Play Via Tweet By Tweet

Vision Racing's team owner, Tony George, checking on "Tweets" in the Vision Racing Twitter account during morning warm ups before the race. Image Credit: Vision Racing

Kansas INDY - Play By Play Via Tweet By Tweet

The first oval race of the season has the teams and drivers of the IndyCar Series visiting Kansas Speedway and its 1.5 mile "tri-oval". It takes a blink of an eye to get around the track at over 200 miles per hour so the experiment of capturing the action on the track via "Tweets" on Twitter may be a tall challenge.

The weather at start time is threatening at best, wind and rain can become a factor that everyone may have to deal with. So let's begin and get this show on the track.

indy44Here's to a safe and rain free race people! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FuriousWedgeThat os one nasty looking radar

VERSUS comes on the screen live with the command for drivers to bring their cars to the course - a great Dan Weldon retrospective!

MyNameIsIRLFYI - About halfway through the stock car race at Talladega and the leader is...Sam Hornish Jr.

25 MPH winds gusting to 35 MPH sets the weather background of this gathering at Kansas Speedway.

Forboding skies above Kansas Speedway with nasty gusts of wind during Sunday warm up. Image Credit: Vision Racing

FuriousWedgeI want me one of those giant shopping carts on the Kansas track

TheEDJELooking forward to live tweeting the Road Runner Turbo Indy 300 being run at Kansas Speedway!

luczodragonLatest radar shows rain coming. Hoping it holds off long enough for Kansas race to be official

Long Beach Grand Prix review on VERSUS ... a decent race and a decent reception from IRL to Los Angeles and from Los Angeles to the IRL.

VisionRacingVision Racing cars being called to the grid. Driver intros coming up. Have a nice race everyone.

TheEDJE@VisionRacing We will be watching on ALL channels - Have a good outing with RHR and Ed!!!

FastMachinesTime for the first oval race of the Indy Car season. Who's your favorite? I think Helio will win from the back row. #indycar

FuriousWedgeHow great would it be if Tony finally got his Indy win to go with a afro on the Borg-Warner and all the winner's photos.

MyNameIsIRL@FuriousWedge If - I mean WHEN - Kanaan wins at Indy he might decide to never cut that hair again.

CrashGladysHelio still grinning ear to ear ;-) #indycar

FuriousWedge@CrashGladys apparently grinning about Danica's SHAPE cover photo

MyNameIsIRLBTW - I'm on the LiveBlog now. And twitter. I've cloned myself.

TheEDJE @MyNameIsIRL Keep 'em coming, this is warming up to be a great New Media effort all around!! ... Oh, and Go Bobby D!

kvracing1min till Driver Start Your Engine!

DRIVERS, START YOUR ENGINES - Radio broadcast from the IRL officials stating row by row, 1-Hot, 2-Hot, 3-Hot ... pretty cool.

IndyCarSeriesRT: @kvracing: Driver start your engine, all out on track for first warmup lap

kvracingGreen Green Green at Kansas Speedway, let's hope the rain stays away!!

The field at the start of the 2009 Road Runner Turbo 300 race at Kansas Speedway. Image Credit: Andy Sallee (2009)

IndyCarPRGREEN FLAG: #02 Rahal leads field into Turn 1

LAP 5 Kanaan takes it three wide and has to back out - way tight

kvracingP4 after the start, gained 4 spots.

VisionRacingCarpenter is P7. RHR working the weight jacker. P21

IndyCarPRLap 8: Lead change: #9 Dixon takes lead from #02 Rahal with a pass on the frontstretch.

TheEDJE@IndyCarPR ... Bobby D remains at third

LAP 14 Vitor Meira slows and Helio Castroneves rear ends Meira, debris takes off EJ Viso's wing

Helio Castroneves, Penske Racing gets into the back of Vitor Meira, A.J. Foyt Enterprises. Image Credit: Andy Sallee (2009)

FuriousWedgeHelio and Vitor into each other; are we going to get words like 2007 Michigan? Looks like Viso caught debris too.

LAP 16 All cars in for the first pitstop - Doornbos out first

IndyCarPR#06 Doornbos hit a tire from the #02 team on exit.

kvracingPit stopped, changed tires and more fuel. Yellow Flag at the moment! If your watching tv, that was me with the umbrella:)

IndyCarPR#06 Doornbos has been sent to the rear of the field for hitting the pit equipment. New leader is #9 Dixon.

VisionRacing@KVracing 's Fiona gets airtime for twirling umbrella trick.


TheEDJEGreat draft dicing action.

VisionRacingDixon leads on lap 25. Rahal and kanaan in pursuit. Ed is P6. Has been battling with Panther's Wheldon. P16 for Ryan.

VisionRacingCan't imagine how tough it must be to be battling this wind in turn 3+4

35 of 200 LAPS Complete

P5 after 35 laps and gradually pulling away from field, order is Dixon, Rahal, Kanaan, Briscoe, Moraes, Carpenter

IndyCarPRLap 40: #9 Dixon leads #02 Rahal by .6202 of a second. #13 Viso is off the pace.

EJ Viso out of the race - the damage suffered from the debris was more than just the wing.

My Indy Car pick, HCN, is back to 10th after early trouble. #indycar

FuriousWedgeThe outside line is killing momentum in turns 3-4, we just watched it kill Marco, Whedon and Kanaan all rapid fire

VisionRacing"Light on grip overall." says Ed. 5 laps until pitstops. Very gusty for cars out there.

Doornbos gets lapped on LAP 64 while maintaining P18

VisionRacing"Light on grip overall." says Ed. 5 laps until pitstops. Very gusty for cars out there.

65 of 200 LAPS complete

IndyCarPRLap 71: Leader #9 Dixon on pit road for service.

Scott Dixon, Target Chip Ganassi Racing makes a pitstop - Image Credit: Andy Sallee (2009)

FastMachinesWhy so NASCAR fans like crashfests? Big wreck with 8 to go, not a surprise.

VisionRacingStill loose in 3+4 says Ed. Currently P6. RHR is P15 and making gains. Had a good lap time.

IndyCarPRLap 80: Green flag stops complete. #9 Dixon leads #11 Kanaan by 3.3667 seconds.

85 of 200 LAPS Completed

Lap 90: #9 Dixon leads #11 Kanaan by 3.9404 seconds.

VisionRacingRHR being told to stiffen up front bar. He's having trouble staying on inside line. Ed is reporting a vibration in the 20 car.

IndyCarPRLap 93: #6 Briscoe to second place with a pass on the backstretch.

CAUTION - Luczo Dragon driver, Raphael Matos gets loose from the wash of the car in front and takes the car to the wall with a hard brush.

Pitstops all of the way around - LAP 99

FuriousWedgeI like the VS coverage but they seriously need a "Race off Pit Road" car listing

TheEDJE@FuriousWedge - I'm hip! Out of pit position graphics like NASCAR - Really!


Three wide and Dario gets racy - Graham Rahal passes on the inside - New tire for oval tracks - grippier!

chunter16Let's start calling it GAP- Gannassi, Andretti, Penske #irl

TheEDJE@chunter16 - That would be true except NHLR is breaking in and Vision is in seventh

IndyCarPRLap 120: #6 Briscoe leads #9 Dixon by .3678 of a second.

garytribIn MA [Marco Andretti] pit....watching a storm coming this way :(

VisionRacingThis tweet is dedicated to our sponsor William Rast CEO Colin Dyne. Happy Birthday from the Vision team. Now back to regular tweeting.

TheEDJE@VisionRacing - Nice play! It never hurts to be cordial ... and commercial.

IndyCarPRLap 130: #6 Briscoe leads #9 Dixon by .5202 of a second.

VisionRacingWeather is headed our way. Ryan not really sorry to hear that. Everyone has dialed it back a little. 130 laps complete. You can smell ra ...

VisionRacingWind has picked up. "Car is all over the place. Wicked loose." Says RHR. " That's the wind. Weather is coming" says Vision eng. Neil Fife.

MyNameIsIRLThis is starting to smell like a festival of fuel conservation.

FuriousWedge@MyNameIsIRL likely everyone trying to last until the rain

LAP146 - Stretching fuel so that the top teams can make it to the end ... if rain comes early.
Top 3 Briscoe Dixon Castoneves

Dario on the wall as Briscoe pulls into the pits - waived through because the Yellow came out, Briscoe looses four positions. Dario was carrying too much speed into the pits and almost hits Graham Rahal.

IndyCarPRLap 153: Lead cars on pit road for final pit stops. Dixon wins race off of pit road followed by #3 Castroneves and #11

Scott Dixon, Target Chip Ganassi Racing passes Dan Wheldon, Panther Racing - Image Credit: Andy Sallee

155 of 200 LAPS Complete

VisionRacingWeather is 10 miles away. Ed in top10. "We're going to need a good restart Ed." Says Jeff Britton. No radio for Ed but he can hear team. Top 3 Dixon Castroneves Kanaan. This will be an important restart.

RESTART 41 LAPS to go - Flat out until the end - fuel is NOT an issue.

FastMachines40 to go for Indy Car. A great race is shaping up. #Indycar

IndyCarPRLap 170: #9 Dixon leads #3 Castroneves by .4703 of a second

Didn't Arute say the rain was "10 minutes away" like 20 minutes ago. He'll NEVER get gig as a weatherman with calls like that.

VisionRacingEd battling Rahal for 9th. Lost the position. P10. 25 laps left. 20 car good on fuel.

kvracing25 laps to go, P11, Mario doing very well

CrashGladysCome on guys, beat the rain! #indycar

IndyCarPRLap 180: #9 Dixon leads #3 Castroneves by .4628 of a second.

MyNameIsIRLWith the white racing gloves I half expect Wheldon to be checking his car for dust.

TheEDJERahal gets the best of Mutoh - great patience

VisionRacingEd gunning for Wheldon now. Top 3 Dixon Castroneves Kanaan. RHR let's cars go by on inside. Still P15

kvracing10 laps to go, P11, Mario doing very well

IndyCarPRLap 190: #9 Dixon leads #3 Castroneves by .6733 of a second

TheEDJEDixon looks as though he has this one in the can fo the first win of the season.

Too bad all of the races are not Street/Road courses as opposed to this six race run of just

kvracingMoraes finishes 11th at Road Runner Turbo Indy 300. KVRT crew, engineers and Mario all done a great job today :) Indy 500 here we come!!

Lap 200: CHECKERED. #9 Dixon wins the Road Runner Turbo Indy 300 by .7104 of a second over #3 Castroneves.

FastMachinesDixon wins! Helio comes in second. #indycar

VisionRacingNice job guys. Ed finishes P9. RHR p15 and brings it home in one piece. Congrats Dixie. Top 5 are Dixon Castroneves Kanaan Briscoe Patrick

Podium: race winner Scott Dixon, Target Chip Ganassi Racing, second place Helio Castroneves, Team Penske, third place Tony Kanaan, Andretti Green Racing - Image Credit: Andy Sallee (2009)

So ends the third race of the 2009 season and the first Oval - the Transition Players got beat up some ... Will Power had to sit this one out because of contract reasons (Castroneves came back), Doornbos suffered a driving penalty - P12, Rahal had ugly understeer in 3 and 4 - P7 for his best ever Oval finish (previous best - P10), Moraes in at P11, and Justin Wilson finishes at P14. EJ Viso had to come out early due to debris from a contact crash in front of him damaged his car out of race worthiness.

In total season points, the Transition Players hold on to P8 (Rahal) and P9 (Wilson) going into the INDY 500.

See you all in Indiana when all roads lead to the INDY 500.

... notes from The EDJE

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