Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Taste Of "INDY" While Traveling

The Indy 500 Grill at the Indianapolis International Airport features a motif with all of the color, tradition and pageantry of "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing." Image Credit: Ron McQueeney

A Taste Of "INDY" While Traveling

Ever wish to immerse yourself in Indianapolis Speedway lore and connect with the IRL while having a bite to eat?

Now anyone can … if they happen to passing through the international airport at Indianapolis, Indiana.

The INDY 500 Grill has just opened with a companion store next door where once one has had a pitstop and had their fill (up), one can purchase Indianapolis Speedway gear at Brickyard Authentics.

Indy 500 Grill and Brickyard Authentics storefronts. Image Credit: Ron McQueeney

This excerpted and edited from Indianapolis Motor Speedway –

Indy 500 Grill Opens At New Indianapolis International Airport

Brickyard Authentics Location Next Door
By Eric Powell - - Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Indy 500 Grill combines a full, eclectic menu offering a variety of appetizers, soups, small plate items, salads, burgers, entrees and desserts in an atmosphere featuring the history, pageantry and excitement of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race.

Indy 500 Grill interior booth seating. Image Credit: Ron McQueeney

"The new Indianapolis airport terminal is the gateway to Indianapolis for millions of travelers, all of whom know about this great city because of the worldwide popularity and 97-year history of the Indianapolis 500," said Joie Chitwood, Indianapolis Motor Speedway president and chief operating officer. "The Indy 500 Grill celebrates the rich tradition of 'The Greatest Spectacle in Racing' as IMS begins its Centennial Era, and the restaurant will be one of the focal points of the exciting, state-of-the-art terminal."

The restaurant and bar d├ęcor includes scores of photographs highlighting drivers from the Indianapolis 500's storied past and its current stars.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway's Scoring Pylon replica sits out front of the Indy 500 Grill to welcome guests. Image Credit: Ron McQueeney

A replica of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's iconic Scoring Pylon displays the top-five finishers from 1977 - the year A.J. Foyt won his record fourth Indianapolis 500, and the floor features familiar car numbers of Indy 500 champions, including Foyt, Bill Vukovich and Jim Clark.
The Speedway's Brickyard Authentics retail store has been a mainstay at the Indianapolis airport for many years, and passengers and diners have easy access to the store in the new airport as it moves next door to the restaurant.

Brickyard Authentics souvenir shop interior. Image Credit: Ron McQueeney

The Brickyard Authentics airport location stocks apparel and collectibles for the Speedway's Centennial Era and its events, including the Indianapolis 500, Allstate 400 at the Brickyard and Red Bull Indianapolis GP, providing the perfect opportunity for travelers to purchase souvenirs.
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So take some time to take in a pitstop, sip down some coolant, and add to your sparetire while passing through the new Indianapolis International Airport midfield terminal.

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