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Electric-Powered Racecar Proves That Endurance Racing In A Single Car Is Possible


Team Entropy Racing EVSR Co-Driver Jeff "Flip" Filipkowski on the track while the other driver, John Early, waits in the pits for his upcoming stint. Image Credit: Doug Berger | DBPics via META/FB (2021)

Electric-Powered Racecar Proves That Endurance Racing In A Single Car Is Possible

As a single car entry entered by Team Entropy Racing EVSR into the 25 Hours Of Thunderhill was the only car in the field that sported 100% battery-supplied  electric-power. What made this single car totally ground-breaking was the fact that battery modules could be swapped in about a two minute (around 120 seconds) pit-stop allowing for a single vehicle to make go of an endurance race.

The mother of all invention that allows for a minimum of five EV powered pitstops - swappable battery packs that center up on each side of the No. 03 Team Entropy Racing EVSR racecar. Image Credit: Team Entropy via META/FB (2021)

For a first time race with pitstops, this No. 03 Team Entropy Racing EVSR finished ahead of seven other cars in the 36 entrant field, five of which were still competing, to the end of the Fog-Shortened (17:09:12 / 346 Laps - 1,038 Miles / Over 60.70 MPH Average) 25 Hours Of Thunderhill.

What made this feat extraordinary was the fact that this was the very first major known sanctioned race (NASA) where an EV was able to perform pitstops for a battery swap.

Caption On META/FB Posting (below)

Good Morning Race Fans!  EVSR has begun their journey back East after a KICKASS time at the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill .  Hopefully we can take an easier pace back and see the sights.

We had a GREAT breakfast (one of many) at Nancy's Airport Cafe and got in the bus and went 🙂

We did something huge yesterday. HUGE!  We made it from Green to Checker in the longest North American endurance race.  In ONE car.  (suck it formulaE)

We can't even begin to thank everyone who has helped this effort, but we are going to try our darnedest to do so.

#evsr #entropyracing #EVRacing #FormulaE #kickass #kickgas #gogreen

What is most important to note is that this was not a Federal dollars focused agenda and supported activity. Racing is the environment where educated minds always find interesting ways to compete through the exploration of applied technologies. 

Trophy presented to Team Entropy Racing EVSR by the sanctioning body NASA for first place Electric Vehicle (EV) in the 25 Hours Of Thunderhill. Image Credit: Team Entropy via META/FB (2021)

Bravo to the accomplishment of a "First Of" ... bravo to Team Entropy Racing EVSR and their Green Flag To Checker Flag run at the 25 Hours Of Thunderhill - 2021.

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