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Indy Toronto - Play By Play via Tweet By Tweet

Dario Franchitti and Scott Dixon share a moment before tackling the streets of Toronto ... Scott for the first time - Dario, not so much since he has raced and won here in CART. Image Credit Andy Sallee (2009)

Indy Toronto - Play By Play via Tweet By Tweet

Honda Indy Toronto - Toronto Street Circuit - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Race 10 of 17 in IndyCar Series - Laps: 85 - Track length: 1.75 miles - Race length: 148.75 miles

This set up excerpted and edited from -
A double pole winner at Toronto in his Champ Car days, Dario Franchitti posted a best time of 1m01.0249s to emerge comfortably fastest in the Fast Six session, beating Will Power in the third Penske Dallara-Honda by more than two tenths of a second.

With Graham Rahal, Alex Tagliani and Mike Conway rounding out the top six, names like Helio Castroneves, Ryan Briscoe and Scott Dixon were conspicuously absent from the sharp end of the grid.
This set up excerpted and edited from Fresno Beehive - IndyCar makes its first foray into Toronto this week for the inaugural Honda Indy Toronto, the 10th event on the 2009 IndyCar Series championship schedule.

The last time racing took place in Toronto was for the Champ Car Series back in 2007, as Will Power finished ahead of Neel Jani to capture the checkered flag. Power finished seventh in his other Toronto start.

The Champ Car Series had raced in Toronto since 1986, when Bobby Rahal captured the first of 22 events. Michael Andretti owned the streets of Toronto, winning the race seven times. Paul Tracy and Al Unser Jr were two-time champions. Tracy had 11 top-10 finishes in his 16 races in Toronto.

Several current drivers have had modest success in Toronto. Dario Franchitti competed in six CART races, winning two poles and capturing the race in 1999. Alex Tagliani raced eight times in Toronto and posted seven top-10 finishes.

The racing begins and everyone on the track is serious about a good result. Image Credit: Andy Sallee (2009)

The following play by play gleaned from Twitter "Tweets", Comments from IndyCar Timing & Scoring, and The EDJE direct entry -

FuriousWedgeThat was a relatively normal command to start engines considering it was Gene Simmons... nice Honda shout out too #indycar

kvracingKV Racing are doing there warm up laps, Moraes is P13 and Tracy P15. Green Flag next

VisionRacingCars are on track and lining up for start. Green flag coming up.

MyNameIsIRLCanadian Air Force just buzzed Jack Arute's tower.

13:17:44 GMT-0400 Lap 0: Will Power is off the course in Turn 1.

13:18:07 GMT-0400 Lap 0: Graham Rahal has some front wing damage.

FuriousWedgePower off course after contact with Graham; Dixon, Conway and Doornbos on the move big time! #indycar

VisionRacingDamage to rahal's car. Came into pits and out again. Ed is p19.

kvracingAfter first lap PT had a great start at moved to P8, Moraes made P12

13:20:25 GMT-0400 Lap 2: Will Power and Ryan Briscoe had flat tires.

indy44crappy start should have been waved off

13:22:29 GMT-0400 Lap 4: Dario Franchitti is looking strong as the lead goes over 2.5 seconds.

RaceDriveHow could they throw the Green Flag for the Start for Toronto IndyCar race - That ? was lined up ?

13:26:01 GMT-0400 Lap 8: Full course yellow for contact in Turn 3 between Dan Wheldon and Richard Antinucci.

VisionRacingI got distracted for a second and all of a sudden there are two Penskes behind Ed. I'm not in Kansas anymore am I? Oh Canada right.

TheEDJE@VisionRacing Yes Virginia .... There is a Santa Claus - Ed is in front of 2/3irds of the Penske Team #irl

13:29:50 GMT-0400 Lap 10: Some drivers mid-pack come into the pits to play strategy.

13:31:15 GMT-0400 Lap 10: Back to green flag racing!

indy44AGR rolling the dice

VisionRacingEd will be p12 for the #indycar restart @ Toronto. (BTW Penske cars had flat tires + had to pit after a ping pong game broke out on track.)

kvracingPT is P9 and Moraes P11, KVRT have decided not to come in to pits. So move to P6 and P8 respectively

13:32:32 GMT-0400 Lap 12: Full course yellow for Ed Carpenter stalled against the wall in Turn 6. He made light contact.

VisionRacingEd stuck between 6+7. Never got to go green. Had crap on his tires. No damage to car. Just a flat spot on tires.

FuriousWedgeSo we're 0 for 2 on halfway decent starts; If I'm Barnhart I'm warning Dario for the 2 previous jumps and flagging him if he does it again

13:34:04 GMT-0400 Lap 12: Pits are open.

TheEDJEI guess this puts Ed behind ALL of the Penske Team - Dang!

13:35:26 GMT-0400 Lap 13: Green flag this time by.

kvracingGreen Flag next time by. PT and Moraes are side by side for restart, P6 and P7 respectively


FuriousWedgeConway taking looks inside Doornbos & Tracy trying to get by Conway, Doornbos using F1 style blocking but couldn't hold it off

13:37:13 GMT-0400 Lap 14: Robert Doornbos loses two places.

13:39:19 GMT-0400 Lap 16: Dario Franchitti is extending his lead.

FuriousWedge@PlanetIrldotcom theres a difference between falling asleep at the green and being brake-checked

13:40:01 GMT-0400 Lap 17: Will Power makes his way around Hideki Mutoh for P19.

PlanetIrldotcom@FuriousWedge Well they are professionals. They need to be ready for it.

MyNameIsIRLI bet Will Power is having some great battling for position right now while we watch the leaders go round and round. Guess I'll never know.

13:42:49 GMT-0400 Lap 20: Dario Franchitti is gaining around .2 seconds a lap on the field.

13:43:48 GMT-0400 Lap 21: Dario Franchitti has pushed his lead to over three seconds and continues to pull away.

VisionRacingOk. Top 5 is Dario Tag Dixon Conway Tracy. 2 Canucks, 1 Scot, 1 Kiwi and 1 Brit. It's the racing version of the Commonwealth games!

TheEDJE@VisionRacing That's the IRL - to bring American racing back to Americans! Well, at least we have some North Americans #irl

FuriousWedgeMoraes now around Doornbos, we don't need to see that though... am curious as to where Doornbos' speed has gone, he's dropping every few

13:47:25 GMT-0400 Lap 24: Robert Doornbos has switched to the primary tire.

13:47:58 GMT-0400 Lap 25: Local yellow in Turn 8 for Ed Carpenter off course.

VisionRacingLap 25 of 85. Dario still leads. Leaders will start to pit. Ed is a lap down but can make it up here. He radioed in that he is losing grip.

FuriousWedgeHoly $&*@ Marty Reid Paul Tracy does not look at all like any other car in the field, he was 3 spots ahead of Doornbos, how do to F that up?

13:49:21 GMT-0400 Lap 26: Dario Franchitti and Marco Andretti nearly touched out of the pits.

VisionRacingEd feeling a bit sheepish. Well at least we're getting a bit of TV time right. Engineer Jeff Britton tells Ed to settle down.

Paul Tracy would have made a good showing if he were not so aggressive with Helio Castroneves toward the end. For many parts of the race ... it was led by the two Canadian Transition Player drivers of Alex Tagliani, Conquest Racing and Paul driving for KV racing Technology. Image Credit Andy Sallee (2009)

13:50:23 GMT-0400 Lap 27: Paul Tracy is putting pressure on Mike Conway for P3.

kart58Tag in the lead! Tag in the lead! *happy dance*

13:50:41 GMT-0400 Lap 27: Paul Tracy gets by Mike Conway to take P3 going into Turn 3.

indy44Tag P1 nice,Dixon,Tracy,Conway,Moraes

TheEDJEThe Canadians want to own this first race of the IRL in Toronto! #irl

PlanetIrldotcomPT in P3. no, no, no. *headdesk*

13:53:22 GMT-0400 Lap 30: Paul Tracy is putting the pressure on Tagliani for P1.

TheEDJEThere is going to be a punchout trackside - sound familiar? #irl

13:54:46 GMT-0400 Lap 31: Scott Dixon is working Graham Rahal hard for P13.

VisionRacingCanadians are 1-2 when was the last time that happened? 2003? Never mind. .

Tagliani and Tracy in the pits together!

13:55:35 GMT-0400 Lap 32: Paul Tracy switches to red tires.

13:56:57 GMT-0400 Lap 33: Mike Conway make contact with the wall to blow his tire.

kvracingPT is in for tires and fuel. Moraes is now running P1 and PT is P10

13:57:44 GMT-0400 Lap 34: Alex Tagliani gives up the lead to take his first pit stop.

VisionRacingPT is on friggin' fire. He's putting on a drifting show on out there on the streets of Toronto. He IS the show right now.

TheEDJEPT is taking the IRL to temporary street course school! #irl

13:58:51 GMT-0400 Lap 35: Mario Moraes gives up the lead to pit.

kvracingMoraes just pitted from P1, fuel and black tires. Now PT is P7 after his stop and MM P11

tracksideonlineTracy is making a statement. It's called "I should be in a full-time ride."

Mike Conway retires after hitting the wall by himself. Meanwhile, back up front ...

14:02:03 GMT-0400 Lap 38: Helio Castroneves is closing in on Tomas Scheckter for the lead.

MyNameIsIRLTomas Scheckter leads on a street course?? Maybe there's something to that MonaVie stuff after all.

14:04:30 GMT-0400 Lap 40: Helio Castroneves has cut the lead to under .5 seconds.

14:05:15 GMT-0400 Lap 41: Tomas Scheckter comes into the pits, giving Helio Castroneves the lead.

RacingNationBTW, the Will Power car is based on Al Unser's cars circa 1983-1987, he usually had the blue trim, Mears had yellow with red trim.

14:06:27 GMT-0400 Lap 42: Will Power slid through his marks in the pits.

FuriousWedge"I get my red and wiht mixed up" umm Reid, just get up and walk out of the booth now, let Welch fill in, he knows his stuff; "

TheEDJEMarty Reid is a baffooooooone!

VisionRacingI'd qualify this as a pretty entertaining action packed street fight on wheels. Wouldn't you?! Top5 is Scheckter Helio Power Wilson RHR

tracksideonlineThere's a great battle between Kanaan, Power, and Viso while ABC watches the leaders trundle around.

14:09:14 GMT-0400 Lap 44: Due to various pit strategies, Helio Castroneves has a five second lead.

kvracingPit window is opening up again for other cars. MM and PT did great fuel saving so staying out longer and moving up grid. PT is P4 & MM is P8

MyNameIsIRL"We've learned that Richard Antinucci's car has been taken behind the wall". Sounds like they're going to put it down. About time.

14:13:07 GMT-0400 Lap 48: Helio Castroneves gives up the lead for what could be his last stop of the race. He takes a set of red tires.

VisionRacingGet your popcorn ready. Tag + Tracy battle up front coming up... Ed coming in to pit next lap.

tracksideonlineWilson pits. They must think they can make it 35 laps on a tank of fuel. Castroneves is trying the same thing from one lap further.

14:15:41 GMT-0400 Lap 50: Tony Kanaan is in the pits to get some sticker red tires.

TheEDJEAlex Tagliani, Conquest racing leads the field again with Paul Tracy, KV Racing Technology 2.2 sec. in tow. #irl

kvracingPT is now P2 and MM is P4 now that everyone has pitted. Lap 51 of 85.

TheEDJEGotta' love the CCWS "Transition Player" influence in this race!

tracksideonlineHelio's 15 seconds behind Tagliani, but looks as though he will try to go 37 laps on this tank of fuel and reds. Hmm

14:21:33 GMT-0400 Lap 56: Paul Tracy switches from black tires to sticker

MyNameIsIRLDario is all up on Moraes and...they cut away. Is there a rule that we're not allowed to see any actual passing?

indy44That would be a shocker,if Tracy and Tagliani are battling for the win at the end

14:21:33 GMT-0400 Lap 56: Paul Tracy switches from black tires to sticker reds.

14:23:50 GMT-0400 Lap 58: Full course yellow for contact between Graham Rahal and Ed Carpenter.

indy44YELLOW for Rahal

TheEDJERahal's fault #irl

VisionRacingYeah that was our car...airborne. And Rahal in the wall. Ed says car feels okay. He's staying out.

FuriousWedgeI love how ABC is so quick to blame Ed Carpenter for not seeing Graham make a very ill advised move where there was no space for it

14:26:34 GMT-0400 Lap 59: Pits are open.

PlanetIrldotcom@VisionRacing How? He was in the air! As in not on the earth!

FuriousWedgeWhy does it seem like ABC is still not paying attention to the fact that Helio is in a prime position for this race!?

TheEDJE@FuriousWedge - I'm hip, there is finally a story to tell in an IRL race, and ABC is asleep! #irl

14:30:42 GMT-0400 Lap 61: Back to green flag racing!

kvracingPT pitted just in time and remains P3, not so lucky with MM, he is P13 after having to pit on yellow. Both cars on red tires, lap 63 of 85

tracksideonlineMutoh getting inhaled on the restart.

14:32:27 GMT-0400 Lap 63: Paul Tracy got a little loose going into the turn.

indy44I'm expecting one more yellow coming up in a couple laps,drivers are going all Banzai

14:33:14 GMT-0400 Lap 64: Dario Franchitti takes the lead out of Turn 1.

indy44Tell em Jimmy [Vasser],like I said put on Dario's glass slipper

14:34:12 GMT-0400 Lap 65: Paul Tracy is looking to move into P2 and is all over Helio Castroneves.

14:34:58 GMT-0400 Lap 65: Full course yellow for contact in Turn 4 between Paul Tracy and Helio Castroneves.

MyNameIsIRLOMG! Of all the guys to take out PT it had to be Helio!

indy44Helio and Tracy dance into the concrete

chunter16Vintage Paul Tracy. They both deserve the damage though.

FuriousWedgeTracy's fault-Helio's fault? little of both but Helio was definitely blocking Tracy up until that turn Dario was getting away cause of Helio

TheEDJEREPLAY - Helio takes Tracy OUT ... In the wall! #irl

Crowd reaction to Helio Castroneves as he gets out of his Dallara, these stands are located just across the track from the Penske pits. Image Credit: Andy Sallee (2009)

14:38:28 GMT-0400 Lap 67: Pits are open.

kvracingCrowd booing Helio on the replay for taking @paultracy3 out. He now finishes race P18 after trying for P2 :(

Helio Castroneves hears the crowd reaction to the racing incident that took out Paul Tracy. The crowd was not happy. Image Credit: Andy Sallee (2009)

VisionRacingIf we have to replace a tow link, they'll have to shut the motor off. Coming in.

indy44Nice comments by Tracy, I was expecting something totally different

GREEN Flag - LAP 71

14:44:39 GMT-0400 Lap 71: Will Power moves into P3 after making a great move on Justin Wilson.

14:45:50 GMT-0400 Lap 72: Local yellow in Turn 3 as EJ Viso and Mario Moraes lock up the brakes going into the turn.

PlanetIrldotcomGet off the track and let the real drivers fight it out. Do not charge into a corner that late. You got what you deserved. Now, where was I?

14:46:43 GMT-0400 Lap 73: EJ Viso is restarted and returns to the race.

MyNameIsIRLThey need to be playing the theme from "Jaws" whenever Power is shown today. He's been devouring people all day.


chunter16Everyone trying too hard at the end of the straight

14:48:39 GMT-0400 Lap 75: Mario Moraes continues on as Scheckter is in the tires and Tagliani is restarted.

14:49:23 GMT-0400 Lap 75: Pits are open.

indy44Right now I would suspect Barnhardt coughing up blood and mic blown on his headset,LMAO

14:50:53 GMT-0400 Lap 76: Mario Moraes gets a new front wing and returns to the race.

TheEDJEWell, this certainly isn't oval racing! #irl

kvracing8 laps to go, Moraes is now P10

14:53:51 GMT-0400 Lap 77: Back to green flag racing!

14:54:20 GMT-0400 Lap 78: Dario Franchitti gets a great restart and pulls away.

FuriousWedgeWave off the f'n start Barnhart that was absolutely ridiculous, f'n embarrasing #indycar

MyNameIsIRLMarty Reid just confused Tagliani's white car with Viso's grey car. Can we get a sobriety test in the broadcast booth?

indy44Officials scared of a crash on restart,so they allow this garbage

tracksideonlineReally? We need to play ask the analyst with six laps to go? Try again, ABC.

14:56:10 GMT-0400 Lap 80: Scott Dixon is looking strong as he is all over Will Power.

So it is Briscoe, being led by Franchitti and being followed by teammate Will Power then followed by Scott Dixon. More Ganassi, Penske, Penske, Ganassi racing. At least this wasn't an oval.

14:59:09 GMT-0400 Lap 82: Will Power and the train behind him have caught up to Ryan Briscoe.

PlanetIrldotcom@openpaddock You don't come from that far back and stick your nose in. But it is PT so sticking his nose where it doesn't belong is normal.

Dario Franchitti shows everyone that he had been here before - wins going away from the field at Toronto. Image Credit Andy Sallee (2009)

15:00:21 GMT-0400 Lap 84: White flag. Dario Franchitti leads Ryan Briscoe by 1.6048 seconds.

indy44I still don't like the call by officials to let Dario pit,BS!!!!

PlanetIrldotcomEveryone get your mute buttons ready. ASLEY JUDD ALERT!!!!

15:01:16 GMT-0400 Lap 85: Dario Franchitti wins the Honda Indy Toronto!

MyNameIsIRLGanassi, Penske, Pesnke, Ganassi. Then universal underdog Justin Wilson.

RacingNationDario Wins! Dario dominates today. Cue Ashley.

kvracingMoraes #5 Azul - Votorantim - KV racing technology car finished 11th, he drove a great race, did a lot of overtaking

indy44Will Power best of the rest,good job!

How hte IndyCar Series field fared (** denotes Transition Player)

Pos - Driver - Team - Gap

1. Dario Franchitti Ganassi 1h43m47.1408
2. Ryan Briscoe Penske + 1.6745s
3. Will Power Penske + 2.1355s**
4. Scott Dixon Ganassi + 2.4803s
5. Justin Wilson Coyne + 2.9230s**
6. Danica Patrick Andretti Green + 6.4095s
7. Ryan Hunter-Reay Foyt + 7.1837s
8. Marco Andretti Andretti Green + 8.2552s
9. Alex Tagliani Conquest + 13.4745s**
10. Raphael Matos Luczo Dragon + 16.0983s
11. Mario Moraes KV + 19.0141s
12. Hideki Mutoh Andretti Green + 1 lap
13. EJ Viso HVM + 1 lap**
14. Dan Wheldon Panther + 1 lap
15. Ed Carpenter Vision + 3 laps


Tomas Scheckter Dreyer & Reinbold 74 laps
Tony Kanaan Andretti Green 70 laps
Helio Castroneves Penske 65 laps
Paul Tracy KV 65 laps**
Graham Rahal Newman/Haas/Lanigan 57 laps**
Richard Antinucci 3G 41 laps
Mike Conway Dreyer & Reinbold 32 laps
Robert Doornbos Newman/Haas/Lanigan 26 laps**
The next race on the IndyCar Series schedule is the Rexall Edmonton Indy, July 26th at Edmonton City Centre Airport. Scott Dixon is the defending champion of the 2008 Rexall Edmonton Indy.

... notes from The EDJE

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