Monday, May 19, 2008

Toyota - F1 - Monaco - 'Nuff Said

Timo Glock's ride getting worked over in the garage. Image Credit: Toyota Motorsport

Toyota - F1 - Monaco - 'Nuff Said

Monaco is one of the greatest Formula 1 races of the year. It is an iconic example of taking the most sophisticated motorsports equipment designed by man and racing it on a road street circuit through an environment people live in.

When one watches a driver do a flying lap in Monaco, one knows that they earn their salary for the year, right there.

The Panasonic TF108 with Jarno Trulli at speed. Image Credit: Toyota Motorsport

As far as the value of an event for spectators, one is confronted with the great atmosphere of being in Monaco. You know, the glitz of it all. The glamour of it all. Combine that with Formula 1 racing and one expects an enthusiasm, a passion, that one would probably not get at any other circuit and event in the world today.

This supplied by the Formula 1 Panasonic Toyota Racing Team as it prepares to compete in the 2008 Monaco Grand Prix -

This released video from the Panasonic Toyota Racing Team includes an edited video piece about the Monaco Grand Prix, with soundbites from Team Manager Richard Cregan, Chief Engineer Race and Test Dieter Gass, Senior General Manager Chassis Pascal Vasselon, and Head of Aerodynamics Mark Gillan.

For nearly 80 years, the Monaco Grand Prix has challenged drivers to tame the tight and twisty streets of the Principality.

Jarno Trulli in the cockpit. Image Credit: Toyota Motorsport

The Panasonic Toyota Racing Team can benefit from driver Jarno Trulli’s experience to face the mental and mechanical challenges the race track features, having won his first Grand Prix in Monaco in 2004. Drivers will need to pay particular attention to the tight curves and the close proximity of the walls next to the track to preserve their racecars' gearboxes, brakes and engines.

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